JM Bullion vs Rosland Capital: In-Depth Comparison

Investors looking to compare JM Bullion vs Rosland Capital need clear, unbiased information. This article cuts through the noise, providing a straightforward comparison of their products, fees, and customer service, so you can make an informed decision on which dealer suits your precious metals investment goals.

Key Takeaways

Comparing JM Bullion and Rosland Capital

JM Bullion

When it comes to precious metals investment, two names often rise to the top: JM Bullion and Rosland Capital. Each has carved a unique niche in the industry, with JM Bullion being renowned for its diverse product range, intuitive user interface, and competitive pricing, while Rosland Capital is lauded for its transparent fee structure, extensive industry knowledge, and punctual delivery service.

In this detailed analysis, their profiles, market reputation, customer experiences, and investment options will be scrutinized to offer insights for making an informed decision.

Company Profiles and History

Founded on a strong commitment to transparency, ethics, and customer service, JM Bullion operates as an online investment service provider from its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. On the other side of the coin, Rosland Capital, a specialized company in the field of precious metals investment, offers a range of bullion and coins to individual clients. They’ve established substantial connections with notable entities like Formula One, the PGA Tour, and the British Museum, which adds a unique flair to their offerings.

Market Reputation and Accreditations

Market reputation and accreditation are vital to the credibility of any precious metals dealer. JM Bullion proudly holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), making it a reputed online dealer of precious metals like the popular Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf.

Likewise, Rosland Capital also enjoys an A+ rating from the BBB and maintains a rating of 3.7 out of 5 on TrustLink, a testament to their strong market standing.

Customer Experiences and Reviews

Customer experiences and reviews can provide powerful insights into a company’s reputation. Here are some key points about Rosland Capital:

Meanwhile, JM Bullion has been praised for its transparent pricing and exceptional customer service, but some investors have expressed concerns about inadequate packaging and price transparency.

Investment Products and Services

JM Bullion

The range of investment products and services offered by a precious metals dealer should not be overlooked. Both JM Bullion and Rosland Capital offer a variety of precious metals and gold IRA options, including precious metals ira. JM Bullion assists in the setup process of gold IRAs for interested clients, making it a desirable choice for those looking to diversify their retirement savings.

Rosland Capital, however, thoroughly reviews its products, services, and fees, demonstrating its industry expertise and extensive product offerings in the precious metals market.

Precious Metals Assortment

The variety of precious metals offered by a dealer can significantly influence an investor’s choice. JM Bullion boasts an extensive selection of gold coins, silver coins, platinum, silver platinum and palladium, and other precious metals in the form of bullion coins and gold bars from various origins, catering to a wide spectrum of investors. In addition to conventional coins and bars, they also offer rare metal bullions, tributes, and collector cards for those interested in collectibles.

In contrast, Rosland Capital offers a diverse selection of precious metal coins and bars, including exclusive special edition collections, making it a compelling choice for collectors and investors alike.

Gold IRA Options

When it comes to gold IRAs, both JM Bullion and Rosland Capital stand out for their comprehensive services. JM Bullion provides gold IRA services by assisting in the setup process and offering a straightforward 3-step investment process.

Rosland Capital, on the other hand, assists in the incorporation of gold and other qualified precious metals into your retirement account, providing guidance throughout the process to ensure a smooth experience.

Pricing Structure and Fees

JM Bullion

A critical aspect of investing in precious metals is understanding the pricing structure and associated fees. JM Bullion’s pricing is influenced by the chosen payment method, with lower costs for transactions via eCheck, paper check, or bank wire transfer. They also apply a small spread to the prevailing rate of the precious metals they sell.

Rosland Capital, on the other hand, implements a transparent fee structure for their gold IRAs, which includes setup fees, annual maintenance fees, and storage fees, ensuring investors have a clear understanding of their financial commitment.

Product Pricing and Premiums

When it comes to product pricing and premiums, both companies have their unique strategies. JM Bullion structures their pricing by incorporating the spot price of the metal along with a modest premium, making their prices competitive in the retail market.

On the other hand, Rosland Capital has not disclosed detailed information about their pricing strategy, but it’s common in the industry to apply a markup to the current market value when selling gold.

Additional Fees and Charges

Investors must also be aware of any additional fees and charges associated with a company’s services. JM Bullion imposes fees for their precious metals IRAs, varying based on the services chosen, and a shipping fee for orders under $199.

On the other hand, Rosland Capital charges a setup fee, an annual maintenance fee, and storage fees based on the type of account.

Sales and Buyback Policies

JM Bullion

Getting to grips with a company’s sales and buyback policies is a key factor when investing in precious metals. JM Bullion offers a secure and efficient way to purchase precious metals and a buyback program known as Sell-To-Us, which allows customers to secure their sale price online at any time.

While specific details on Rosland Capital’s selling process are not publicly available, they do mention a liquidation process that takes up to sixty calendar days from the date the products are received.

Purchase Process and Support

When it comes to purchasing precious metals, both JM Bullion and Rosland Capital prioritize customer service and support. JM Bullion provides a seamless experience with their online catalog of accessories and real-time price tracking app for precious metals.

Rosland Capital, on the other hand, provides specialized customer service support to aid customers throughout the buying process.

Selling and Liquidation

Selling and liquidation of precious metals are key aspects to consider when choosing a dealer. JM Bullion provides a secure online selling process and a simplified selling feature that is advantageous due to its user-friendly nature and round-the-clock accessibility.

Details regarding Rosland Capital’s selling process are not publicly available, but they do mention a liquidation process that generally takes up to sixty calendar days from the date the products are received.

Educational Resources and Investor Support

Both novice and experienced investors can greatly benefit from educational resources and investor support. Both companies offer a range of learning materials and personalized investment assistance. JM Bullion provides resources such as the Guide to Investing in Precious Metals and the Beginners’ Guide to buying physical gold and silver bullion.

Meanwhile, Rosland Capital offers investment guides and comprehensive market analysis, providing clear instructions on gold purchasing and valuable insights to enable well-informed investment choices.

Learning Materials and Guides

The quality of learning materials and guides provided by precious metals dealers can significantly influence an investor’s decision. JM Bullion provides an Investing Guide that imparts knowledge about the gold and silver markets, physical products, and industry trends.

In contrast, Rosland Capital offers:

Personalized Investment Assistance

Personalized investment assistance can offer invaluable support to investors. Both companies provide personalized service and assistance to help clients build diverse portfolios. JM Bullion provides personalized service to help clients build diverse portfolios.

On the other hand, Rosland Capital provides personalized investment assistance by offering help with precious metals needs and self-directed precious metal-backed IRA options.

Special Features and Promotions

Investors seeking added value may be drawn to special features and promotions. Both companies offer exclusive deals and discounts. For instance, JM Bullion offers volume discounts on large purchases and a discount for active military service members.

Meanwhile, Rosland Capital provides an exclusive deal where new customers can receive $1,000 in free gold or silver with their order, making it an attractive alternative to gold and silver loans.

Exclusive Deals and Discounts

Exclusive deals and discounts can offer significant value to investors. Some benefits of JM Bullion include:

In contrast, Rosland Capital offers a promotional opportunity for investors to receive free gold and silver worth $1000 (and up to $15,000).

Membership Benefits and Loyalty Programs

Membership benefits and loyalty programs can enhance customer satisfaction and retention. Currently, only JM Bullion offers a loyalty program known as the Bullionaire Club Rewards Program, which rewards its loyal customer base.

Secure Storage and Insurance Options

JM Bullion

When investing in precious metals, secure storage and insurance options are of paramount importance. Both companies provide insurance for their storage options, guaranteeing the secure and insured storage of precious metals. JM Bullion offers storage options through TDS Vaults, and Rosland Capital provides secure storage options such as private vaults for precious metals and the alternative for secure storage in depositories.

Safety of Assets

Safety of assets is a paramount concern for any investor. Both companies provide secure storage options to ensure the safety of the precious metals. JM Bullion offers secure storage through TDS Vaults, ensuring a safe and secure location for customers’ precious metals.

On the other hand, Rosland Capital provides secure storage options such as private vaults for precious metals and the alternative for secure storage in depositories.

Insurance Policies

Insurance policies play a key role in protecting investors’ assets. JM Bullion provides insurance coverage for various items such as:

Rosland Capital also offers insurance for their storage options, guaranteeing the secure and insured storage of precious metals in IRS-approved vaults or storage facilities.

Accessibility and User Experience

Given the digital age we live in, any service provider must prioritize accessibility and user experience. Both companies have invested in creating user-friendly websites and providing digital resources to support their clients.

JM Bullion’s website incorporates:

On the other hand, Rosland Capital provides user-friendly navigation with a Site Map that supports clear and concise movement through the website.

Website Navigation and Online Tools

The usability of a company’s website can significantly influence a customer’s experience. Both companies prioritize user-friendly navigation and design. The JM Bullion website is designed to provide enhanced usability through streamlined navigation and additional features that enhance the online experience.

In contrast, Rosland Capital’s website facilitates easy navigation for users seeking investment information and making decisions.

Customer Service Channels

Effective customer service channels can greatly enhance a customer’s experience. JM Bullion provides customer service through diverse channels such as phone, email, and text messaging for order and shipment updates.

On the other hand, Rosland Capital offers customer support through email but does not offer live chat support as a communication channel.


In conclusion, both JM Bullion and Rosland Capital have unique strengths that make them standout choices for precious metals investors. JM Bullion shines with its extensive product range, competitive pricing, and loyalty program, while Rosland Capital impresses with its transparent fee structure and exclusive special edition collections. Ultimately, the choice between JM Bullion and Rosland Capital will depend on your individual needs and preferences as an investor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has JM Bullion ever sold fake gold?

No, JM Bullion takes a great deal of pride in assuring the authenticity of each of the products they sell, and fake gold and silver does exist but they make efforts to avoid it.

Which bullion brand is best?

The best bullion brands include The Royal Mint, Perth Mint, Umicore, Metalor, and PAMP Suisse.

Who is the best company to buy gold coins from?

The best company to buy gold coins from is JM Bullion, American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX), and American Hartford Gold – these are some of the most trustworthy and well-known gold dealers.

Is Rosland Capital any good?

Yes, Rosland Capital is considered to be a good option, as it has a great reputation for customer service, unique products, and a high BBB customer review rating. Their knowledgeable customer service team and positive customer comments make it a reliable choice for investment purposes.

What are the key benefits of investing with JM Bullion and Rosland Capital?

Investing with JM Bullion offers a diverse product range, intuitive interface, and competitive pricing, while Rosland Capital provides transparent fees, industry expertise, and punctual delivery service. Both companies are known for their respective strengths in the precious metals market.