Provident Metals Review: Trusted Precious Metals Source or Investor Letdown?

Looking for a trustworthy precious metals dealer? Our Provident Metals review gives you the essential information on their product authenticity, IRA services, pricing strategy, and customer experiences. Discover whether Provident Metals is the reliable partner you need for your precious metal investments.

Key Takeaways

Exploring Provident Metals

Diverse selection of precious metal products at Provident Metals

Provident Metals, a Texas-based company, launched its operations in 2009. Since its inception, Provident Metals’ unique product series, such as Zombucks and the Egyptian God Series, have earned them recognition in the precious metals market. Today, their diverse selection of precious metal products includes gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper coins and bars, along with numismatic coins for collectors.

However, Provident Metals’ offerings extend beyond just products. They also provide invaluable educational insights on the historical significance of metals, the history of mints, and how these aspects contribute to the value of their wide product range. This commitment to educating their clientele sets Provident Metals apart from other precious metals dealers, making them a reliable source for both novice and experienced investors.

Unpacking the Provident Metals IRA Options

Provident Metals IRA options

One standout feature of Provident Metals is their self-directed precious metals IRA program. This program provides Traditional and Roth IRA options for investors, enabling them to leverage the inherent value of precious metals in their retirement plans. Funding a Provident Metals IRA can be accomplished through direct transfers, rollovers from qualified retirement accounts, or annual contributions. The investments are either tax-deferred or tax-free (in the case of Roth IRAs) until distribution, providing significant tax advantages to investors.

A key feature of Provident Metals’ IRA program is its collaboration with gold IRA custodians such as Sterling Trust Company and Preferred Trust Company. These custodians manage the IRA program, including the funding process, providing investors with a hassle-free experience. Provident Metals offers the choice of opening different types of self-directed IRAs, including:

For the best account type to suit individual needs, Provident Metals recommends consulting a CPA/Tax Specialist.

IRA-Eligible Products

It’s important to remember that not all precious metals are eligible for inclusion in an IRA. The IRS mandates that precious metals must meet certain minimum fineness requirements to be held as an investment in an IRA. For instance, gold bullion products must be 99.5% pure and have a refiner/assayer hallmark approved by NYMEX or COMEX for IRA eligibility. However, an exception is made for the American Gold Eagle, which is 91.67% pure.

Silver bullion products must reach a fineness of 99.9% to be included in a precious metals IRA, while platinum and palladium products must have a minimum fineness of 99.95%. Provident Metals offers a selection of IRA-eligible products, including:

This wide variety of IRA-eligible products allows investors to diversify their portfolios effectively.

Setting Up Your IRA with Provident Metals

Setting up a Precious Metal IRA with Provident Metals is a simple process. Here are the steps:

  1. Determine whether you are creating a new IRA account or rolling over an existing IRA or 401(k).

  2. Select a self-directed IRA custodian, which can be a trust or company, to secure the precious metals for your IRA.

  3. Fund the self-directed IRA through rollovers from other retirement accounts or new contributions.

Once the IRA is funded, investors can choose from Provident Metals’ list of eligible metals for their precious metal iras. The Preferred Trust Company facilitates the purchase using the IRA funds. The precious metals are then purchased and the prices are locked in through the IRA custodian, who handles the transaction.

The IRS mandates that physical metals in an IRA must be stored in a depository, with the custodian responsible for the benefit of the IRA owner. A precious metals depository must be chosen to store the metals, and IRA custodians often provide recommendations for these storage solutions.

Take into account that investors are not obligated to hold their precious metals indefinitely; they have the flexibility to sell or trade them at any time through their custodian. Provident Metals offers assistance to customers regarding inquiries about placing precious metals in their IRA and finding an appropriate custodian.

Customer Service Insights

The customer service experiences at Provident Metals have garnered mixed reviews, with some even referring to it as a horrible company. Some customers praise the company for its outstanding service, while others express dissatisfaction with:

Although Provident Metals prides itself on personalized provident customer service, there have been instances where customers faced difficulties with returns, refunds, and exchanges, leading to complaints about the quality of support provided by customer service reps. Also, the lack of 24-hour chat support could hinder immediate assistance for some customers.

Given the mixed reviews, it appears that Provident Metals has the potential to enhance its outstanding customer service to achieve consistent customer satisfaction, despite some customers reporting positive experiences since provident customer service started.

Pricing and Value Proposition

One of the critical factors investors consider when selecting a precious metals dealer is pricing. Provident Metals offers competitive pricing closely tied to live spot prices, with additional promotional deals that enhance their market competitiveness. Customers can take advantage of discounts for various payment methods, including a 4% cash discount and a 3% Bitcoin discount, which contribute to Provident Metals’ competitive pricing strategy.

Nonetheless, opinions on Provident Metals’ pricing have been varied, with some customers reporting fair pricing and others encountering pricing discrepancies. For instance, Provident Metals’ silver prices have been found to be considerably higher than the current market rate, presenting a discrepancy for buyers. In contrast, their gold prices are often aligned or even lower than market rates.

Sales and special deals on precious metals are also offered by Provident Metals, potentially impacting overall customer satisfaction with pricing. Customer reviews aggregated on sites like enable comparison of Provident Metals with other bullion dealers, including aspects of pricing and customer experience. These insights draw a nuanced picture of Provident Metals’ pricing and value proposition, suggesting that while the company is competitive in some aspects, there may be room for improvement in others.

The Shipping and Insurance Protocol

Challenges with shipping and insurance at Provident Metals

Shipping and insurance play a pivotal role in the customer experience when buying precious metals online. At Provident Metals, customers have faced challenges with the insurance underwriter refusing to cover provident claims for lost or tampered packages. Additionally, Provident Metals often does not aid in resolving these shipping issues.

Provident Metals offers the following shipping options and features:

These options and features provide customers with flexibility and convenience when ordering from Provident Metals, allowing them to make choices at their own discretion.

Authenticity and Quality Assurance

Assuring authenticity and quality is vital when investing in precious metals. Provident Metals assures customers of the authenticity of their products, certifying each item’s weight, purity, and genuineness. This assurance is especially crucial given complaints about receiving counterfeit coins.

However, customers have reported receiving damaged products, such as scratched coins and copper rounds, and items with impurities like iron in the metal mix. These incidents suggest lapses in quality control which Provident Metals needs to address. In response to customer dissatisfaction, Provident Metals has a return policy that permits returns within a set period, under certain conditions, and potentially with a restocking fee.

User Testimonials and Ratings

User testimonials and ratings offer significant insights into a company’s performance. Provident Metals has an ‘A’ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 3.3-star rating on Trustpilot, but a 2.6-star rating on Sitejabber. These mixed ratings suggest that while some customers have had positive experiences with Provident Metals, others have faced challenges.

Customers have praised Provident Metals for fast shipping, high-quality products such as commemorative copper Bitcoin rounds and 90% silver coins, and positive transaction experiences. However, mixed reviews have been received about Provident Metals’ responsiveness to customer issues, with some reporting effective resolution and others expressing frustration over unresolved complaints, including a problem with a double charge.

These testimonials and ratings paint a nuanced picture of Provident Metals, suggesting that while the company has many satisfied customers, it also has areas it needs to improve.

Investment Grade Metals and Collector’s Choices

Investment-grade metals and collectible coins at Provident Metals

Provident Metals provides a range of investment-grade metals, including:

These metals are available in different forms to suit various investor preferences, encompassing coins, bars, and rounds.

For collectors and hobbyists, Provident Metals features unique collectibles such as the Provident Prospector silver rounds, American Gold Eagles, and the coveted maple leaf coins. The company also offers exclusive series and limited-edition collectible coins that appeal to collectors seeking rare or unique items.

Whether you’re an investor seeking to diversify your portfolio with precious metals or a collector on the hunt for the next rare coin, Provident Metals caters to a wide range of interests and needs.

Responsiveness to Customer Issues

Provident Metals has a well-defined complaint handling procedure managed by a dedicated customer service team. The company offers multiple channels like an online contact form, email, and phone calls for reporting issues. The resolution process includes investigating issues like delayed shipments and damaged items, possibly working with shipping partners and filing insurance claims on behalf of customers.

However, customers have reported varied experiences with Provident Metals, including:

Furthermore, service responsiveness has been an issue, with some customers encountering delays or lack of communication when seeking resolutions for their complaints. There have also been concerns over Provident Metals not honoring commitments, with warnings about ‘Market Loss Policy’ loopholes and reports of being charged restocking fees for returned items. These insights suggest that while Provident Metals has mechanisms in place for addressing customer issues, the effectiveness of their responses can vary.

Alternative Dealers and Market Comparison

In the competitive arena of precious metals dealers, Provident Metals contends with rivals such as JM Bullion. Despite being acquired by a private investment group in 2017 with objectives to expand the company’s offerings in the precious metals market, Provident Metals has maintained its brand name and continues to focus on strengthening its stature as a leading online source for precious metals purchases.

Provident Metals is recognized for its unique designs and creative products, setting it apart from competitors like JM Bullion, which offers a broader range of standard bullion products. However, customer feedback has indicated instances of Provident Metals selling items not in stock, resulting in delayed shipping, whereas competitors like Apmex and JM Bullion had more consistent processing times. These insights suggest that while Provident Metals has unique offerings that distinguish it from its competitors, it also faces challenges that it needs to address to improve its standing in the market.

Secure Transactions and Online Experience

In the current digital era, the security of online transactions is of utmost importance. Provident Metals employs a multi-layered security approach for protecting customer personal information, including a secure shopping cart system. High-grade encryption software and SSL certificates provided by Comodo are used to ensure the security of online transactions on Provident Metals’ platform.

Furthermore, Provident Metals commits to never selling or trading customer information to any third party, safeguarding user data and trust. The company provides a variety of secure payment options, including bank wires, ACH/eCheck, personal checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, Bitcoin, PayPal, credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. These measures offer reassurance to customers about the security of their transactions and personal information when dealing with Provident Metals.

Navigating Sales Tax and Additional Costs

The sales tax applied to Provident Metals purchases can differ according to state regulations. The company charges sales tax on certain products, with different rates applying to bullion coins, numismatic products, and accessories. For instance, in Texas, Provident Metals is required to collect sales tax on transactions involving non-bullion items like copper and palladium products, as well as accessories.

To help customers navigate these varying sales tax rates, Provident Metals offers an interactive directory on their website. Customers can use this interactive sales tax map to determine the exact tax they will incur prior to making a purchase. This tool is a valuable resource for customers, helping them understand the additional costs associated with their purchases and making the transaction process transparent and straightforward.


In conclusion, Provident Metals is a reputable precious metals dealer with a diverse selection of products and a strong emphasis on customer education. Their offering of a self-directed precious metals IRA program shows their commitment to providing comprehensive investment solutions to their customers. However, the mixed customer service experiences, inconsistencies in pricing, and challenges with shipping and insurance protocols suggest that there are areas where the company needs to improve.

In the competitive landscape of precious metals dealers, Provident Metals stands out with its unique product offerings. However, the company faces stiff competition from other dealers like JM Bullion, which offers a broader range of standard bullion products and more consistent processing times. In the end, the choice of a dealer ultimately rests with the individual investor, who must weigh the pros and cons to determine which dealer best suits their investment needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are provident metals and JM Bullion the same company?

No, Provident Metals is a wholly owned subsidiary of JM Bullion, Inc. There is no indication that they are the same company.

Where is provident metals located?

Provident Metals is located in Dallas, Texas, and is one of the leading online retailers of international, domestic, and private physical bullion. They are also an authorized member dealer of various reputable organizations.

Does provident metals charge tax?

Yes, Provident Metals charges sales tax only in some states, and the tax varies based on the type of product.

Is Apmex a reputable company?

Yes, APMEX is a reputable company with over 20 years in business and a team of experts who vet their products. They have high ratings and positive reviews from various sources.

What types of precious metals does Provident Metals offer?

Provident Metals offers a variety of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper coins and bars for both investors and collectors.