Vaulted Gold Review: A Comprehensive Guide to Smart Gold Investment

Are you weighing the pros and cons of Vaulted for gold investment? Our vaulted gold review demystifies this popular platform by dissecting its fees, analyzing the security of its gold storage, and evaluating user satisfaction. Stay tuned for a no-nonsense breakdown tailored to help you make an educated financial decision.

Key Takeaways

Exploring Vaulted Gold: A Modern Way to Buy Physical Gold

Vaulted Gold platform with secure storage at the Royal Canadian Mint

Vaulted is carving a unique path in the world of gold investment. This platform comes in the form of a mobile app, designed to simplify the process of investing in physical gold. The app’s interface is user-friendly, and alongside it, a desktop site access is available, making it easy for investors to buy, store, and sell physical gold at their convenience.

The physical gold bullion sold by Vaulted isn’t just any gold. We’re talking about 99.9% pure gold, manufactured by the Royal Canadian Mint itself and certified as conflict-free. This guarantees not just the highest quality gold for investors, but also ethical sourcing.

Behind this platform is an array of specialists who have honed their skills at major corporations such as Microsoft, Google, and Ernst & Young. They provide the underlying technology that secures gold investments, making Vaulted a reliable and trustworthy platform.

The Mechanics of Investing with Vaulted

The process to become a Vaulted user is straightforward. Here are the steps:

  1. Input your email

  2. Create a password

  3. Provide personal information such as your name, birthdate, phone number, and physical address

  4. Confirm your email

  5. Once your account is up and running, you can start buying gold by linking a bank account either through a wire transfer or by using Plaid, a secure platform for bank account connectivity.

Investing in 99.99% pure gold kilo bars directly from the Royal Canadian Mint is possible through Vaulted. This provides a secure and tangible way to own physical gold. Vaulted ensures the secure storage of these gold bars in vaults insured against theft and damage. For those who prefer having their gold at hand, Vaulted offers the option of delivering the gold upon request. However, you can always choose to keep it stored in the secure vaults.

Understanding Transaction Fees

One of the key factors to consider when investing in gold is the transaction fee. Vaulted charges a competitive 1.8% transaction fee for buying or selling gold. When you compare this to the standard commission costs of over 5% for physical gold purchases, it’s clear that Vaulted offers a more cost-efficient option.

These low transaction fees enable investors to maximize returns on their gold investments. Vaulted boasts some of the lowest transaction fees in the industry.

Annual Maintenance Fee Demystified

In addition to the transaction fee, Vaulted includes a 0.4% annual maintenance fee. This fee covers the cost of secure vault storage at the Royal Canadian Mint. The annual maintenance fee includes both secure storage and comprehensive insurance, making it a beneficial option for investors looking to safeguard their gold over the long term.

This fee is billed semi-annually, with payments due in July and January. With this clear and predictable fee structure, investors can easily manage their gold investment expenses.

Vaulted Gold’s Secure Storage Solution

Secure storage at the Royal Canadian Mint with regular audits and insurance

Vaulted takes care of the storage for your gold investments in a private vault. It provides:

The Royal Canadian Mint offers the following benefits:

With these features, you can rest assured that your investments are well protected.

With Vaulted, you enjoy direct ownership of designated, serial-numbered gold bars that are attributed personally to you. These gold bars are never mixed with other assets, ensuring clarity and individual rights to your investments. You get the peace of mind of holding gold in a vault of international repute.

Vaulted’s Unique Selling Propositions

Vaulted's unique features: low minimum investment and fractional ownership of gold

The unique features of Vaulted set it apart from other gold investment platforms. For starters, it allows for a low minimum investment amount of only $10. This makes gold investment feasible for beginners and those with limited funds.

The platform offers flexible management of gold assets, including:

Comparing Vaulted to Traditional Gold Investment Methods

Understanding how Vaulted compares to traditional methods is crucial, given the myriad forms of gold investment. When it comes to gold coins, they often have higher premiums over the spot price due to their collectibility and design intricacies. However, they provide higher liquidity in smaller transactions compared to gold bars. On the other hand, gold bars may have lower production costs and sell closer to the spot price.

Some investors prefer tangible assets they can securely store themselves, such as in a safe deposit box, and for them, physical gold may be more appealing. In contrast, Vaulted’s service for storing gold, where the company stores and insures the gold, could be a more convenient option.

Other alternatives like iShares Gold (IAU), Sprott Physical Gold Trust (PHYS), and SPDR Gold Trust ETF offer investment methods that might be more aligned with investors looking for gold ETFs or gold-related company investments.

The Fine Print: Vaulted’s Fees and Charges

Being aware of the fees and charges tied to your gold investment is crucial. With Vaulted, investors are charged a 1.8% transaction fee on each buy or sell order, and a 0.4% annual maintenance fee for secure gold storage.

If you opt for physical gold delivery, you need to account for additional costs. These include a $50 handling fee plus $2 per bar from the Royal Canadian Mint, and shipping and insurance fees estimated around $225. However, Vaulted guarantees that customers will not pay more than 1.8% above the wholesale price of gold, offering competitive rates and pricing transparency compared to industry standards.

Vaulted’s Investment Flexibility

Investment flexibility with options like physical delivery and automatic gold purchases

The gold investment experience offered by Vaulted includes:

Vaulted’s feature called VaultPlan permits automatic gold purchases on a monthly or bi-weekly basis, appealing to investors seeking consistent saving and investment strategies. With this feature, customers can engage in dollar-cost averaging, setting up automated trades to take advantage of market pricing over time. Also, the platform allows users to sell gold back through the app with ease, enhancing the flexibility in managing investments.

How to Add Gold to Your Portfolio with Vaulted

Vaulted simplifies the process of adding gold to your portfolio. You start by downloading the Vaulted app and creating an account. Once your account is live, you link your bank account to your Vaulted account to enable transactions.

When your bank account is linked, you can directly transfer funds to your Vaulted account. With funds in your account, you select the desired amount of gold to buy and complete the purchase with just one click within the app.

Vaulted’s Position in the Gold Market

Vaulted is expanding its footprint in the gold market, with a focus on gold investing. Investors have purchased over $2.5 billion in gold holdings and other precious metals through Vaulted, indicating a strong reputation and level of trust among gold investors.

However, compared to BullionVault, which oversees more than $4.1 billion in client assets for over 100,000 users, Vaulted operates at a smaller scale. But it’s worth noting that Vaulted’s market commentary addresses concerns about gold price manipulations and asserts that such practices have minor effects on gold’s long-term value.

Vaulted Versus Other Precious Metals Platforms

Other precious metals platforms, such as McAlvany Financial Group and JM Bullion, pose competition to Vaulted. These platforms offer diversified options, including a range of precious metals and IRA-approved products for retirement.

On the other hand, alternatives like gold ETFs offer an investment method that doesn’t require holding the physical metal. These investments represent a share of gold held in a trust. Even though JM Bullion presents more variety in gold products, Vaulted is perceived as providing a more straightforward avenue to invest in gold as an asset.

Real Users’ Experiences: Vaulted Reviews

Positive user reviews for Vaulted's insured gold investments and clear fee structures

Users have commended Vaulted with high praise. It’s recognized for its insured gold investments, clear fee structures, and excellent customer support, contributing to high customer satisfaction.

The Vaulted app is highly rated on both the Apple App Store and Google Play, indicating a positive user experience. Additionally, customer reviews on external sources like Trustpilot also highlight Vaulted’s high levels of customer satisfaction, making it competitive within the industry.

Maximizing Your Gold Investment with Vaulted

Vaulted offers multiple avenues to optimise your gold investment. First, the gold stored at the Royal Canadian Mint through Vaulted is 99.99% pure and features the Mint’s hallmark, assuring premium quality and security.

Vaulted also offers investors direct access to expert guidance on precious metals, enabling strategic and well-informed investment decisions. The platform’s VaultPlan feature enables investors to methodically build their holdings through automatic gold purchases, leveraging cost averaging to mitigate market volatility.


In summary, Vaulted provides a user-friendly and secure platform for investing in physical gold. With its low transaction and maintenance fees, clear fee structure, secure storage at the Royal Canadian Mint, and flexible investment options, Vaulted is revolutionizing the way we invest in gold.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a beginner, Vaulted offers a straightforward and transparent avenue to add gold to your investment portfolio. With its simplicity, flexibility, and commitment to providing the best for its users, Vaulted is indeed a smart choice for gold investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum investment in vaulted gold?

The minimum investment in vaulted gold is $10, making it an accessible option for practically anyone to sign up.

Who owns vaulted?

Vaulted is owned and operated by McAlvany Financial Group, which was founded in 1972.

Is it safe to buy digital gold?

Yes, it is safe to buy digital gold. Digital gold is certified to be genuine, with 99.99% purity, and purchases are backed by physical gold stored in an insured vault until sold.

What is the best site to invest in gold?

When considering where to invest in gold, reputable dealers like JM Bullion, APMEX, and American Hartford Gold are widely recognized for their reliability and quality. These dealers are some of the best options for investing in gold.

How do I start using Vaulted?

To start using Vaulted, download the app, create an account, and link your bank account to enable transactions. Get started today!