Goldco vs Blanchard Company: In-Depth Comparison

When deciding between Goldco and Blanchard Company for your precious metals IRA or investment options, you need a clear, direct comparison to make the best choice. One offers fixed fees and a streamlined gold and silver focus; the other, a broader spectrum of metals and a more flexible fee structure. Which suits your investment strategy and customer service expectations better? This article provides an in-depth analysis of each company’s offerings to guide your decision without bias or sales pressure, focusing on the “goldco vs blanchard company” aspect.

Key Takeaways

Understanding Goldco and Blanchard Company


Established almost two decades ago by Trevor Gerszt, Goldco has carved out a reputation in the precious metals sector as a company with a proven track record for expertise and customer support. The company’s commitment to transparency and customer engagement is evident from its high rating with the Business Consumer Alliance and its A+ rating on BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Blanchard Company, too, is known for its integrity in the precious metals IRA market. They have a long-standing partnership with Equity Trust Company to serve as its custodial partner, ensuring the proper management and safe storage of the investor’s precious metals.

Comparing Investment Options: Goldco vs Blanchard Company

Goldco primarily offers investment options in gold and silver. The company provides well-known gold products like American Gold Eagles and Canadian Gold Maple Leafs to its investors, helping maintain a balanced portfolio of gold assets.

Conversely, Blanchard Company provides a broader variety of precious metals for investment, including other precious metals, catering to the diverse needs of the precious metals industry. Beyond gold and silver, Blanchard’s portfolio also offers rare collectible coins, palladium, and platinum products, thus expanding investment options for investors.

Fee Structures and Minimum Investments

For managing and overseeing the storage of precious metals, Goldco charges a minimum annual custodian fee of $80 and a storage fee of $100. The minimum investment requirement for opening a precious metals IRA with Goldco is $25,000.

Blanchard Company, however, offers a more adaptable fee structure. Their storage costs vary depending on the chosen storage option and the quantity of gold to be stored. This flexibility allows investors to adapt to the ever-changing precious metals market. However, the specific minimum investment required by Blanchard Company for precious metals IRAs is not explicitly stated.

Comparatively, while Goldco has a fixed fee structure and a known minimum investment, Blanchard offers more flexibility in storage costs, though their minimum investment requirement remains unspecified.

Client Education and Resources

Both firms emphasize client education and provide resources to aid investors in making well-judged decisions. Goldco provides extensive articles, guides, and informative videos for its clients.

Blanchard Company, in contrast, provides expert consultations and tailored advice to equip their clients with the knowledge to make sound investment decisions.

Storage Solutions and Security


For storage solutions, Goldco provides various options, including segregated storage. This means that your precious metals are stored separately from other investors’ assets, ensuring a heightened level of security.

Blanchard Company, on the contrary, meets diverse storage requirements by providing four unique options for securely storing precious metals. This flexibility allows investors to choose the storage solution that best suits their needs.

Customer Service and Satisfaction


Despite Goldco’s assertion that they prioritize customer service and care, there are some complaints about the assertive nature of their sales staff. Some customers have reported feeling that their issues are not being adequately addressed by the sales team.

Blanchard Company, however, adopts a different approach to customer service. They emphasize cultivating long-term client relationships and offer personalized advice, acting as a long-term advisor to their clients. This approach may be more appealing to some investors compared to the reportedly more assertive tactics employed by Goldco’s sales staff, making Blanchard Gold a potential alternative.

Transparency and Trust


Goldco holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, indicating their dedication to ethical business practices and exceptional customer service. Their commitment to transparency is further demonstrated by their high rating with the Business Consumer Alliance.

Blanchard Company too holds an A+ rating with BBB and has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 1982. This, coupled with their commitment to transparency and integrity, contributes to their positive industry reputation. For more insight, you can check out Blanchard gold reviews online.

Unique Selling Propositions


Goldco’s unique selling proposition lies in its primary emphasis on gold and silver investments, and they offer a buyback guarantee, ensuring the highest price for your precious metals. Partnering with Augusta Precious Metals can provide additional options for diversifying your portfolio, including selling precious metals.

Contrastingly, Blanchard Company sets itself apart by:

Portfolio Diversification Strategies

Goldco, one of the leading gold ira companies, prioritizes portfolio diversification by offering a range of coins and bars in Gold IRAs to protect assets against loss. This strategy allows investors to maintain a gold assets balance in their portfolio.

Conversely, Blanchard Company diversifies with a broad variety of precious metals, including gold and silver bullion, rare coins, and options like platinum. This wider range of precious metals investment options allows investors to diversify their portfolios even further by investing in precious metals.

When comparing the two, while Goldco focuses on gold and silver investments for portfolio diversification, Blanchard Company offers more options for diversification due to its wider range of precious metals.

The Buying Process: Ease and Efficiency

The process of acquiring precious metals through Goldco is quite straightforward. It includes:

  1. Initiating a gold IRA account with a custodian

  2. Completing an agreement

  3. Funding the account

  4. Selecting the specific precious metals for purchase.

Contrarily, Blanchard Company provides a more tailor-made purchasing experience. They provide a 100% buyback guarantee and tailored advice from dedicated account managers to meet the individual needs and strategies of each investor.

Rollover Procedures and Assistance

Goldco provides comprehensive assistance throughout the IRA rollover process, guiding clients through each step from start to finish. Their process allows customers to establish a new Gold IRA account using funds from their current 401(k), 403(b), or IRA, all while avoiding any tax penalties.

Blanchard Company offers the following services:

Upon comparison, Goldco and Blanchard Company both offer support with rollover procedures. However, Goldco’s focus on gold and silver investments may make the process more streamlined for those interested in these metals.

Long-Term Investment Considerations

Goldco counsels its clients to adopt long-term investment strategies, like investing in gold via a gold IRA and diversifying their investment portfolio. This approach ensures the growth of long-term investments.

Contrarily, Blanchard Company provides personalized advisory services tailored to the distinct needs, preferences, and long-term goals of investors. These services encompass:

However, Blanchard Company primarily caters to personal investment purchases and may not be the most ideal choice for individuals specifically seeking long-term IRA investments.


In conclusion, both Goldco and Blanchard Company offer unique benefits for those interested in investing in precious metals. Goldco’s streamlined process and emphasis on gold and silver investments may appeal to those seeking simplicity and a focus on these specific metals. Meanwhile, Blanchard Company’s personalized advisory services and wider range of precious metals offer more flexibility and options for diversification. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on the individual investor’s needs, preferences, and long-term investment goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Goldco a reputable company?

Yes, Goldco is a reputable company known for offering a unique service of direct purchase of precious metals, attracting investors seeking safe-haven investments. Consider exploring their services.

What is the best gold IRA company?

Goldco is considered the best gold IRA company due to its outstanding track record, high ratings from BBB and Trustpilot, and robust educational content.

What is the difference between Goldco and noble gold?

Goldco has been in business for over 15 years, offering a wider range of products and services and has more experience in the precious metals investment industry compared to Noble Gold, which was founded in 2017.

What kind of company is Goldco?

Goldco is a full-service investment firm founded in 2011, specializing in helping customers roll over their retirement plans into precious metals IRAs with over a decade of experience.

What is the minimum investment required for Goldco and Blanchard Company?

Goldco requires a minimum investment of $25,000, while the minimum investment for Blanchard Company is not explicitly stated.