Comprehensive Review: Your Trusted Source for Precious Metals?

When it comes to buying precious metals online, is a safe bet? Our comprehensive review provides you with the essential insights on user reviews, service reliability, and product authenticity to inform your investment choices.

Key Takeaways


Silver coins and bars on display, established in 2014, has built a robust foundation leveraging its extensive experience in the precious metals industry. The company is headquartered in the bustling business center of Dallas, Texas, where every dollar counts in the competitive bullion market. Specializing in silver and gold bullion, offers a diverse range of products, including:

Whether you’re looking to buy silver bars or invest in gold bars, can cater to your needs.

Company Background and Services’s roots trace back to 2013, with a team comprising individuals with extensive experience in the precious metals industry. Based in Dallas, Texas, aspires to become a bullion market leader through excellent customer service.

The range of services provided by includes: is committed to providing a seamless customer experience and great service.

Product Offerings

Secure online transaction process impresses with its diverse product offerings. The company offers a range of gold products, including:

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a beginner,’s gold product line caters to various investment profiles.’s product portfolio includes an extensive range of silver bullion products, including:

Catering to diverse investment preferences, has established itself as a one-stop-shop for silver enthusiasts.

Apart from gold and silver, offers a range of options for platinum and palladium products, including bars, coins, and rounds. The company also caters to collectors with a variety of collectible coins, including silver bullion coins, US silver dollars like Morgan and Peace dollars, and graded/certified gold and silver coins. With such a diverse product line, is well-equipped to satisfy the needs of different types of investors and collectors.

Buying and Selling Process

Purchasing precious metals with is a straightforward process. You can visit their official website to browse through a wide array of silver bullion products that align with your investment goals. Once you’ve made your selection, you can proceed to checkout and choose from a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit card, PayPal, paper check, eCheck (ACH), bank wire, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Selling to is also a hassle-free experience. The company has a minimum purchase requirement of $1000 for Sell-To-Us transactions, and the final Sell-To-Us price is based on the customer’s representation of the product and the current Spot Prices. With just a few dollars difference, you can enjoy a seamless selling process. places a high emphasis on the security of online transactions. The company complies with payment card industry data security standards and employs third-party payment processors such as CyberSource and/or PayPal to process credit/debit card payments. This ensures that your payment information is handled securely, giving you peace of mind when buying from

The pricing on is closely linked to the Silver spot price, which is derived from near-term futures contract prices. This ensures competitive prices and transparent pricing for customers, making a viable option for those seeking to invest in precious metals.

Shipping and Delivery

UPS and USPS shipping options

You can trust to provide secure shipping for your products, ensuring they are delivered promptly and safely when an order is placed. The company offers fast shipping for your convenience, utilizing UPS and USPS as carriers for shipping its products and guarantees that products are shipped within one business day in discreet packaging. All orders are fully insured, providing an extra layer of protection for your precious metals.

The delivery timeframes for orders placed on vary depending on the product. Here are the options:

In the rare event that an order is lost or damaged during transit, takes responsibility for resolving the issue. In such circumstances, collaborates with the carrier to retrieve the order using its in-house insurance policy. Although is not directly accountable for the lost or damaged goods, the company provides assistance to ensure the situation is handled appropriately.

Storage and Custodial Options

Beyond buying and selling precious metals, also provides storage and custodial services for precious metals products. These services are designed to facilitate the secure storage of gold, silver, and platinum items, particularly tailored for Individual Retirement Account (IRA) requirements. partners with reputable third-party depositories to safeguard customer investments. While the identities of these depositories are not publicly disclosed, the partnerships underscore’s commitment to providing secure storage options for its customers.

The custodial process at involves working with your custodian, who provides guidance and facilitates communication with regarding the storage arrangements for your precious metals. This process ensures that your investments are safely stored and adequately managed.

Customer Reviews and Experiences

Just like any other company, customer feedback is vital in assessing’s reputation. The company has received varied feedback from customers, with numerous positive reviews on Trustpilot. These reviews commend the company for its high-quality products, great value, and meticulous packaging.

Many customers express their appreciation for the excellent service and product quality offered by They consider it commendable and are pleased with the value they receive from their purchases. This favorable reception is frequently evident in the product reviews and testimonials showcased on

However, not all feedback is positive. has had its share of complaints lodged against it on the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, some Reddit users have expressed apprehensions regarding possible counterfeit items and have compared unfavorably with other dealers, indicating a perceived absence of distinctiveness in its product offerings.

These negative reviews, while fewer in number, do raise some concerns. They indicate potential areas where could improve, such as shipping delays, customer service, and order fulfillment, which could impact future purchases.

Despite the mixed reviews, still enjoys a favorable reputation in the precious metals industry. The positive feedback highlights the company’s commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction, while the negative reviews serve as a reminder that there’s always room for improvement.

Trustworthiness and Reputation, a called company in the precious metals industry, has worked to build trust and establish a reputable name. The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), indicating a favorable recognition within the business community.

However,’s reputation has been marred by some legal issues. The called company claimed involvement in class action lawsuits, including a substantial lawsuit filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on behalf of Canadian investors. The Federal Trade Commission has also accused of participating in an alleged fraudulent gold and silver marketing scheme.

These legal issues do raise some concerns about’s trustworthiness. Potential customers should be aware of these issues and conduct their research before deciding to invest with Despite these concerns, the company’s overall reputation in the industry remains intact, with many customers continuing to trust for their precious metals investments.


In conclusion, is a comprehensive platform for buying and selling precious metals. With a diverse product range, user-friendly transaction process, secure shipping, and storage options, stands out as a reliable dealer. However, the mixed customer reviews and past legal issues imply that potential investors should proceed with caution and conduct thorough research before investing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is silver com? is an online destination where you can invest in physical silver, gold bullion, and other precious metals, with the option to have them delivered directly to your door. It also offers a wide selection of bullion and numismatic products for immediate delivery.

How much silver should I own?

You should consider allocating 5-10% of your portfolio to silver, according to many analysts. However, the specific amount depends on your individual risk tolerance and long-term financial objectives.

What types of precious metals does deal in? deals in a diverse range of precious metals, including silver and gold bullion in the form of bars, coins, rounds, and bullets. This offers a wide selection for potential investors and collectors.

What is the buying and selling process at

At, you can easily buy and sell silver through a secure online platform using various payment options.

How does handle shipping and delivery? uses UPS and USPS for shipping, with products shipped within one business day in discreet, fully insured packaging.