Money Metals Exchange Reviews: Trusted Insights for Smart Investors

Considering Money Metals Exchange for buying or selling precious metals? This money metals exchange reviews dissects customer feedback, services, and pricing to answer your most pressing question: Can Money Metals Exchange be trusted with your investment? Without the fluff, we present you with a straightforward assessment to guide your decision.

Key Takeaways

Money Metals Exchange Overview

Money Metals Exchange logo on a website

Established in 2010 by Stefan Gleason, Money Metals Exchange, based in Eagle, Idaho, aims to help Americans safeguard their assets against financial instability and dollar devaluation. They provide the opportunity for buying and selling a diverse portfolio of precious metals in the precious metals market through their money metal exchange platform.

As an online bullion dealer, Money Metals Exchange distinguishes itself by providing:

These services make them attractive to many investors.

Products Offered by Money Metals Exchange

Assorted gold and silver coins and bars

Money Metals Exchange offers a wide array of precious metals. Whether you wish to purchase gold bullion coins, gold bullion bars, or 1 oz gold bars, you’ll find them all in their extensive catalogue. Apart from gold, they also deal in a variety of silver products, including physical bullion coins, silver bars, silver rounds, and even fractional silver, including silver coins.

The portfolio offered by Money Metals Exchange includes:

This wide range of precious metals products showcases the variety that Money Metals Exchange brings to the precious metals market.

The Buying Experience at Money Metals Exchange

The purchase process at Money Metals Exchange is created with user-friendliness in mind. With a variety of payment methods, shipping options, and a responsive customer service support, the process of buying metals is made efficient and convenient. Let’s delve into these aspects in more detail.

Payment Methods

A key feature of Money Metals Exchange is its acceptance of a broad range of payment methods. Whether you prefer to pay through:

Looking for a reliable platform to invest in precious metals? Money Metals Exchange has got you covered. With the money metals offers available, this flexibility makes it easy for customers to complete purchases online.

In addition to credit card payments, they also accept payments made by check. This wide range of payment options makes Money Metals Exchange a reliable and reputable platform for buying and selling precious metals. Customers also have the option to utilize a range of bank transfer methods at Money Metals Exchange, such as their bank’s Bill Pay service, ACH, and purchasing money orders.

Shipping Options

Regarding shipping, Money Metals Exchange offers the following options:

Rest assured, all their products are insured during transit.

To safeguard the privacy of their shipments, all items are shipped in their original, discreet packaging. Delivery times can fluctuate, with some customers experiencing a wait of up to 19 calendar days for delivery. However, orders paid by credit card typically have a quicker shipping process in comparison to check payments, which require a clearing period of over 5 business days.

Customer Service Support

Customer service at Money Metals Exchange is accessible from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday to Friday (MT). They strive to respond to emails within a 24-hour timeframe, ensuring that customers’ queries are promptly addressed.

The overall consensus on Money Metals Exchange’s customer service responsiveness is varied. While some customers express satisfaction with their ability to resolve issues, others have encountered negative experiences. Nevertheless, they continue to improve and adapt their services to better meet the needs of their customers.

The Selling Experience at Money Metals Exchange

The process of selling your precious metals to Money Metals Exchange is as simple as purchasing. They offer a buyback program for the sale of gold, silver, rhodium, and other precious metals, with buyback prices that surpass those of their competitors. The prices are determined by the current market spot price of gold and silver at the time of the transaction, current premiums, and the amount of ounces being sold back.

The selling process is designed for user convenience, similar to online shopping. They also provide specific guidance for selling rhodium due to its limited market liquidity. Upon receipt of the metals, Money Metals Exchange typically issues payment within one business day, making it convenient and efficient for sellers.

Price Competitiveness of Money Metals Exchange

In terms of pricing, Money Metals Exchange is highly competitive. They frequently offer special promotions to ensure customers receive excellent value in the market. Notably, their buyback prices surpass those of their competitors, establishing them as a leading provider of buyback values in the market.

Their overall value proposition is highly appealing as they strive to provide customers with the best value for their money by offering competitive pricing. The prices of their precious metals are as follows:

Orders of less than 100 bars are subject to a premium of $1.79 over spot per ounce.

Safety and Security with Money Metals Exchange

Secure storage facility for precious metals

Customer safety and security are of paramount importance to Money Metals Exchange. They adhere to a stringent privacy policy, refraining from disclosing any transactions or personal information to governmental or other entities, thereby upholding customer confidentiality.

Their website utilizes SSL encryption to ensure the protection of customer information, providing a secure environment for transactions. In terms of transactional safety, they have implemented security protocols, including the discretion to replace lost shipments, to safeguard transactions and protect the investment and personal information of their customers.

Furthermore, they ensure compliance with relevant state and federal laws to safeguard consumer transactions, working closely with the business bureau.

Storage Solutions and Fees

Money Metals Exchange offers various solutions for storing your precious metals, taking into account several factors. They offer storage through their Money Metals Depository and Vault Metals program. Additionally, they offer a US Mint Box storage option.

The delivered storage account option operates by having the purchased metals delivered directly to the Depository and stored in highly secure facilities. Customers utilizing their depository for storage are required to maintain their precious metals at the facility for a minimum of thirty days from the deposit completion date. The storage fees are competitive, based on the asset value, and range from $96 for assets up to $15,999, to 0.39% for assets valued over $1,000,000.

Government Reporting and Customer Privacy

Regarding government reporting and customer privacy, Money Metals Exchange strictly follows its privacy policy during the collection and utilization of personal information. They also refrain from disclosing transactions except in rare circumstances that necessitate specific reports.

In certain situations, Money Metals Exchange may be required to report transactions that surpass specific thresholds, such as cash transactions that meet specific criteria or substantial sales of particular coins. They adhere to legal requirements by conducting transactions that do not trigger IRS reporting obligations, except in highly unusual situations that require such action.

Real Customer Testimonials

Real customer testimonials provide a glimpse into the experiences of actual customers. These reviews, available on their website and on external review platforms such as the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot, reveal a mix of positive and negative experiences.

Positive Experiences

Many customers have had positive experiences with Money Metals Exchange. They appreciate the smooth, problem-free, responsive, and helpful customer service. The efficient and hassle-free delivery of the ordered precious metals has also been appreciated, showcasing the company’s dedication to timely service.

Customers have also highlighted the competitive pricing on precious metal products offered by Money Metals Exchange. This has contributed to its favorable standing among investors seeking lucrative transactions in the precious metals industry. In conclusion, Money Metals Exchange has proven to be a reliable and cost-effective platform for precious metal investments.

Negative Experiences

Despite the positive experiences, some customers have reported negative experiences, including:

Some have reported unprofessional customer service interactions, including:

However, Money Metals Exchange addresses complaints and negative feedback promptly, ensuring customer satisfaction. In this money metals exchange review, we can see that they have successfully resolved all of the 13 negative reviews, showcasing their dedication to resolving issues.

Gold in Your IRA: Why It Matters

Adding gold to your IRA can bring about several advantages, including:

Historically, gold is seen as a secure investment, demonstrating a 3.6% annualized growth rate over the last 40 years. To invest in gold through an IRA, one needs to open a gold IRA account with a broker-dealer or custodian. The IRS permits self-directed IRA holders to acquire gold, silver, and platinum. However, it’s essential to consider potential risks, such as modest returns, absence of dividends, and the expenses related to storing and insuring physical precious metals.


In conclusion, Money Metals Exchange is a trusted platform for investing in precious metals. Their diverse product range, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service make them a preferred choice for many investors. The buying and selling experiences are user-friendly, and they offer a variety of payment options and shipping methods. Despite some occasional hiccups in shipping and customer service, they have demonstrated a commitment to resolving customer complaints promptly and efficiently.

From a privacy and security perspective, Money Metals Exchange ensures the safe handling of customer information and transactions. Their storage solutions cater to different needs, and their fees are competitive. They also respect customer privacy and adhere to government reporting laws. The customer testimonials reflect a mix of positive and negative experiences but lean more towards the positive. All these factors make Money Metals Exchange a reliable choice for your precious metals investment needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Money Metals Exchange?

Mike Gleason and Clint Siegner are the co-owners of Money Metals Exchange, which was founded in 2010 as a response to the inflated prices of collectible coins marketed by national advertisers.

Is Monetary Metals legit?

Yes, Monetary Metals is considered legitimate and offers the opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio with gold and precious metals. Their services include gold financing and the purchase of physical precious metals like gold bullion.

Does Money Metals report to IRS?

Yes, Money Metals is required to report any capital gains or losses from the sale of precious metals to the IRS, as they are considered property for tax purposes.

What types of precious metals does Money Metals Exchange deal in?

Money Metals Exchange deals in a diverse selection of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, and rhodium in various forms like coins, bars, and rounds.

What are the payment methods accepted by Money Metals Exchange?

Money Metals Exchange accepts a diverse range of payment methods including check, e-check/ACH, credit card, Paypal, wire, money order, bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies. Choose the method that suits you best.