Sprott Money vs Blanchard Company: Comparing Two Investment Leaders

Investors eyeing the precious metals market often weigh Sprott Money against Blanchard Company. Each firm brings its strengths and strategies to the table, but which aligns best with your portfolio needs? This article serves as an unbiased guide to assist you in understanding the investment philosophies, customer service, and product portfolios of these industry leaders, helping you make an informed choice. Explore the features without fluff as we unpack the distinctive offerings of Sprott Money vs Blanchard Company.

Key Takeaways

A Tale of Two Precious Metals Titans: Sprott Money and Blanchard

Regal Assets

Sprott Money and Blanchard have each made a significant impact in the precious metals industry. Founded by Eric Sprott, a renowned investor, Sprott Money Ltd has its mission rooted in guiding and educating clients to make prudent investments in precious metals.

Conversely, Blanchard, a family owned company founded by James ‘Jim’ U. Blanchard III in 1975, earns national recognition for its commitment to honesty and integrity. They are not just companies; they are institutions built on a legacy of trust and expertise.

The Sprott Family Legacy vs. Blanchard’s Heritage

The Sprott family has left an indelible mark on the precious metals market. With Eric Sprott’s insights into the gold and silver markets influencing the company’s principles and Larisa Sprott playing a crucial role in its functioning, the company has carved a unique niche for itself.

Blanchard, revered for its unwavering dedication to honesty and integrity, has successfully established a reputation that echoes across the nation. Their commitment to transparency and client service is reflected in every aspect of their business, from their modern website design with a blur slim right feature to the comprehensive range of services they offer.

Investment Philosophies Compared

When it comes to investment philosophies, Sprott Money and Blanchard take distinct but equally effective paths. Sprott Money’s strategy revolves around a balanced portfolio, volume pricing for large orders, and competitively priced investment-grade bullion. They advocate for holding precious metals to protect and diversify holdings.

Conversely, Blanchard places a higher emphasis on investing in tangible assets like gold, silver, platinum, palladium bullion, and American numismatic rarities. Their comprehensive approach to wealth protection includes estate planning, risk management, retirement income planning, and dependable insurance protection.

Service Excellence Showdown: Client Care and Support

Customer care and support are cornerstones of any successful business, and in this regard, both Sprott Money and Blanchard excel. Sprott Money differentiates itself with exceptional customer service, characterized by a user-friendly website, prompt delivery, and competitive pricing.

Contrarily, Blanchard bolsters its customer support with a comprehensive knowledge base, live technical assistance, and inclusive support plans offering unlimited help center calls for covered issues. Their personalized approach to customer service is a testament to their commitment to client satisfaction.

Secure Transactions and Shipping

In today’s digital age, secure transactions and safe shipping are non-negotiables. Sprott Money utilizes VeriSign SSL encryption for all communications to secure their transaction process, while Blanchard implements measures to protect personal information from unauthorized access. When it comes to shipping, both companies provide free shipping insurance for eligible orders, adding an extra layer of protection for their clients’ investments.

Sprott Money ensures the safety of their deliveries by verifying products and guaranteeing the locked-in price within 72 hours of payment, while Blanchard utilizes registered and insured mail services for the protection of their shipments, including shipping insurance on orders.

Account Management Features

The ability to manage one’s account efficiently is a key aspect of investing. Sprott Money provides a wide range of online account management capabilities, including:

Alternatively, Blanchard extends unique offerings such as physical bullion trusts, mining ETFs, and actively managed equity strategies. They also provide a mobile application specifically developed to assist clients in managing their accounts while on the move.

Bullion Products and Numismatic Selection

golden, bullion, coins

A company’s offerings are its backbone, and both Sprott Money and Blanchard have a diverse array of bullion products and numismatic selections. Sprott Money provides a range of gold, silver, and platinum bullion products obtained directly from trusted sources. They offer exclusive silver bullion choices from AMARK Precious Metals Mint and employ BULLION DNATM anti-counterfeiting technology to guarantee the genuineness of their offerings.

At Blanchard, customers can find a diverse range of numismatic coins carefully selected by experts. They also offer exclusive rare coin collections that present unique investment opportunities for diversifying portfolios and safeguarding wealth.

Gold and Silver Offerings

When it comes to gold and silver offerings, both Sprott Money and Blanchard offer an impressive variety.

Sprott Money, in collaboration with Kitco Metals Inc, provides:

Blanchard, in partnership with jm bullion, offers a selection of gold coins and bars in various weights ranging from 1/10 oz. to 1 kilo.

As for silver, Sprott Money offers a range of silver coins in various sizes, exclusive silver bullion options, and a 10 oz silver bar. Blanchard’s offerings encompass investment-grade silver coins, silver bullion coins and bars, certified silver bullion coins, and bulk bullion options.

Exclusive and Rare Coin Collections

For collectors and investors seeking exclusive and rare coin collections, both Sprott Money and Blanchard cater to these needs. Sprott Money provides a range of offerings including fine silver bars, coins, and rounds, along with collectible gold and silver coins showcasing themes such as Star Wars, Disney, HARRY POTTER, and DC Comics.

Blanchard, on the other hand, offers a selection that encompasses rare silver coins and dollars, highly sought-after American coins, and the exceptionally rare 1787 gold Brasher doubloon, all available through dbs coins.

Investment Tools and Resources

Both Sprott Money and Blanchard understand the importance of providing their clients with the necessary investment tools and resources. Sprott Money provides educational material, including Precious Metals 101, a thorough guide on purchasing silver, gold, and platinum, and whitepapers that discuss the fundamentals of storing precious metals.

Alternatively, Blanchard offers various investment resources that include guidance on portfolio construction principles and strategies, articles on retirement and estate planning, and a comprehensive resource center.

Market Analysis and Insights

Knowledge is power, especially in the world of investments. Both Sprott Money and Blanchard provide market analysis and insights to keep their clients informed.

Sprott Money provides recent market insights on:

In contrast, Blanchard delivers precious metals market insights through their exclusive Blanchard Index. This tool provides an outlook on economic trends impacting the market and bullion, alongside personalized guidance and market analysis.

Investment Guides and Educational Content

To assist clients in making informed decisions, both Sprott Money and Blanchard provide investment guides and educational content. Sprott Money provides a range of investment guides to assist new investors, such as introductory materials on investing in silver and other precious metals. They also offer a detailed document outlining the fundamentals for inexperienced purchasers and provide support for self-directed investment accounts.

Blanchard presents a wide range of digital and virtual learning resources that include:

International Presence and Storage Solutions

Regal Assets

With a global clientele, both Sprott Money and Blanchard have an impressive international presence and provide storage solutions to cater to their clients worldwide. Sprott Money provides insured, secure, and segregated storage options for gold and silver bullion, with some options including free shipping. Blanchard offers international storage through International Depository Services Group, providing secure and insured storage and distribution services for precious metals. Both companies have a network of storage facilities in various locations, ensuring the safekeeping of clients’ investments.

Global Storage Facilities

When it comes to global storage facilities, both Sprott Money and Blanchard provide secure and convenient solutions. Sprott Money’s storage facilities are situated in:

They provide a storage program allowing clients to acquire precious metals and store them in highly secure facilities.

Blanchard’s storage facilities are independently operated, privately owned, and are located in three prominent locations, providing round-the-clock access to bullion and numismatic investors.

International Clientele and Services

Serving an international clientele, both Sprott Money and Blanchard offer services that cater to a global market.

Sprott Money provides a variety of international services, such as:

Contrarily, Blanchard caters to a global clientele, providing them with secure, insured storage solutions for their precious metal investments and a suite of services tailored to meet the needs of international precious metals investors.

Pricing and Purchase Experience

A transparent pricing policy and a seamless purchase experience are key to customer satisfaction. Sprott Money mandates the use of a valid Visa or Mastercard to secure market prices, conducts transparent payment processing within two business days, devoid of concealed charges. Blanchard exhibits a spread of approximately 1% to 5% on bullion coins, showcasing their commitment to pricing transparency.

Both companies have been lauded for their purchase experiences, with customers highlighting excellent customer service, shipping times, and secure storage programs, including the ease of using the switch store icon.

Transparent Pricing Policies

Transparent pricing policies are crucial in the precious metals industry, and both Sprott Money and Blanchard excel in this regard. Sprott Money ensures pricing transparency for its clients through its transparent pricing policies, which include:

Blanchard upholds pricing transparency by:

Streamlined Buying Process

The buying process should be as seamless as possible, and both Sprott Money and Blanchard understand this well. Sprott Money commences their buying process with the completion of an authorization form to associate your account with your bullion transactions. Customers must establish an account to engage in the buying or selling of precious metals, and have the option to conveniently purchase high-quality gold coins and bars through their online platform.

In contrast, Blanchard streamlines the purchasing process by allowing clients to buy under state contract, thereby assisting them in finding products that align with their needs and financial plan.

Investing in the Future: Innovations and Market Predictions

As we move into the future, both Sprott Money and Blanchard are paving the way with innovative strategies and market predictions. Sprott Money has implemented VaultChain™ Gold, a blockchain platform aimed at transforming the trading, settlement, and ownership of vaulted precious metals.

Contrarily, Blanchard has focused on elevating client investment experiences via expert leadership, robust content, and interactive learning opportunities. Both companies provide expert forecasts for the precious metals market, offering valuable insights for their clients.

Forward-Thinking Strategies

In terms of forward-thinking strategies, both Sprott Money and Blanchard are leading the charge. Sprott Money identifies appealing investment opportunities in gold and other forward-facing metals, while Blanchard presents investment opportunities in rare coins and employs averaging to safeguard against market fluctuations.

Sprott Money also offers a comprehensive guide for new investors on how to invest in precious metals and provides educational resources such as Precious Metals 101. On the contrary, Blanchard stays abreast by regularly monitoring the freshest market news and trends and identifying the principal factors that determine gold prices.

Expert Forecasts and Commentary

To help their clients stay ahead of the curve, both Sprott Money and Blanchard provide expert forecasts and commentary. Sprott Money provides comprehensive forecasts for gold and silver prices, encompassing yearly projections such as their forecast for 2023 and monthly projections for specific months in 2022 and 2023.

Contrarily, Blanchard offers insights via tools such as the Blanchard Index and articles that dissect the factors influencing gold prices. These expert insights offer clients comprehensive analysis and trends that can significantly impact their investment decisions.


In this comparison between two titans of the precious metals investment industry, Sprott Money and Blanchard, we’ve seen their unique approaches, their dedication to customer service, their varied offerings, and their innovative strategies. Both companies have shown a commitment to ensuring a positive and transparent experience for their clients, with a focus on quality, security, and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re new to precious metals investment or an experienced investor, both Sprott Money and Blanchard offer a wealth of resources, products, and services to help you navigate the precious metals market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sprott money legit?

Yes, Sprott Money is a trusted name in precious metals and offers competitively priced investment-grade bullion with security and peace of mind.

What is the best metal to invest in right now?

Gold is a reliable choice for wealth preservation, while silver offers affordability and industrial uses. Consider platinum and palladium for diversification and potential higher returns, but these metals come with increased volatility and limited investment options.

Which is better to invest in silver or gold?

Gold may have some advantages over silver, such as long-term growth and stability, overall value, and acting as a hedge against a recession. Consider prioritizing gold based on your investment goals and individual plan.

Who are the prominent individuals affiliated with Sprott Money and what are their notable contributions?

The prominent individuals affiliated with Sprott Money are Eric Sprott, a renowned investor who founded the company and has made significant contributions to its principles, and Larisa Sprott, who plays a crucial role in the company’s functioning.

What types of bullion products are offered by Sprott Money?

Sprott Money offers a variety of gold, silver, and platinum bullion products, including exclusive options from AMARK Precious Metals Mint.