Swiss America Review: Comprehensive Evaluation of Precious Metals Investing

Is Swiss America the right partner for your precious metals investment? Our Swiss America review directly evaluates their IRA options, coin collection, pricing, and customer support to ensure your investment decision is well-informed.

Key Takeaways

Exploring Swiss America Trading Corporation

Swiss America’s core mission is to assist individuals in formulating a portfolio of U.S. rare coins, such as Saint Gaudens gold coins, and precious metals to protect and augment their wealth. They have built a reputation as a leading precious metals dealer, providing a diverse range of products and services geared towards wealth preservation and growth.

Comprehensive Services Offered by Swiss America

Diversified precious metal offerings at Swiss America Trading Corporation

Swiss America provides a broad array of services engineered to fulfill the diverse requirements of investors in the precious metals market. Among these services are:

Precious Metal IRA Options

Swiss America provides a range of options for precious metal IRAs, targeting retirement planning and portfolio diversification. These options necessitate a minimum transfer of $5,000 and are associated with a $250 fee. The selection includes popular coins like Morgan Silver Dollars and U.S. Gold, Silver, and Platinum American Eagles, all of which are permitted for inclusion in a Swiss America IRA.

Investing in a gold IRA, such as a precious metals IRA offered by Swiss America, may provide specific tax advantages. Profits and gains derived from the gold, silver, or platinum within your Swiss America IRA are not subject to immediate taxation, provided they form part of the IRA holdings.

This $5,000 minimum transfer requirement is in line with or potentially lower than the minimum of $10,000 that some other institutions may require for similar IRA services.

Exclusive Collection of Numismatic Coins

Swiss America offers a distinct assortment of numismatic coins, accommodating both collectors and investors. Numismatic coins encompass a wide range of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, medals, and related items. The numismatic coins offered by Swiss America stand out for their 100% private and ‘non-reportable’ status, as well as their collectible value derived from special design or historical significance.

The numismatic coins in Swiss America’s collection are historically significant due to their representation of coins that were previously in circulation, showcasing the evolution of trade, economies, and political regimes across various historical periods. This diverse selection, encompassing silver, gold, and platinum options, accommodates the diverse preferences and interests of collectors and investors.

Bullion for Every Investor

Swiss America presents a varied array of bullion options, including gold and silver coins, as well as platinum bullion coins:

Swiss America obtains their bullion coins from a range of reputable suppliers to maintain a varied and high-quality inventory of silver, gold, and platinum coins. The American bullion coins available from Swiss America comprise a range of sought-after choices, such as silver, gold, and platinum coins, carefully chosen for their excellence and investment potential.

Who Benefits from Investing with Swiss America?

Swiss America serves investors of different experience levels, offering customized investment advice and educational resources to aid individuals in making informed investment decisions. Through Swiss American Financial Solutions, the company offers personalized investment options to suit the unique needs and goals of each investor.

Swiss America aids its clients in making informed investment decisions by offering:

This is particularly beneficial for experienced investors who can leverage these services to make the best investment choices.

Swiss America Against the Competition

Swiss America competes with other prominent precious metals investment firms like Kitco Metals and Provident Metals. What sets Swiss America apart, however, is its wide range of precious metals and IRA services, complemented by extensive educational materials. They emphasize the significance of owning physical gold as a fundamental financial tactic.

Swiss America’s fee structure and pricing are transparent and competitive in comparison to its competitors. Moreover, they offer a comprehensive wealth of knowledge to empower investors, although specific details regarding their product offerings in comparison to their competitors are not explicitly provided.

Client Testimonials and Swiss America Review

Positive client testimonials about Swiss America

Swiss America has garnered excellent customer reviews, signaling a significant degree of trust and satisfaction among clients. Clients have provided positive feedback regarding their experience with Swiss America’s customer support, describing it as competent, cooperative, and trustworthy. Testimonials highlight positive experiences with Swiss America’s Precious Metal IRA options, with customers mentioning the company’s exceptional knowledge, consistency with information given, and helpfulness when dealing with novice buyers of precious metals.

Further attesting to Swiss America’s commitment to customer satisfaction is their A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This rating reflects the company’s commitment to maintaining high standards of customer service and addressing client concerns promptly and professionally, thus ensuring a positive customer experience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started

If you’re contemplating investing with Swiss America, the procedure is simple. To prepare for registration, it is recommended to schedule an initial consultation to review your investment amount, timeframe, risk appetite, and preferred regions. During this consultation, an Account Executive will guide you through the coin selection process. Upon deciding to move forward, you can contact Swiss America at 1 (800) 289-2646 to obtain detailed information about the registration process and the necessary steps, including the completion of account opening forms.

To complete the Swiss America account registration, you’ll need to fill out an application form and submit a valid government-issued ID, proof of income sources, and proof of address. Once your account is created, you will have access to login at your convenience and enjoy real-time portfolio tracking, trade tracking, account notifications, and detailed trade histories.

Investment Insights and Education

Swiss America firmly believes in the power of knowledge and manifests this by offering an abundance of educational resources to its clients. Some of the resources provided include:

In addition to the resources mentioned, Swiss America offers:

They also provide a comprehensive 36-page report for further insights.

Whether through articles, webinars, or personalized consultations, Swiss America is committed to assisting investors in comprehending the intricacies of owning gold and silver.

The Security and Credibility of Swiss America

Rest easy when investing with Swiss America, as your information is secure. The company has taken significant precautions to protect customer information and has established multiple systems, including continuous monitoring of their website and servers, to safeguard clients’ data. Swiss America is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and maintains an A+ rating, indicating a significant level of company credibility and trustworthiness.

The credibility of Swiss America’s products is further supported by its AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, showcasing its reputable status in providing credible investment options such as gold coins and bullion. Swiss America has received multiple industry awards and recognitions for its exceptional services and leadership in the trading and custodial sectors, earning accolades from industry surveys, media, professional organizations, and community groups globally.

Pricing and Value: Analyzing Costs and Premiums

Regarding the cost of investing in precious metals with Swiss America, the company offers insights into buying options like $20 gold coins and the merits of ownership. The costs and premiums are impacted by economic and political factors, including the state of the US dollar and inflation rates, as well as the scarcity and rarity of specific precious metals.

Swiss America distinguishes itself by:

To determine the value of precious metals, Swiss America employs a numismatic numerical scale ranging from 1 to 70 to evaluate the condition and value of precious metal coins, providing investors with a standardized reference for their investment value.

Navigating the Market: Gold and Silver Trends

The latest analysis of market trends shows the Monex Spot Gold price is at $2,027.00, reflecting a drop of $14.00, while the Monex Spot Silver price is at $22.42, indicating a dip of $0.33. UBS anticipates potential increases in gold and silver prices in 2024, attributed to expected interest rate cuts by the U.S. Federal Reserve.

The trends in the gold and silver markets are influenced by a multitude of factors including:

Swiss America supports its clients by:

Adding Precious Metals to Your Portfolio

Integrating precious metals into an investment portfolio offers numerous benefits, such as protection against inflation, assurance of long-term sustainability, portfolio diversification, provision of high liquidity, and serving as a hedge against inflation. Precious metals represent tangible assets and serve as a timeless investment choice. Commonly favored precious metals included in investment portfolios are gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.

Swiss America can provide support in constructing a diversified and balanced portfolio with precious metals by:

Swiss America’s Customer Support Experience

Swiss America takes great pride in its customer support experience. Clients can reach out to Swiss America customer support by calling them toll-free at 1 (800) 289-2646 or seeking assistance through their website, which also provides a process for resolving complaints. The company’s customer service team is highly responsive and maintains a professional demeanor, as evidenced by a customer service rating of 5.0 out of 5.0 derived from customer testimonials.

Investors can enjoy a dedicated customer service team specifically available for them. Investors can reach out to their Account Executive directly via the toll-free number 1-800-289-2646 for services such as periodic portfolio evaluations.

The Long-Term Outlook for Gold and Silver Investments

The outlook for investments in precious metals appears promising. Swiss America anticipates that silver offers financial security and significant growth opportunities, both in the short-term and particularly in the long-term. Experts in the industry suggest that silver prices may experience a 50-100% increase in the next year due to a persistent physical supply deficit.

Gold and silver have been regarded as enduring investments and secure assets for centuries. Both gold and silver can function as a safeguard against inflation and economic instability, with gold generally demonstrating a more robust performance over prolonged periods. Swiss America supports clients by:


Swiss America Trading Corporation stands as a beacon in the precious metals investment industry. With a diverse range of products and services, security measures, educational resources, and dedicated customer support, the company offers an attractive platform for both new and experienced investors. The long-term outlook for gold and silver investments remains promising, further solidifying Swiss America’s position as a trusted partner in precious metals investing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Swiss America a reputable company?

Yes, Swiss America is a reputable company with a strong history of growth and positive customer feedback. Their integrity and service make them a popular choice for purchasing precious metals.

What kind of company is Swiss America?

Swiss America Trading Corporation is a company that offers tangible financial alternatives such as gold and silver coins for investment purposes. It was founded in 1982 and aims to help clients diversify their portfolios with U.S. rare coins and precious metals.

What are the advantages of a precious metal IRA with Swiss America?

The advantages of a precious metal IRA with Swiss America include the option to convert traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and 401(k) plans, as well as tax benefits like the ability to hold U.S. Silver Eagle coins tax-free for retirement.

What makes the numismatic coins offered by Swiss America unique?

The numismatic coins offered by Swiss America are unique due to their 100% private and ‘non-reportable’ status, and their collectible value derived from special design or historical significance. They offer a distinct investment opportunity.

How does Swiss America ensure the security of client information?

Swiss America ensures the security of client information by implementing multiple systems and continuous monitoring to protect customer data.