Patriot Trading Group Review: An Honest Look at Gold & Silver Investments

Wondering if Patriot Trading Group is a trustworthy option for your gold and silver investments? This Patriot Trading Group review cuts through the complexities of precious metals investing to give you a no-frills evaluation of their services, product offerings, and customer satisfaction. Read on to see how Patriot Trading Group stacks up in the industry and whether they match your investment goals.

Key Takeaways

An Overview of Patriot Trading Group

Patriot Trading Group office building with logo on the entrance

Patriot Trading Group was established in 1996 by Joe Jaquint and later joined by Eric Cedarstrom. In a bold move, the company underwent a rebranding from All American Gold to Patriot Trading Group, a name that resonates with their core values and services. They primarily offer patriot trading group products, such as gold and silver coins, appealing to investors interested in diversifying their portfolios with precious metals.

The company, a reputable gold IRA company, not only specializes in selling gold and other precious metals but also offers self-directed IRAs, providing a pathway for those looking to incorporate gold and silver into their retirement portfolios, including the option of a precious metals ira. As one of the leading precious metals companies, their focus extends beyond selling coins, as they provide a comprehensive service to guide investors through the complexities of investing in precious metals. As a trusted precious metals dealer, they ensure a seamless experience for their clients.

Adding to their charm, they host a radio show – the Patriot Radio News Hour. This show serves as a platform to discuss wealth protection and valuable investment strategies, providing insights and knowledge to listeners across the nation.

The Team Behind Patriot Trading Group

Heading the team is Joe Jaquint, the Owner & CEO of Patriot Trading Group. With a deep understanding of precious metals, Joe has been instrumental in shaping the company’s operations, maintaining a strong dedication to client service since its inception. It is his vision and leadership that has helped the company carve out a niche for itself in the world of precious metals.

But a good leader is nothing without a strong team, and this is where the likes of Lori Cedarstrom, Wendy Green, and Ericka Pinkerton come in. As Portfolio Consultant Specialists, they play vital roles in client servicing and consultations, assisting investors in making informed decisions and guiding them through the investment process.

With Portfolio Consultant Specialists led by Joe Jaquint, the company is well-positioned to offer specialized consulting services. This structure guarantees personalized and expert advice for each investor, aligning with their specific investment goals.

Precious Metals Offered by Patriot Trading Group

Assortment of gold and silver coins and bars

When it comes to their product offerings, Patriot Trading Group provides the following options for investment in precious metals:

Interestingly, they do not offer roll silver half dollars, a favorite among many precious metals enthusiasts.

Investors have the option to purchase a range of products from a gold dealer or explore options with an other gold dealer, including gold IRAs, exclusive gold coins, proof gold coins, IRA-eligible gold coins, and 1oz silver products.

These offerings cater to a wide variety of investors, whether they’re looking for something exclusive or something to add to their retirement portfolio.

For those with a keen interest in numismatics, Patriot Trading Group offers Gold American Eagles. These coins are not just a collector’s delight, but are also IRA-eligible, making them an appealing choice for those considering a gold IRA investment.

Adding to their product portfolio is the Patriot Preferred Metals Program (PPMP). This system allows investors to engage in monthly precious metals investments with a starting point as low as $100, offering flexibility in investment amounts. Thus, the PPMP caters to investors of all budget sizes, providing an easy and affordable way to invest in precious metals.

Partnering with Custodians and Storage Providers

Secure vault for precious metals storage

Safe storage of precious metals is a critical aspect of any investment in this field. To this end, Patriot Trading Group partners with the GoldStar Trust Company and the Delaware Depository Service Company. Through these collaborations, the company guarantees the secure storage of clients’ investments in precious metals, leveraging the partners’ specialized services and expertise for enhanced protection and compliance assurance.

These partnerships also differentiate Patriot Trading Group from other gold dealers, who may have different practices. By working with reputable third-party custodians and storage providers, Patriot Trading Group ensures that its clients’ investments are in safe hands, giving investors peace of mind and confidence in their investment.

Customer Feedback and Ratings

Positive customer reviews and ratings for Patriot Trading Group

Patriot Trading Group has received considerable praise in terms of customer feedback and ratings. The company holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, where they have held accreditation since February 20, 2014. Furthermore, they have achieved a customer satisfaction score of 4.9 out of 5 on Google Reviews, a testament to their commitment to customer service.

Customers generally perceive the company’s customer service to be commendable, noting the staff’s knowledge, professionalism, and customer-centric approach. The positive feedback underscores the company’s commitment to delivering top-notch service and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

However, it’s not all roses. Some customers have expressed concerns regarding the limited selection of gold and silver coins. Additionally, a few have recommended exploring alternative options for gold investments. Despite these concerns, there is no indication from the reviews that the company is fraudulent, suggesting that while Patriot Trading Group may not be perfect, it is a legitimate player in the field.

Comparing Patriot Trading Group to Other Gold IRA Companies

In comparison to other gold IRA companies, Patriot Trading Group’s emphasis on gold and silver coins indicates a more concentrated product range. Other gold IRA companies tend to offer a broader selection of products, including:

in various forms. This difference in product offerings could impact the investment experience and the overall value that investors receive.

Patriot Trading Group does distinguish itself by providing a no-fee IRA account option and prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service with a 24-hour setup process. However, the range of services offered by the company may vary from those of other gold IRA companies, potentially influencing the investor’s experience and the overall value.

The company’s primary competitors in the gold IRA sector include:

Each of these companies offers their own unique set of services and products, making it crucial for investors to do their due diligence before making a decision.

How to Get Started with a Patriot Trading Group IRA

If you’re keen on setting up an IRA with Patriot Trading Group, you’ll need to initiate a Self-Directed IRA and choose an IRA company. This process allows investors to have a more hands-on approach to their IRA investments, providing them with the flexibility and control that some investors prefer.

To open an IRA with the company, it is necessary to set up the IRA at a financial institution that is willing to invest in platinum and fund the IRA. A minimum deposit of $50,000 is necessary to open an account with Patriot Gold Group. This minimum deposit requirement could be a potential barrier for investors with a limited budget.

During the setup process, Patriot Trading Group provides timely customer service, including phone support and live chat. They offer guidance in funding the account and ensure customers are kept informed throughout the process. This level of support can be invaluable for first-time investors or those who are new to the precious metals market.

Fees and Charges Associated with Patriot Trading Group

In terms of fees and charges, Patriot Trading Group prides itself on its transparency. There are no fees linked to establishing an account with the company. However, for new Precious Metals IRAs, there is an initiation fee of $225, which is waived for investments of $30,000 or more.

The company also imposes storage and maintenance fees of $250 for the initial year and $200 for subsequent years. These fees cover the cost of storing the precious metals and maintaining the account, ensuring that the investments are secure and well-managed.

While the company provides competitive pricing, it is important for investors to acknowledge that other companies may present more competitive fee structures. As such, it is crucial for investors to compare the fees and charges of various companies before making a decision, to ensure that they get the best value for their money.

Is Patriot Trading Group the Right Choice for You?

Choosing to invest with Patriot Trading Group is ultimately a matter of individual investor preferences and goals. The company’s product offerings are limited to a selection of gold and silver coins, excluding other precious metals such as platinum and palladium.

This limited product range may not be suitable for all investors, particularly those who are new to investing in precious metals or have a limited budget. The company’s specific focus and the potential long-term nature of profiting from precious metals can discourage some investors.

As such, while Patriot Trading Group is a legitimate company and may be a good fit for some investors, it may not be the right choice for everyone. It is important for prospective investors to do comprehensive research, compare multiple companies, and consider their own investment goals before making a decision.

Educational Resources and Support

Financial education resources including podcasts, blogs, and radio programs

Beyond their investment services, Patriot Trading Group offers an abundance of educational resources and support for investors. These include:

The company makes a concerted effort to educate and support its clients.

The Patriot Radio News Hour and the radio show, hosted by Joe Jaquint, provide valuable insights into wealth protection and investment strategies. The company’s YouTube channel features educational videos offering insights into gold and silver investments. Through these resources, Patriot Trading Group demonstrates a strong commitment to educating investors and helping them make informed decisions.


In conclusion, Patriot Trading Group is a legitimate player in the precious metals investment field. Founded in 1996, the company has established a reputation for its focus on gold and silver coins and its commitment to exceptional client service. However, the company’s product offerings are limited, and it may not be the best choice for first-time investors or those with a limited budget.

The company’s partnerships with GoldStar Trust Company and the Delaware Depository Service Company provide secure storage for clients’ investments, while their educational resources and support services help investors make informed decisions. However, with the existence of other companies offering more comprehensive services and competitive fee structures, it is crucial for prospective investors to do their due diligence before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Patriot Gold Group legit?

Yes, Patriot Gold Group is considered a legitimate and reputable company in the precious metal investment industry, with strong customer reviews and ratings, making it a trustworthy option for investment.

What is the minimum investment for Patriot Gold Group?

The minimum investment for Patriot Gold Group is $50,000 for a gold IRA and $10,000 for a simple cash purchase. This makes it a substantial investment compared to other gold IRA companies.

How does Patriot Gold work?

Patriot Gold Group allows customers to invest in precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium through physical metals or an individual retirement account (IRA). This provides a diverse investment option for those interested in precious metals.

What are the primary services provided by Patriot Trading Group?

Patriot Trading Group’s primary services include the sale of gold and silver coins, self-directed IRAs, investment consultations, and educational resources like a podcast, YouTube channel, and live radio program. They offer a comprehensive range of precious metal investment services.

Who are the primary individuals on the Patriot Trading Group team?

The primary individuals on the Patriot Trading Group team are Joe Jaquint, the Owner & CEO, and Portfolio Consultant Specialists Lori Cedarstrom, Wendy Green, and Ericka Pinkerton.