Accurate Precious Metals Review: Find Out Where to Invest Safely

Seeking a no-nonsense, accurate precious metals review? You’re in the right place. With a focus on trustworthiness and investment safety, our evaluation of Accurate Precious Metals gives you the essential info you need. Discover their market standing, user experiences, and investment options to see if they align with your financial goals—no excessive adjectives, just the reality of their service.

Key Takeaways

Evaluating Accurate Precious Metals’ Reputation

A family-owned company specializing in buying and selling precious metals and jewelry

The precious metals market can be intimidating and thus, many seek the assistance of dependable companies to ease their investment process. Among the multitude of companies, Accurate Precious Metals has earned a reputation as a trustworthy and customer-focused family-owned enterprise. Their business approach, underpinned by a commitment to customer satisfaction and trust, has earned them a solid reputation in the industry.

The company’s reputation as a family owned business extends beyond its status, with an emphasis on great customer service, fair prices, and high-quality products. Their customers appreciate the open and respectful atmosphere, often describing the staff as helpful and down-to-earth, providing excellent service.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Accurate Precious Metals consistently scores high in customer satisfaction, a testament to their dedication to providing top-notch service. The company boasts a 4.8-star rating from 679 reviews, a testament to their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Many positive reviews highlight the company’s extensive selection of unique, custom jewelry pieces, as well as a diverse array of precious metal coins and jewelry. That being said, some customers have voiced concerns about customer service and pricing, demonstrating that the company is not exempt from criticism. Yet, these negative reviews are far outnumbered by the positive ones, attesting to the overall customer satisfaction with the company’s services.

Company Values and Approach

Central to Accurate Precious Metals’ reputation is their commitment to transparency, competitive prices, and exceptional service. These values are woven into their business operations, ensuring that every transaction is fair and transparent.

This commitment to transparency permeates all aspects of their business, from scrap silver assessment and gold bullion offerings, to clear communication about prices, fees, and buy-back policies. This commitment to open and honest business practices is part of what sets Accurate Precious Metals apart from other companies in the precious metals market.

Gold and Silver Investment Options

Gold and silver investment options including bullion and coins

Accurate Precious Metals provides an array of gold and silver investment options, catering to investors of all sizes. The company’s offerings include:

Their flexibility with no minimum purchase amounts or reserves offers an appealing entry point for those new to investing in precious metals.

The company’s offerings extend beyond bullion, with an extensive assortment of gold and silver coins available. These options accommodate the needs of both collectors and investors, catering to a diverse range of investment preferences.

Buying Gold and Silver Bullion

Accurate Precious Metals allows investors to purchase gold and silver bullion conveniently, without any restrictions on minimum purchase amounts or reserves. This flexibility allows for a broad range of investment sizes, providing an accessible entry point for many.

The company’s approach to selling bullion emphasizes transparency and fairness. Accurate Precious Metals bases their pricing on current market prices and the item’s weight and purity, ensuring investors receive a fair price that maximizes profitability.

Gold and Silver Coins

In addition, Accurate Precious Metals boasts a wide array of accurate precious metals coins, including gold, silver bullion, and more precious metals. The aesthetic value of these coins often surpasses their melt value due to their rarity or demand, making them an enticing investment option for collectors and investors alike.

The price ranges for gold and silver coins at Accurate Precious Metals are varied, accommodating a wide range of budgets. For instance, customers have the option to purchase 1/10th Ounce Gold and 90% Silver Coins from the company, providing an accessible entry point into precious metals investment.

Jewelry and Diamond Services

Range of jewelry and diamond services including an online store and appraisal process

Beyond precious metals, Accurate Precious Metals provides an array of precious metals coins jewelry and diamond services. Their online store showcases a myriad of gold, silver, platinum, and diamond jewelry, along with special deals and discounts on select items.

At Accurate Precious Metals, we never compromise on quality. Each piece of jewelry and diamond item undergoes comprehensive testing and authentication to ensure their purity and quality. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that customers absolutely love and receive only the highest quality products.

Online Jewelry Store

The online store of Accurate Precious Metals offers a diverse selection of jewelry, including:

Their jewelry selection extends beyond standard offerings, with the option for custom jewelry designs.

Customers have the convenience of purchasing jewelry from the company’s online store, placing orders via the internet, in person, or over the phone. Furthermore, the company’s commitment to authenticity ensures that all products sold are genuine, providing customers with peace of mind.

Appraisal and Buying Process

The appraisal process of Accurate Precious Metals includes the following steps:

  1. Each item of jewelry is carefully examined for purity markers.

  2. The item is measured to determine its dimensions and weight.

  3. The quality of any gemstones is evaluated to ensure an accurate valuation.

This meticulous attention to detail ensures a fair and accurate appraisal of your precious metals.

The company goes above and beyond to ensure fairness in their buying process, proving to be extremely helpful when it comes to selling stuff. They promptly reach out to sellers regarding any discrepancies discovered during item inspections and make a concerted effort to address these issues.

This commitment to fairness and transparency further solidifies Accurate Precious Metals’ reputation as a trustworthy precious metals company.

Precious Metals IRA and Retirement Planning

Precious metals IRA and retirement planning services

Accurate Precious Metals also shines in the area of retirement planning. The company specializes in offering self-directed gold or silver IRAs, providing a valuable tool for diversifying an investment portfolio.

The maximum yearly contribution for individuals under 59 is $6,000, and for those 60 and over, it is $7,000. This allows for a gradual buildup of precious metals in an IRA, providing a hedge against market volatility.

Setting Up a Gold or Silver IRA

Establishing a Gold or Silver IRA with Accurate Precious Metals is a simple procedure. It involves engaging an IRS-approved custodian for the management of the account and the storage of the precious metals.

The company recommends several IRS-approved custodians for establishing a gold or silver IRA, including:

This provides investors with a range of options to select a custodian that best fits their needs, while building trust in their chosen financial partner.

Adding More Metals to Your IRA

Investors also have the option to add more metals to their IRA at a later date. Accurate Precious Metals recommends requesting a price lock when adding more metals to protect against potential complications and delays stemming from fluctuating bullion prices.

However, it’s crucial to note that there are penalties associated with altering your decision after adding more metals to your IRA. If a withdrawal is made before reaching the age of 59½, a 10% penalty is applied along with ordinary income tax on the portion related to the previously added metals.

Local Pawn Loan Services

Accurate Precious Metals offers pawn loan services specifically designed for those looking to sell gold, as well as:

These services are exclusively offered to customers within the local area of Oregon.

The process of securing a pawn loan from Accurate Precious Metals involves exploring diverse offers, without a specific minimum loan amount, thus catering to a range of loan sizes. They also provide adaptable repayment terms, usually without a minimum repayment period but with a maximum duration of 4 months and 10 days.

Loan Process and Requirements

Accurate Precious Metals has designed its pawn loan process to be as convenient as possible for customers. The process includes the following steps:

  1. No credit check is required.

  2. Collateral in the form of jewelry or other valuable items is utilized.

  3. The collateral remains in the company’s possession until the loan is fully reimbursed.

The company offers pawn loans with an interest rate of 2.75% per month or 33% APR for borrowing 30% of the value of collateral items. This, coupled with the 60-day grace period, provides flexibility for customers to repay their loans.

Local Availability

Though the pawn loan services of Accurate Precious Metals are highly beneficial, they are presently exclusive to local Oregon customers. This local availability ensures that the company can provide personalized support and service to its clientele.

Comparing Accurate Precious Metals to Competitors

Comparing Accurate Precious Metals to competitors in terms of pricing fairness and customer service

In comparison with competitors, Accurate Precious Metals distinguishes itself through fair pricing and superior customer service. The company provides competitive pricing in comparison to their competitors, with specialized dealers often offering more competitive buyback prices and refineries offering better pricing.

In terms of customer service, Accurate Precious Metals has garnered a range of customer service reviews, with some clients commending their exceptional customer service while others expressed dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, on the whole, the company consistently receives favorable customer service reviews.

Pricing and Fairness

Accurate Precious Metals determines its buying and selling prices based on current spot prices and the verified purity and weight of the precious metals. This pricing approach ensures that investors receive a fair evaluation that maximizes profitability.

The company offers nationally competitive prices for all their products, including gold and silver. They base their gold purchasing transactions on the spot price per gram, ensuring sellers receive a fair and updated price that aligns with the global gold market. If you’re looking to buy gold, this is the place to go, as well as for selling gold.

Customer Service and Support

Accurate Precious Metals provides customer service via their contact page, responding to queries related to buying or selling, and also maintains a detailed FAQ section to tackle common questions.

When handling customer complaints, the company carefully handles each case, providing customized resolutions, including rare cases of cancellations. This personalized approach to customer service further solidifies Accurate Precious Metals’ reputation as a customer-focused company.


Accurate Precious Metals stands out as a trusted name in the precious metals industry, offering a comprehensive range of services for buying and selling precious metals, jewelry, and diamonds. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, transparency, and fairness sets them apart from their competitors. Whether you’re a novice investor or an experienced collector, Accurate Precious Metals provides reliable and professional services to meet your precious metals investment needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can APMEX be trusted?

Overall, APMEX is a reputable company with a wide range of products, but it has mixed reviews and a number of consumer complaints. It’s important to consider these factors before making a decision.

Is it safe to buy gold from APMEX?

Yes, APMEX is a trusted and safe option for purchasing gold, with over 20 years in the industry and high ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

What is the best metal to invest in right now?

Gold is a reliable choice for wealth preservation, while silver offers affordability and industrial uses, making them both good options for investment. Platinum and palladium can provide diversification and potentially higher returns but come with increased volatility and limited investment options.

What is the best way to invest in precious metals?

The best way to invest in precious metals is to either buy physical gold and silver coins/bullions from a reputable vendor and keep them in a safe place, or purchase ETFs with significant exposure to precious metals or related businesses. Both methods offer a tangible investment with potential for growth and diversification.

What types of investment options does Accurate Precious Metals offer?

Accurate Precious Metals offers a variety of investment options in gold and silver, including bullion and coins. Select the option that best suits your investment goals.