Red Rock Secured Review: Comprehensive Evaluation of Their Gold & Silver IRAs

Looking for a straight-shooting ‘red rock secured review’? Our thorough inspection cuts through the industry noise to give you the essentials on their gold and silver IRAs, customer service, and investment integrity. Discover if Red Rock Secured lives up to its reputation and whether it’s the right fit for your retirement goals.

Key Takeaways

Exploring Red Rock Secured’s Reputation

Red Rock Secured's Reputation

Red Rock Secured often stands out when investors seek reliability, thanks to its strong reputation. Holding an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Red Rock Secured underscores their commitment to customer satisfaction and business integrity. This positive reputation extends beyond the BBB, as the company has earned high ratings from ConsumerAffairs, the Business Consumer Alliance, and Trustpilot. In fact, Red Rock Secured reviews reflect the company’s dedication to providing top-notch services to its clients.

Moreover, Red Rock Secured also ranks within the top 4% of private companies on the Inc. 5000 list, leading the pack in the field of gold IRA companies. These accolades testify to their high-quality precious metals and friendly customer service, cementing their solid reputation in the precious metals market.

The Essence of Red Rock Secured

Red Rock Secured's Specialization

Founded in 2009, Red Rock Secured has been at the forefront of the precious metals market, especially in the IRAs sector. With a focus on gold IRAs, silver coins, and other precious metal IRAs, they cater to a wide variety of investor needs. Operating out of Southern California, the company not only offers a comprehensive investment education to its clients but also maintains absolute discretion, ensuring their clients have a clear understanding and are genuinely interested in the products they finally decide to invest in.

Client Experiences with Red Rock Secured

The performance of a company can be reliably gauged through its client experiences. Red Rock Secured has garnered positive feedback, with most clients expressing high satisfaction, frequently complimenting the professionalism, expertise, and the quality of customer service provided by staff members. Many customers have relayed their confidence in the precious metals investments they made through Red Rock Secured. They appreciated the tailored advice and support that enhanced their investing experience, making them feel more like partners than just clients.

However, like any company, Red Rock Secured isn’t without its share of critiques. Some clients have encountered issues with communication and felt misled about commissions on premium products, leading to dissatisfaction and disappointment. Yet, these instances are seemingly the exception rather than the norm, with the vast majority of customer testimonials reflecting positive experiences and few Red Rock Secured complaints.

Investment Products Offered by Red Rock Secured

Red Rock Secured's Investment Products

Offering a diverse array of investment products, Red Rock Secured caters to both seasoned investors and new entrants. They specialize in:

Each providing unique advantages for helping investors diversify their portfolios.

Precious Metals Coins

Within the realm of precious metals coins, Red Rock Secured offers a diverse selection. Investors have the opportunity to own various coins such as the 2022 1/4 oz Red Lion Gold Coin and the 2022 1 oz Red Lion Silver Coin. These coins represent a tangible investment, offering physical gold and silver to those interested in purchasing precious metals.

For those favoring minted coins, Red Rock Secured also offers sovereign coins like the 2022 1.25 Ounce Silver Sovereign and the 2022 Quarter Ounce Gold Sovereign. These coins, steeped in history, offer an added layer of appeal, especially for those genuinely interested in the precious metals market.

Bullion Choices

Red Rock Secured presents a wide variety of bullion products for those interested in this type of investment. Specifically, the bullion products include gold and silver coins such as Gold and Silver South African Krugerrands. These iconic coins, the first gold bullion coins produced in the world, offer a straightforward way of investing in gold or silver, providing a more silver or gold heavy investment for those interested in a single type of precious metal.

Premium Metal Investments

Beyond bullion and standard coins, Red Rock Secured also offers premium metal investments for those looking to diversify their retirement portfolio with unique pieces. These include proof coins options such as the American Buffalo Proof and American Eagle Proof. These proof coins, struck multiple times to create a mirror-like background and frosted foreground, are highly coveted for their beauty and rarity.

As part of their premium offerings, Red Rock Secured also offers a collection of series like America the Beautiful and Canadian Wildlife series, as well as historical pieces such as the Franklin Half Dollar and Silver Mercury Dime. Notable collectible coins include the 1/10-oz Gold Canadian Red-Tailed Hawk and the 1.5-oz Silver Canadian Polar Bear & Cub, suiting those searching for unique additions to their investment portfolio.

Navigating Gold IRA Rollovers with Red Rock Secured

Gold IRA Rollovers with Red Rock Secured

For newcomers, the process of Gold IRA rollovers can seem quite intimidating. Red Rock Secured, however, promotes a seamless three-step rollover process for retirement protection, consisting of transferring funds from the current custodian, converting investments into physical metals, and securing the storage of the metals.

Red Rock Secured facilitates a tax-free and penalty-free transfer from the customer’s current custodian or bank during the rollover. The investment is then converted into physical precious metals, and their no-hassle policy potentially allows about 90% of clients to qualify for zero fees for life. A client’s experience in converting their entire 401K to silver was positively highlighted due to Red Rock Secured’s clear instructions and supportive team, offering a glimpse into the ease with which clients can navigate gold IRA rollovers with Red Rock Secured.

Understanding Fees and Minimum Investments

Even though the advantages of precious metals investments are evident, it’s equally vital to comprehend the associated fees and minimum investments. For Gold IRAs with Red Rock Secured, the typical annual storage costs range from $125 to $300, and clients are guaranteed free shipping every time they purchase precious metals.

In terms of minimum investments, the requirement for cash purchases at Red Rock Secured is $1,500, non-IRA purchase requirement is $2,500, and a minimum of $10,000 is necessary to open an IRA. Furthermore, nearly 90% of Red Rock Secured clients qualify for ‘zero-fees-for-life,’ which also includes eligibility for price protection. This means if the price of the qualified gold and silver decrease, Red Rock Secured will recompense the client the difference, ensuring that clients don’t lose money due to market fluctuations.

Educational Support and Customer Service

The process of investing, particularly for newcomers to the precious metals market, can be quite daunting. Red Rock Secured bridges this gap by providing a one-on-one free consultation to every client to inform and guide them about how precious metals can diversify their retirement investment portfolio. This personalized consultation introduces potential clients to the world of precious metals investments, helping them make informed decisions.

Beyond the initial consultation, investors have the benefit of aftercare support from Red Rock Secured’s experienced Gold & Silver Specialists who follow up to answer any questions post-assessment, along with access to real-time gold and silver charts, knowledge centers, and research articles. Despite the extensive knowledge provided by Red Rock Secured, it is crucial to note that they do not offer official legal, tax, or investment advice, and their statements should not be construed as financial recommendations or market predictions. The value of working with Red Rock Secured lies in not only his knowledge but also the comprehensive resources available to investors.

Security Measures and Investment Safety

Any investor places a high priority on security and safety. Red Rock Secured offers the following security measures:

This commitment to security extends to the administration of the IRAs.

Moreover, clients’ investments are backed and 100% insured against potential losses, and clear documentation is provided to verify ownership, ensuring protection even in the case of depository failure. The secure transfer of clients’ funds into their chosen physical gold, silver, or other precious metals is assured, safeguarding the transition of the investment. With these security measures in place, investors can entrust their precious metals investments to Red Rock Secured with confidence.

Investment Performance Monitoring Tools

It’s key to monitor investment performance to make well-informed decisions. Red Rock Secured provides real-time Gold and Silver Spot Price Charts on their website, enabling investors to monitor the current market prices of precious metals. This real-time information can be critical for timing purchases and sales to maximize returns.

For a broader perspective, investors have access to Historical Gold and Silver Price Charts, which provide insights into long-term trends and market patterns. In addition, the Metals Assessment Tool offered by Red Rock Secured gives a personalized assessment to investors, suggesting a suitable mix of gold and silver for their portfolios based on their investment goals. The simple questionnaire of the Metals Assessment Tool provides immediate results, aiding in their decision to diversify with precious metals.

The Process of Purchasing Precious Metals

With Red Rock Secured, the procedure for buying precious metals is both simple and transparent. It begins with an initial, no-pressure conversation with a representative to consult potential clients on their needs. This consultation allows clients to ask questions, clarify doubts, and gain a deeper understanding of the precious metals business before making any commitments.

Following the consultation, the client’s investment is converted into physical gold, silver, or another precious metal of their choice. The final step involves secure shipping, with Red Rock Secured paying for shipping costs and delivering the precious metals to a storage facility or, if preferred by the client, to a P.O. Box, with signature required upon pickup. This end-to-end service ensures a smooth and hassle-free purchase process for clients, allowing them to focus on building their retirement portfolio.

Diversifying Retirement with Precious Metals

Diversifying Retirement with Precious Metals

Amid economic uncertainties and financial crises, adding precious metals to retirement portfolios can offer a sense of stability and safety. Gold, for example, is favored due to its liquidity, value retention during inflation, and low correlation with other asset classes. Silver, on the other hand, with its consistent demand in industries like jewelry and growing industrial usage, offers solid growth potential.

Including precious metals in retirement accounts is considered a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation, providing investors with protection against unpredictable market movements. The rarity and economic worth of precious metals like platinum and palladium, along with their historical growth in value, make them valuable for long-term investment. Thus, diversifying with precious metals often maintains value or growth when other assets decline, providing a form of stability against market fluctuations. Some benefits of including precious metals in retirement accounts are:


In conclusion, Red Rock Secured offers a comprehensive suite of services for those interested in diversifying their retirement portfolios with precious metals. From its solid reputation and range of investment products to its exceptional customer service and secure investment measures, Red Rock Secured stands as a reliable partner for those venturing into the world of gold, silver, and other precious metal IRAs. With their commitment to client education and transparency, Red Rock Secured makes the path to a diversified retirement portfolio much less daunting, enabling investors to plan for a secure future with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Red Rock Secured do?

Red Rock Secured is a precious metals dealer offering a gold IRA option with products including coins and bars in various precious metals. They aim to protect clients’ retirement savings through strategic diversification and offer worry-free retirement through physical gold and silver investments.

Who owns Red Rock Secured?

Red Rock Secured is a privately held company owned by Sean Kelly, who is also the CEO.

What is Red Rock Secured’s reputation in the precious metals market?

Red Rock Secured has a strong reputation in the precious metals market, holding an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, high ratings from ConsumerAffairs, the Business Consumer Alliance, and Trustpilot, and being ranked in the top 4% of private companies by the Inc. 5000 list.

What types of precious metals does Red Rock Secured offer for investment?

At Red Rock Secured, you can invest in a variety of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, available in the form of coins, bullion, and premium metal investments.

How does the Gold IRA rollover process work with Red Rock Secured?

The Gold IRA rollover process with Red Rock Secured involves transferring funds, converting investments into physical metals, and securing their storage in a seamless three-step process. It’s a comprehensive approach to retirement protection.