Perpetual Assets Review: Comprehensive Insights into IRA Investments

Investors seeking flexible IRA options in cryptocurrency and precious metals may wonder about Perpetual Assets’ credibility and offerings. In this perpetual assets review, we provide an unbiased look at Perpetual Assets services, fees, and overall customer satisfaction to furnish you with the necessary details for an informed decision.

Key Takeaways

Understanding Perpetual Assets

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Perpetual Assets, America’s first Cryptocurrency and Precious Metals Dealer specializing in Retirement Accounts and Offshore Investments, has carved a niche in the financial sector. The brainchild of financial experts Gus Demos and William L. Lehr, it embodies over two decades of industry experience, making it a reliable choice for perpetual assets crypto otc transactions.

Their unique investment solutions, including an LLC IRA retirement solution and a dedicated cryptocurrency Trade Desk, provide investors with complete control over their retirement accounts and offer a refreshing alternative to traditional investment methods. The company’s reputation in retirement accounts and cryptocurrency markets is well established, making it a reliable choice for investors.

LLC IRA Retirement Solutions

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A closer examination of the LLC IRA retirement solution from Perpetual Assets reveals… This unique solution empowers clients with complete control over their retirement accounts, offering the flexibility to invest across a wide range of asset classes.

The LLC IRA offers the following benefits:

However, it is important to note that maintaining an LLC IRA requires accurate information and ongoing fees to remain compliant with all regulations.

Cryptocurrency Investments

Perpetual Assets provides a smooth cryptocurrency investment experience for those seeking portfolio diversification with digital assets. The company stands out with the industry’s fastest onboarding time and dedicated customer care staff that assist with KYC and AML requirements.

They have a specialized Crypto OTC service, facilitating immediate cryptocurrency purchases. Not only that, but investors also have the opportunity to diversify their portfolio through offshore investments in Bitcoin-friendly countries.

With an LLC IRA at Perpetual Assets, customers can manage their cryptocurrency private keys, giving them direct control over their digital assets.

Precious Metals Investments

Perpetual Assets presents an interactive investment journey in the sphere of precious metals. Investing in precious metals through a precious metals ira, such as a perpetual assets llc ira, eliminates typical transaction fees associated with traditional retirement accounts.

An LLC IRA grants clients the ability to manage the delivery and storage of their precious metal investments, offering a hands-on investment experience. The company also ensures compliance with all relevant IRS, State, and Trustee regulations during the creation and investment process of a self directed ira-owned LLC for precious metals.

Clients are also advised on prohibited transactions to maintain the legitimacy of their investments.

Investment Products and Services

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Beyond the LLC IRA solution, Perpetual Assets offers a variety of precious metals for investment, including coins and bars made of gold and silver. It’s not just about precious metals though. The company also provides services for investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. An LLC IRA with Perpetual Assets allows investors to diversify their portfolios with different asset classes such as liquidity, stocks, and bonds, providing them the freedom to make independent investment choices.

Gold Offerings

When it comes to gold investment options, Perpetual Assets provides an array of choices. Investors can choose from a variety of gold coins and rounds, catering to different investment preferences.

Aside from coins and rounds, the types of gold bars offered by Perpetual Assets are diverse, offering something for everyone. The actual gold inventory extends beyond the options listed on their official website, giving investors more options to choose from.

Silver Offerings

Silver is another precious metal that Perpetual Assets offers for investment, alongside gold purchasing precious metals. The company provides a variety of silver coins, rounds, and bars, offering plenty of choices for investors.

Among the silver bars, Perpetual Assets offers GSM 10 oz Silver Bars, and 100 oz bars from well-known mints such as the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) and Johnson Matthey. This ensures investors have options from trusted sources, increasing their confidence in their investments.

Safety and Security Measures

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Investing with Perpetual Assets is not just about diverse options and engaging experiences. The company also prioritizes the safety and security of its clients. Reasonable administrative and technical steps are taken to protect client data against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

Personal data may be shared with third-party service providers for performance of services, under the oversight of Perpetual Assets consistent with the company’s instructions. However, clients are advised to be cautious when following links to third-party websites, as their privacy policies will govern the sharing of information, not Perpetual Assets’ policies.

Client data may also be disclosed when it is required to comply with legal processes such as subpoenas or requests by public authorities.

Customer Support and Experience

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Providing excellent customer support is a hallmark of any successful company, and Perpetual Assets is no exception. The company offers customer support through email and phone contact, ensuring multiple channels are available for client communication.

While the company’s User Agreement does not specify exact response times to customer inquiries, clients have acknowledged the expertise of Perpetual Assets advisors in the Precious Metals Industry, and have emphasized the knowledgeable and helpful staff in testimonials.

The personalized service provided by Perpetual Assets also facilitates the ease and speed of transactions, instilling confidence in their investment decisions.

Pricing, Fees, and Minimum Orders

Now onto the financial details. Perpetual Assets charges a total solution fee of $1,997 for setting up an LLC IRA, with an annual administrator fee of approximately $200.

Precious metals pricing is not listed due to regular fluctuations in the market; however, there are no setup or transfer fees, and transaction fees are eliminated as all transactions are made from the LLC. For digital currencies, there are no additional service fees, but investors may need to pay transaction fees to cryptocurrency networks.

The minimum order amount for precious metals is $1,000, and for cryptocurrencies, it’s $10,000.

Reviews, Ratings, and Comparisons

Reviews, ratings, and comparisons are key factors to consider when choosing an investment company. Perpetual Assets has an A rating from the BBB, but due to not having excellent ratings and reviews, potential investors may consider looking elsewhere.

Despite this, the company has gained recognition in the financial sector, with mentions from Yahoo Finance and Forbes. Customer testimonials reflect overall positive experiences, with particular praise for Perpetual Assets’ services in cryptocurrency and precious metals, as well as their professional expertise and honesty in investment facilitation. This success has led some to question the legitimacy of a so-called “perpetual assets scam,” but the evidence suggests otherwise.

However, a detailed comparison of Perpetual Assets’ reviews with those of industry-leading companies such as Augusta Precious Metals, American Hartford Gold, and Goldco is not available but is necessary for a comprehensive analysis.

BBB Accreditation and Consumer Feedback

Perpetual Assets is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) nor does it receive a rating or review from them. The absence of consumer reviews and ratings is a critical factor as they play a major role in the decision-making process for potential investors.

It’s worth noting that no consumer feedback in the form of reviews from trusted external sources like Trustpilot or Consumer Affairs is available for Perpetual Assets. Prospective clients are recommended to engage with companies that have a significantly positive reputation, which can be reflected through online ratings and reviews.

The Pros and Cons of Investing with Perpetual Assets

Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of investing with Perpetual Assets is fundamental to a well-informed decision. The company presents a unique investment approach and offers multiple investment options, leading to high levels of customer satisfaction.

However, Perpetual Assets is not recommended for trading, according to experts and opinions within the industry. The lack of a recommendation from BMOGAM Viewpoints reflects certain reservations within the financial advisory community.

Weighing both pros and cons, potential investors can derive a balanced perspective on engaging with Perpetual Assets for their investment needs.


As we draw to a close, it’s clear that Perpetual Assets offers a unique approach to retirement investments. The LLC IRA retirement solution provides clients with complete control over their retirement accounts, offering the flexibility to invest across a wide range of asset classes.

However, potential investors should carefully consider the company’s lack of BBB accreditation and the absence of consumer feedback from trusted sources. While the company offers a unique investment approach and a wide range of options, these considerations are critical in making an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total solution fee for setting up an LLC IRA with Perpetual Assets?

The total solution fee for setting up an LLC IRA with Perpetual Assets is $1,997.

What is the minimum order amount for precious metals and cryptocurrencies?

The minimum order amount for precious metals is $1,000, while for cryptocurrencies, it’s $10,000.

Is Perpetual Assets BBB accredited?

No, Perpetual Assets is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

What are the investment options offered by Perpetual Assets?

Perpetual Assets offers a variety of investment options, including precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and diverse asset classes through its LLC IRA solution. You can explore these options to diversify your investment portfolio.

What safety and security measures does Perpetual Assets implement?

Perpetual Assets implements administrative and technical measures to protect client data against various security risks.