Rosland Capital vs Oxford Gold Group: In-Depth Comparison

Are you struggling to choose between Rosland Capital vs Oxford Gold Group for your gold IRA? We dissect the critical details of each firm to guide your investment decision. Look forward to a factual comparison that cuts through the clutter, providing clear insights into fees, services, and customer satisfaction.

Key Takeaways

Overview: Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group

Regal Assets

Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group stand out as industry leaders in the gold IRA sector. These firms are known for:

Rosland Capital, established as a gold IRA company, offers its clients investment options in precious metals. This includes gold, recognized for its ability to maintain pace with inflation and serve as a valuable asset during periods of economic or political instability.

On the other hand, Oxford Gold Group, a giant in the gold investment industry, focuses on gold investments and related services, similar to the approach taken by Birch Gold Group.

However, understanding gold’s key performance aspects and benefits is a prerequisite before making any investment. Historically, gold has demonstrated the ability to:

Taking these factors into account enables investors to make informed decisions when selecting between leading gold IRA companies such as Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group.

Company Backgrounds: Rosland Capital vs Oxford Gold Group

Before making an investment decision, gaining insights into the background of these two powerhouses in the gold investment industry is a must. Rosland Capital, renowned for offering precious metal investment options, has made a name for itself in the gold IRA industry. With a diverse range of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, they have carved out a niche in the market.

Conversely, Oxford Gold Group is a specialized precious metal company that primarily focuses on gold investments. It is considered one of the top gold IRA companies in the industry, providing a platform for investors to roll over their existing IRA accounts into gold IRAs.

Both companies bring their unique strengths to the table, offering a variety of services from gold IRA rollovers to free gold investment education. Their offerings have positioned them as renowned players in the gold investment industry, with many investors turning to them for their gold IRA needs.

Products and Services Offered

gold, coins, bullions

In terms of products and services, both Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group boast an array of offerings. They provide a plethora of options for investors looking to diversify their portfolios with physical precious metals. Both companies offer gold IRA accounts, a type of retirement plan with tax advantages that allocates its resources to gold assets and other precious metal commodities.

Investors have the option to acquire coins, bars, or rounds of gold, which are then safeguarded in an IRS-approved depository. The precious metals that are considered eligible for investment within Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. By investing in a precious metals ira, these other precious metals can also be included in a diversified investment portfolio.

The American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and South African Krugerrand are popular choices for IRA investments due to their widespread recognition and high gold content. Many investors find these coins to be reliable and valuable additions to their retirement portfolios. Gold bars and rounds are readily accessible in a variety of sizes, from 1 gram to 400 ounces. This allows for a wide range of investment options for buyers..

Next, we shall delve into the specific offerings of Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group.

Rosland Capital’s Offerings

Rosland Capital is known for its diverse range of gold investment products, which includes gold bars and gold bullion coins such as gold Buffaloes and gold American Eagles. The initial investment requirement to get started with Rosland Capital is $2,000, which caters to investors with varying budget capacities.

This gold IRA company, known as one of the best gold ira companies, provides a comprehensive suite of services that extends beyond gold bars and coins. Their offerings also include a range of precious metals investments, making them a reliable choice for investors looking for flexibility and variety in their gold IRA accounts.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a novice in the world of precious metal investing, Rosland Capital offers a broad portfolio of options to choose from. Their expert team provides comprehensive guidance to investors, ensuring they make well-informed decisions that align with their investment goals.

Oxford Gold Group’s Offerings

Oxford Gold Group stands out for its specialization in precious metals IRAs. Here are some key features of their services:

In addition to gold, Oxford Gold Group also provides opportunities for investments in various precious metals, including silver bullion. They offer options for Gold IRA or Silver IRA, catering to investors looking to diversify their portfolios beyond just gold.

Oxford Gold Group can help with rollovers from various retirement accounts, including:

This allows for flexibility in managing retirement funds and makes them an attractive choice for investors looking to transfer their retirement savings into gold or other precious metals.

Gold IRA Account Setup Process

Setting up a gold IRA account with Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group is a user-friendly process. Both companies prioritize ensuring clients’ understanding of various metal investments and compliance with IRS regulations. Establishing a Gold IRA account involves selecting a reputable company offering Gold IRAs, completing necessary documentation, and choosing the metals for your account.

Rosland Capital provides comprehensive guidance throughout the process, making it easy for investors to navigate the setup process. Oxford Gold Group, on the other hand, enables a swift online account setup within 24 hours, making it ideal for those who prefer a more streamlined process.

When transferring an existing retirement account to a Gold IRA, it’s essential to consider the type of transfer. Direct transfers can help prevent taxes, which is crucial as improper handling can lead to negative tax consequences. Companies like American Hartford Gold guarantee a prompt transfer process, typically completed within three days.

Fees and Pricing Structures

Next, we’ll examine the fees and pricing structures for gold IRA accounts at Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group. It’s important to note that gold IRAs generally involve elevated fees compared to other asset classes in an IRA. This is attributed to:

The ‘spread’ in gold IRA transactions refers to the variance between the selling price and the buyback price of gold. This can result in investors receiving up to 30% less than the market price of gold when selling back to the IRA company. Therefore, understanding these fees is crucial as they impact the returns and overall performance of your gold investment.

Investors can employ various strategies to reduce costs associated with gold IRAs, such as comparing fee schedules and services offered by different reputable providers. This may involve seeking lower or waived fees for setup, storage, and maintenance based on the investment amount or negotiated terms.

Next, we’ll examine the specific fee structures of Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group in more detail.

Rosland Capital Fees

At Rosland Capital, gold IRA accounts entail the following fees:

The commission rate for investments in Rosland Capital’s gold IRA varies, with a range from 4% to 33%. This variability in commission rates is something investors need to consider when investing with Rosland Capital, as it can significantly impact the overall cost of investment.

While the fees might seem high, it’s essential to remember that investing in gold IRAs often involves higher costs due to the nature of the asset. It’s always important to compare fee structures across various gold IRA companies to ensure you’re getting the best value for your investment.

Oxford Gold Group Fees

On the other hand, the cost of setting up a gold IRA account at Oxford Gold Group ranges between $50 and $100. Notably, Oxford Gold Group does not impose an annual account maintenance fee for its gold IRA accounts, which can be a significant advantage for some investors.

However, Oxford Gold Group does charge storage fees for gold IRA accounts. The fees are variable and depend on the depository utilized, usually falling within the range of $175 to $225 per year. While these fees are higher compared to Rosland Capital, the lack of an annual maintenance fee can offset this cost.

When comparing the fees of the two companies, it’s crucial to consider your investment goals and preferences. While one company may have lower setup fees, the other might have lower annual fees. As an investor, you must weigh these factors and choose the company that aligns best with your investment needs.

Customer Service and Support

Customer service is a vital aspect to consider when choosing a gold IRA company. Both Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group prioritize customer service, ensuring their clients receive timely and knowledgeable assistance.

Providing comprehensive customer support, both Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group address investor queries at any point in their investment journey. Oxford Gold Group, for instance, is supported by a 24/7 customer care team. This level of service demonstrates their commitment to delivering personalized service to their clients.

Customer reviews frequently highlight the importance of customer service, pointing out that responsiveness and investor education have a greater impact on their satisfaction with gold IRA companies than anticipated.

When it comes to customer support, both Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group have proven to be reliable, ensuring their clients have the information they need to make informed decisions.

Storage and Custodian Options

Regal Assets

Another key factor to consider when selecting between Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group is the available storage and custodian options for gold IRA accounts. Both companies adhere to IRS regulations, ensuring the gold in your IRA is stored in an IRS-approved depository and managed by a professional custodian.

A gold IRA custodian is responsible for overseeing the assets and ensuring adherence to IRS regulations, while depositories offer a secure storage option for the physical gold acquired through your Gold IRA. After the transfer of funds into your Gold IRA, the investment company will coordinate the purchase of metals and their secure storage in these depositories.

Both Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group have different policies regarding custodial firms and depositories they work with. As an investor, it’s essential to understand these options and choose the one that best suits your investment needs and preferences.

Educational Resources and Tools

For investors, particularly those new to gold IRAs, educational resources and tools prove invaluable. Both Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group provide a wealth of educational materials to help investors make well-informed decisions.

Oxford Gold Group provides introductory materials detailing the essential distinctions in bullion, numismatic, and semi-numismatic metal investments. Additionally, they offer a comprehensive 15-page PDF guide containing pertinent details on precious metals, storage facilities, and strategies for portfolio diversification, similar to what Augusta Precious Metals provides.

Similarly, Rosland Capital offers educational resources for individuals new to gold IRA investing. This includes a complimentary informational gold kit that provides details and guidance for those interested in learning more about gold IRAs. These educational resources can prove beneficial for investors looking to navigate the complex world of gold investment.

Reputation and Industry Ratings

When choosing between gold IRA companies, their reputation and industry ratings are crucial considerations. Both Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group have made their mark in the industry, but it’s essential to consider customer reviews and ratings from industry organizations to get a comprehensive view of their reputation.

While specific industry ratings for Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group are not outlined in our sources, they are both recognized as reputable companies in the gold IRA industry. Their commitment to customer service, robust product offerings, and adherence to IRS regulations have earned them a solid reputation among investors.

It’s worth noting that customer reviews often provide invaluable insights into a company’s performance, services, and customer satisfaction levels. Therefore, when choosing between Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group, it’s crucial to consider both industry ratings and customer reviews to make an informed decision.

Pros and Cons: Rosland Capital vs Oxford Gold Group

Having delved into the details, let’s now summarize the advantages and disadvantages of investing with Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group. Each company brings its unique strengths and weaknesses to the table, and understanding these can help investors make a well-informed decision.

One of the potential drawbacks of Rosland Capital is the limited availability of comprehensive information on the company’s website. Investors are required to open an account solely through direct communication with a representative. On the other hand, Oxford Gold Group’s elevated fees and the restriction on the direct shipment of gold and other precious metal assets to their home might deter some investors.

However, both companies have their strengths. Rosland Capital’s diverse offerings and comprehensive customer support make it an attractive choice for many investors.

Conversely, Oxford Gold Group’s lack of an annual maintenance fee and its swift online account setup process appeal to investors looking for a streamlined experience.


In conclusion, both Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group offer robust products and services for investors looking to diversify their portfolios with gold and other precious metals. Each company has its unique strengths and weaknesses, and the choice between the two largely depends on individual investor needs and preferences.

Rosland Capital stands out for its diverse product offerings and comprehensive customer support. On the other hand, Oxford Gold Group is known for its specialization in precious metals IRAs and its streamlined account setup process. Both companies are reputable providers in the gold IRA industry, offering a wealth of educational resources and tools to help investors make informed decisions.

Ultimately, the decision to invest with Rosland Capital or Oxford Gold Group should be based on a careful consideration of their offerings, fees, customer service, and reputation. Each investor has unique needs and goals, and the best gold IRA company is the one that aligns most closely with these parameters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oxford gold a reputable company?

Yes, Oxford Gold Group is a reputable company known for specializing in assisting individuals with precious metals investments and offering a range of services. Consider them for the sale and storage of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products.

Which gold IRA company is best?

Goldco is the best overall gold IRA company, with an A+ rating from the BBB, AAA rating from Business Consumer Alliance, and an excellent 4.8 rating on Trustpilot.

Which company has best gold?

Gold Fields Limited is considered the best company for gold mining stock growth, making it a top choice for investing in gold stocks.

What are the initial investment requirements for Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group?

The initial investment requirements for Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group are $2,000 and $7,500, respectively. Choose the one that best suits your investment goals.

What types of precious metals can I invest in with a gold IRA?

You can invest in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium with a gold IRA, providing a diverse range of precious metals for your investment portfolio.