Pensco Trust Company Review: Navigating Your Self-Directed IRA Options

Is Pensco Trust Company the right choice for managing your self-directed IRA? Our Pensco Trust Company review cuts through the noise to give you a clear look at their services, fees, and what real customers are saying—equipping you with the necessary insights to make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways

Evaluating Pensco Trust Company’s Performance

Pensco Trust Company review

Understanding Pensco Trust Company’s role in the self-directed IRA industry requires an evaluation of its performance. This includes examining client feedback and ratings, as well as contrasting service excellence against areas that may require improvement. After all, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, is it not?

Pensco Trust Company’s overall rating is 3.2 out of 5, determined from over 48 pensco trust company reviews. This signifies a diverse range of opinions and experiences. These reviews paint a picture of a company with an experienced management team and a variety of alternative investment options. However, the picture is not entirely rosy, with some concerns over service quality and high fees.

Client Feedback and Ratings

Client feedback plays a pivotal role in gauging Pensco Trust Company’s performance, like any other business. Though the company has a respectable overall rating of 3.2 out of 5, there are some grievances to consider. These include inadequately managed IRA management, subpar service, and elevated fees.

While client satisfaction varies, Pensco Trust Company’s rating reflects the team member experience as well. For a more impartial viewpoint, you might consider evaluations sourced from:

Service Excellence vs. Areas for Improvement

Pensco Trust Company’s services are lauded for their custodianship of self-directed IRAs, especially in managing a diverse range of assets like private equity, real estate, and notes. The company also ensures smooth account transactions for their clients, contributing to service excellence.

Yet, there are areas where Pensco Trust Company can improve, just like any other company. Areas that require attention include addressing customer complaints regarding inadequate management and customer service, resolving deliberate delays, and enhancing internet service issues. After all, no company is without its challenges.

Pensco Trust Company’s Investment Spectrum

A wide spectrum of investment opportunities is available through Pensco Trust Company. This includes:

The company’s approach to conducting business with these investment options is a testament to its commitment to providing a diverse range of options to its clients.

Whether you’re interested in the tangible allure of real estate or the exciting potential of private equity, Pensco Trust Company provides strategies and guidance to help diversify your portfolio. It’s worth exploring these options in greater detail.

Real Estate Investment Strategies

Real estate stands as a popular choice among investors, and Pensco Trust Company certainly accommodates this interest. The company allows clients to directly invest in real estate using a self-directed IRA, thus diversifying their investment portfolio.

What sets Pensco Trust Company apart is the ability it gives investors to diversify their portfolio and engage in real estate investment through a self-directed IRA. The company also presents the option to invest in private equity and other non-traded alternatives.

Diversifying with Precious Metals and Private Equity

Beyond real estate, Pensco Trust Company provides clients with the opportunity to diversify their portfolios with precious metals and private equity investments. The company provides precious metals investment options that can be initiated by using their Precious Metals Investment Authorization form.

Private equity, another option for diversification, presents potential for increased returns compared to traditional public equity markets. Pensco Trust Company facilitates private equity investments, thereby expanding investment opportunities for individuals and institutions seeking to incorporate private equity into their portfolios.

Understanding the Cost: Fee Structure Analysis

Grasping the cost is a vital aspect of any financial endeavor. When it comes to Pensco Trust Company, the fee structure is straightforward. The company imposes a set-up fee of $50 and an annual fee of $395, irrespective of the total asset value in the account.

In a welcome move, the quarterly service fee of $75 can be waived if the account maintains an average daily cash balance of $1,000. However, should you decide to terminate your account, be prepared for a $225 fee.

The Client Experience with Pensco Trust Company

Having discussed performance, offerings, and costs, we turn our attention to the actual client experience at Pensco Trust Company. Setting up an account requires providing the following information:

Once the account is set up, managing it involves a few straightforward steps, utilizing the online tools provided by Pensco Trust Company. In case of any issues, the company provides a customer service number to address general client concerns, and another line specifically for accounting and billing inquiries.

Navigating Account Set-Up and Management

The account set-up process at Pensco Trust Company is relatively simple to navigate. The company provides online account management services, allowing clients to manage their accounts conveniently.

In addition to online services, Pensco Trust Company offers guidance on IRA management and is developing new online management tools. This commitment to providing user-friendly tools and resources is a testament to their client-centric approach.

Resolving Client Issues and Concerns

Pensco Trust Company has established channels to address client issues or concerns when they arise. Despite some complaints about inadequate management and extended wait times, the company is committed to resolving issues via their dedicated customer service lines, with the help of their client service representatives, including the client service rep.

However, bear in mind that client experiences have not always been positive. Common grievances include issues with billing and collections, as well as substandard customer service. To address these, Pensco Trust Company has a dispute resolution process in place through Pacific Premier Trust, its parent company.

Pensco Trust Company’s Industry Standing

Switching our focus, let’s consider Pensco Trust Company’s position within the self-directed IRA industry. The company is committed to ensuring transparency in its operations and dealings, and has even been recognized for its efforts in the Self Direct Your Retirement Transparency Index.

Furthermore, Pensco Trust Company holds $17 billion in assets under custody, a substantial figure that serves as an indicator of its prominence in the industry. The company has also been recognized for its innovative technology, further solidifying its industry standing.

The Employee Perspective: Working at Pensco Trust Company

What does working at Pensco Trust Company entail? Employee satisfaction sits at a respectable 3.2 out of 5 stars, based on 46 anonymous reviews on Glassdoor. The company provides a competitive and comprehensive benefits package, which includes employees health insurance, along with:

However, not all aspects of working at Pensco Trust Company are seen in a positive light, affecting their employer brand story. Complaints have been raised about:

Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Client Services

The digital age demands the use of technology to enhance client services. Pensco Trust Company utilizes proprietary technology to facilitate secure and efficient client services. Tools such as Custodian Connect, an API-driven system designed for marketplaces and investment platforms, exemplify this.

The company’s technology-driven services, including automation technology, simplify the process of opening, funding, and investing in alternatives using individual retirement accounts. This commitment to technology positions Pensco Trust Company favorably in the industry, providing an enhanced client experience.

Strategic Growth and Future Direction

San Francisco-based Pensco Trust Company has future plans for strategic expansion within the self-directed IRA industry. The company intends to expand its service offerings by providing self-directed IRA custodian services through Pacific Premier Trust.

While specific strategies for maintaining competitiveness in the self-directed IRA industry aren’t explicitly outlined, the company’s commitment to technology, diverse investment offerings, and transparency hint at a promising future.


In conclusion, Pensco Trust Company offers a diverse range of investment options for those interested in self-directed IRAs. Despite some criticisms, particularly in terms of customer service, the company is committed to providing a wide spectrum of investment opportunities, a transparent fee structure, and leveraging technology to enhance client experiences.

With strategic plans for growth, Pensco Trust Company is poised to continue its journey in the self-directed IRA industry. As with any financial decision, it is crucial to do your own due diligence, but Pensco Trust Company certainly offers a compelling option for those looking to take control of their retirement savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What investment opportunities does Pensco Trust Company offer?

Pensco Trust Company offers self-directed IRAs, real estate investment, private equity, and other non-traditional asset investments. These opportunities provide a diverse range of investment options for individuals.

How does Pensco Trust Company handle client issues and concerns?

Pensco Trust Company provides a customer service number for general client issues and a separate line for accounting and billing inquiries. This ensures that clients can easily get in touch with the appropriate department to address their concerns.

What is the fee structure at Pensco Trust Company?

The fee structure at Pensco Trust Company includes a $50 set-up fee, a $395 annual fee, a quarterly service fee of $75 (waivable with a $1,000 average daily cash balance), and a $225 account termination fee. These fees are subject to change, so it’s advisable to check the most recent information before making any decisions.

How does Pensco Trust Company use technology to enhance client services?

Pensco Trust Company enhances client services by utilizing proprietary technology such as Custodian Connect, an API-driven system, to facilitate secure and efficient processes.

What are Pensco Trust Company’s future plans for growth?

Pensco Trust Company plans to strategically expand within the self-directed IRA industry and broaden its service offerings through Pacific Premier Trust. This expansion will drive growth and enhance their service capabilities.