Regal Assets vs Sprott Money: A Comparison

When it comes to investing in precious metals, choosing the right company is crucial. This article directly compares Regal Assets vs Sprott Money, focusing on what matters most to investors: comprehensive services, fee transparency, storage security, and customer satisfaction. Expect a straightforward, non-salesy comparison that succinctly outlines how each company can meet your precious metals investment needs, giving you confidence in your final decision.

Key Takeaways

Regal Assets and Sprott Money: A Tale of Two Precious Metals Titans

Regal Assets and Sprott Money are two formidable forces in the precious metals investment landscape. Both have proven track records and are highly respected in the industry. Regal Assets aims to transform the alternative assets investment landscape with innovation, simplicity, and rejuvenation. On the other hand, Sprott Money aims to be a global asset manager specializing in precious metals and energy transition materials. Their vision is to deliver exceptional returns to clients through strategic investment in undervalued assets, including the option to hold physical gold.

Sprott Money is a well-established business in the precious metals investing industry with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This signifies their commitment to superior customer service and consumer satisfaction. A thorough Sprott Money review reveals the reputation and standing of the company in the precious metals industry, making it an excellent option for potential investors.

Comprehensive Services Offered by Regal Assets vs Sprott Money

Patriot Gold Group

Both Regal Assets and Sprott Money offer a plethora of services to cater to the diverse needs of precious metals investors. These services span from retirement solutions to physical gold and silver investments and even exclusive products.

Let’s delve deeper into these offerings and see how they compare.

Retirement Solutions: Gold IRA and Beyond

Retirement solutions are a critical aspect of financial planning. Regal Assets and Sprott Money offer options to include physical gold and silver in RRSP accounts, providing investors with an opportunity to diversify their retirement portfolio by incorporating precious metals. This diversification serves as a safeguard against potential devaluation of the dollar and potential failures within the banking systems, offering a level of financial protection for investors’ retirement funds.

To trade gold and silver through Sprott Money in an RRSP, investors are required to initiate a self-directed registered account with Questrade and subsequently finance their account with cash or a transfer from another registered account. This process ensures a secure and regulated environment for your precious metals investments.

Investment in Physical Gold and Silver

Investing in physical gold and silver is another service offered by both Regal Assets and Sprott Money. Regal Assets provides investors with the chance to retain physical precious metals in their portfolio. Sprott Money, on the other hand, offers a more comprehensive service, enabling investors to make purchases for bullion, sell gold, and access up-to-date prices and shipping expenses on its website.

With Sprott Money’s Storage program, investors can:

If precious metals were purchased and stored with Sprott Money, they could be sold back with ease, with payment typically made within 3 to 5 business days.

Exclusive Investment Products and Collectibles

Both Regal Assets and Sprott Money offer exclusive investment products to their clients.

Regal Assets provides a range of precious metals suitable for investment, including:

However, it’s important to note that they primarily focus on bullion coins and bars and do not offer collectibles for investment.

Sprott Money, led by Larisa Sprott, offers a diverse range of bullion, precious metals, and collectibles, in addition to providing services such as storage and wholesale trading. They provide exclusive investment products including unique physical bullion trusts, mining ETFs, actively managed equity strategies, highly specialized private equity and debt strategies, and exclusive silver bullion options. They also offer a diverse range of collectible coins, catering to numismatic collectors.

Analyzing Customer Experiences: Regal Assets vs Sprott Money Reviews

Customer experiences can provide valuable insights when comparing the services of Regal Assets and Sprott Money. A majority of Sprott Money customers have awarded them a 4 or 5-star rating, commending their exceptional customer service, user-friendly website, and dependable delivery of precious metals. This positive customer feedback is a testament to their commitment to providing high-quality service and maintaining customer satisfaction.

While issues are not prominently featured in reviews, Sprott Money’s commitment to offering guidance, education, and excellent client service has resonated well with their customers. Their satisfactory customer service record and positive reviews are indicative of their reputation in the precious metals industry and their dedication to serving their customers.

Fee Structures: Understanding Costs with Regal Assets and Sprott Money

Regal Assets

Grasping the fee structures and costs linked to investing via Regal Assets and Sprott Money is vital for investors.

Regal Assets’ trade fee structure encompasses:

On the other hand, Sprott Money applies a fixed fee for trades under $2000.

This information helps investors weigh the potential costs associated with each company.

When it comes to yearly storage fees, Sprott Money has a yearly minimum storage fee of $200 plus applicable taxes, with a minimum monthly fee of $16.67 plus applicable taxes. In contrast, Regal Assets charges a flat service and storage rate of $250 per year. This comparison provides a clear picture of the costs you can expect when storing your precious metals with either company.

Security Measures and Storage Facilities

Ensuring the security of stored precious metals is a primary concern for investors. Regal Assets arranges the transportation of precious metals to a storage facility chosen by the customer. On the other hand, Sprott Money provides secure storage facilities for purchased precious metals and offers insured, secure, and segregated storage options on an international scale.

Moreover, Sprott Money’s approved IDS storage facility is conveniently situated near Toronto. They impose tiered storage rates, with a fee of 1.5% annually based on the market value of your bullion for storage and insurance. These measures further emphasize the commitment of both companies to provide secure options for precious metals storage.

Market Insights and Educational Resources

Investors can make well-informed decisions leveraging the market insights and educational resources provided by both Regal Assets and Sprott Money. Regal Assets provides insights on identifying and predicting key trends, especially in precious metals and alternative assets like cryptocurrencies. Sprott Money, on the other hand, offers a comprehensive analysis covering various market aspects and an extensive 11-part course on different ore deposit types aimed at enriching investor knowledge.

Further, Sprott Money broadens its focus to encompass the uranium market and furnishes comprehensive analysis on the factors that could lead to significant upswings in uranium prices. These resources include:

These resources not only keep investors informed about the current market conditions but also help them stay prepared for future trends.

Accessibility and Ease of Transaction

The simplicity of starting and confirming transactions holds importance when deciding between Regal Assets and Sprott Money. Customers have the option to initiate a transaction with Sprott Money by placing an order online or over the phone during business hours. Upon confirmation of a transaction, the price is secured, and the customer is given a 72-hour window to make the payment.

As for Regal Assets, customers can place phone orders during their operating hours, which are Monday to Friday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST. Upon confirmation of a transaction, customers are promptly sent a purchase confirmation email, notifying them that their precious metals have been secured and locked up. This ease of transaction adds to the overall convenience of investing with either company.

Portfolio Diversification and Wealth Preservation Strategies

Effective investment management heavily relies on portfolio diversification and wealth preservation strategies. Regal Assets prioritizes the growth and preservation of assets, emphasizing investment in precious metals and digital currencies as a reliable alternative for long-term wealth preservation. Sprott Money assists its clients in portfolio diversification by providing options such as self-directed IRAs for making investment decisions and diversifying holdings through various asset classes, including precious metals.

Sprott Money, a part of Sprott Asset Management, offers the following services:

These strategies offer a robust framework for wealth preservation and portfolio diversification.

Mutual Fund Options and Volume Pricing Benefits

The investment experience can be significantly improved by mutual fund options and volume pricing benefits. Regal Assets, while not providing dedicated mutual funds, offers a diverse selection of investment options, including various precious metals. Sprott Money, on the other hand, offers mutual fund options such as PHYS and PSLV, along with accounts like RRSPs, RESPs, and TFSAs for investors to manage their funds.

Regal Assets implements volume pricing by utilizing tiered investment packages, with the Merchant Package commencing at $5,000, offering investors a reserve of gold and silver. Sprott Money provides volume pricing for significant orders of gold, silver, and platinum, plus a Best Price Match Guarantee, ensuring that investors receive competitive pricing for large volume purchases.

Online Presence and Digital Tools

Investors’ experience can be markedly elevated with the online presence and digital tools provided by Regal Assets and Sprott Money. Sprott Money provides access to VaultChain Gold, a digital platform designed for the purchase, holding, and trading of gold. They also offer access to secure online marketplaces for the purchase, sale, and redemption of digital assets backed by gold and other precious metals.

Regal Assets, however, has elicited mixed customer experiences regarding the reliability of their online trading platform. Nonetheless, the digital tools and online presence of both companies provide investors with a seamless and convenient platform to manage their investments.

Regal Assets vs Sprott Money in Canada: Special Considerations

Canadian investors should bear in mind some unique considerations when contrasting Regal Assets and Sprott Money. Both companies maintain a noteworthy presence in the Canadian market, addressing the investment requirements of Canadian citizens. However, Regal Assets in Canada specializes in incorporating precious metals into Canadian retirement accounts, whereas Sprott Money focuses on the sale of a variety of precious metals and offers services such as storage and wholesale trading.

Canadian law requires compliance with specific regulations related to precious metals investments, including:

Both companies offer specific advantages to Canadian investors, such as the ability to add precious metals to their retirement accounts and the advantage of no GST/HST on precious metals in Canada.

Future Prospects: Gold and Silver Prices in the Coming Years

Considering the future prospects for gold and silver prices holds significance while investing in precious metals. According to market analysts, there is an anticipation that the price of gold could potentially rise to $2300 per ounce within the upcoming 5 years, and a similar upward trajectory is expected for silver prices. The future prices of gold and silver may be influenced by a variety of factors, such as:

Regal Assets and Sprott Money, as experienced players in the precious metals industry, have demonstrated an understanding of the intrinsic value of gold and silver, particularly during periods of downturn in global equities. Investing in precious metals through these companies can offer potential benefits such as:

Consider investing in precious metals as a way to safeguard your assets and potentially grow your wealth.

Navigating Global Economic Volatility with Precious Metals

In times of global economic instability, precious metals investment can act as a risk buffer and provide portfolio diversification. Both Regal Assets and Sprott Money offer support strategies to investors encountering economic volatility. Regal Assets offers adaptable strategies such as reallocating assets into short-term options like short-duration portfolios and floating rate bond funds.

Sprott Money provides guidance to investors by advising the acquisition of physical gold for protection. They also utilize hedging as a risk management strategy during economic downturns to prioritize safety in uncertain market conditions. These strategies can help investors navigate economic volatility with confidence.


In the world of precious metals investment, both Regal Assets and Sprott Money offer a diverse array of services and investment options. From retirement solutions to physical gold and silver investments, the choice between the two depends largely on the individual investor’s needs and preferences. With their strong market presence, valuable market insights, and robust security measures, both companies present viable options for those looking to invest in precious metals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most reputable gold dealer?

The most reputable gold dealers are JM Bullion, American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX), and American Hartford Gold.

Where is the best place to buy precious metals online?

The best place to buy precious metals online is APMEX (American Precious Metals Exchange), which is the largest online precious metals dealer with a solid track record and strong customer service.

What is the best gold to invest in?

The best gold to invest in include American Gold Eagle, Gold American Buffalo, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, Gold British Britannia, Gold South African Krugerrand, Gold Austrian Philharmonic, Gold Mexican Libertad, and Gold Australian Kangaroo. Consider also looking into the best-performing gold ETFs.

What is the best way to buy physical gold?

The best way to buy physical gold is through reputable and well-known dealers such as JM Bullion, American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX), and American Hartford Gold. You can also consider purchasing gold from local coin shops or online retailers while keeping an eye on the current spot price.

What are the primary objectives of Regal Assets and Sprott Money?

The primary objective of Regal Assets is to simplify, innovate, and rejuvenate the alternative assets investment landscape, while Sprott Money aims to be a global asset manager specializing in precious metals and energy transition materials, delivering exceptional returns to clients through strategic investment in undervalued assets. Both companies are focused on strategic investment and delivering exceptional returns to their clients.