Patriot Gold Group vs BGASC: An Unbiased Comparison

When deciding on the best place to invest in precious metals, comparisons such as Patriot Gold Group vs BGASC become invaluable. In this direct comparison, we’ll dissect key factors like product offerings, pricing, fees, and customer reviews to offer clear insights that guide you toward the right choice for your investment goals. Without any fluff, let’s dive into the core of what makes each of these companies stand out in the realm of gold and silver investments.

Key Takeaways

Exploring Patriot Gold Group

Patriot Gold Group

The Patriot Gold Group, established in 2016, has risen as a formidable player in the precious metals industry. With a similar commitment to reliability and customer service, the Birch Gold Group has also made its mark in the noble gold and precious metals industry. From its genesis to its diverse offerings, the Patriot Gold Group has built its reputation on a foundation of reliability and customer service.

Being a top-rated gold IRA company, the Patriot Gold Group delivers diverse services, from guidance on precious metals IRA to investing in gold bullion. As one of the leading gold IRA companies, they ensure a seamless and secure investment experience for their clients.

The Genesis of Patriot Gold Group

Founded by a team of eight industry veterans, Patriot Gold Group was initially positioned to offer personalized services for precious metals investments, akin to American Hartford Gold. Over the years, the company has diversified its operations, achieving recognition as a top-rated gold and silver dealer nationwide.

Gold IRA Services by Patriot Gold Group

Patriot Gold Group

Patriot Gold Group facilitates gold IRA investments, a self-directed IRA that allows investment in IRS-approved gold and other precious metals. However, investing in a gold IRA involves several expenses such as account management fees, maintenance fees, and secure storage costs for the gold.

Therefore, it is recommended that investors assess whether a precious metal IRA or a precious metals IRA aligns with their retirement strategy.

Patriot Gold Group’s Customer Experience

Patriot Gold Group places a high value on customer satisfaction. The company’s exceptional customer service is reflected in its positive reviews, with customers frequently recommending the company to others.

Just like other firms such as Augusta Precious Metals, it provides telephonic support to ensure that customers can promptly access help when needed.

Delving into BGASC (Buy Gold And Silver Coins)

Patriot Gold Group

BGASC, a standout player in the precious metals market, has distinguished itself with an array of products and a strong market presence. With a wide range of non-bullion coins, such as American Gold coins like the American Eagle and Buffalo, BGASC caters to a broad range of investor preferences.

BGASC’s Market Presence


Diverse Portfolio of Precious Metal Products at BGASC

Catering to a wide spectrum of investor needs, BGASC offers an extensive selection of precious metal products, including:

The BGASC Buying Experience

BGASC provides a hassle-free purchasing experience, encompassing everything from adding items to the shopping cart, selecting a payment method, to reviewing your order details. They also offer dedicated customer support throughout the purchasing process, ensuring that customers receive assistance when needed.

Moreover, BGASC prioritizes security in its checkout process, adhering to payment card industry data security standards.

Head-to-Head: Patriot Gold Group vs BGASC

Patriot Gold Group

Having familiarized ourselves with both companies, we can now proceed to compare them directly. This comparison will focus on key aspects of:

Investment Options: Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium

Though both companies present a range of precious metals, their specific offerings differ. Patriot Gold Group provides options for physical gold and silver investments, as well as a no-fee IRA account for eligible clients.

Meanwhile, BGASC is known for offering fair gold prices based on current spot prices and also provides silver investment opportunities.

Pricing and Fees: What Investors Need to Know

There are notable differences between the two companies in terms of pricing and fees. Patriot Gold Group implements annual maintenance fees and provides segregated or non-segregated storage options with associated costs, while offering no fees for investments surpassing $100,000.

On the other hand, BGASC is recognized for its competitive pricing and provides complimentary shipping for orders totaling over $199.

Customer Satisfaction and Trustworthiness

With each scoring 5-star ratings on review platforms, both Patriot Gold Group and BGASC have garnered high customer satisfaction ratings. This reflects their commitment to exceptional customer service and their ability to win the trust of their clients.

Navigating Market Volatility with Precious Metals

Patriot Gold Group

Market volatility is an integral aspect of investing. But, how do precious metals fare in such a scenario? Let’s understand how companies such as Patriot Gold Group and BGASC prepare investors to tackle market volatility.

Economic Uncertainty and Precious Metals Investment

Economic uncertainty can significantly influence the price of precious metals. Historically, precious metals have demonstrated superior performance compared to the S&P 500 in times of economic decline.

Interest rates and overall market volatility are significant determinants that impact the short-term performance of the gold market.

How Patriot Gold Group and BGASC Equip Investors

Patriot Gold Group and BGASC both provide strategies to assist investors in managing market volatility. While Patriot Gold Group advocates diversification as a risk management strategy, BGASC provides competitive rates and interactive services for purchasing and selling physical bullion online or over the phone.

Tailored Investment Strategies: Individual Retirement Accounts and Beyond

While investing in precious metals is a popular strategy, it’s certainly not the only one. Let’s examine some customized investment strategies that go beyond gold IRAs.

Gold IRA Rollovers and Direct Investments

A Gold IRA rollover involves transferring funds from a retirement account to a Gold IRA without facing tax liability or penalties, a service that Patriot Gold Group offers.

On the other hand, a direct investment in precious metals encompasses the acquisition of physical gold, silver, or platinum through precious metals investing, specifically via the American Precious Metals Exchange.

Beyond IRAs: Other Precious Metals Investment Vehicles

In addition to Gold IRAs, there are several alternative methods for investing in precious metals, such as gold IRA investment. These include purchasing physical metals, investing in gold-backed assets such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs), or engaging in gold futures contracts.

Enhancing Your Collection: Rare Coins and Collectibles

Rare coins and collectibles present an intriguing option for numismatics enthusiasts or those interested in diversifying their portfolio. Let’s explore the offerings from Patriot Gold Group and BGASC.

The Allure of Collectible Coins

Collectible coins hold a unique allure for enthusiasts. Their value is determined by various factors including:

Moreover, their rarity and condition significantly impact their appeal.

Comparing Collectible Offerings

Both Patriot Gold Group and BGASC offer an array of collectible coins. However, their offerings differ in terms of variety and exclusivity, with Patriot Gold Group focusing on classic gold and new numismatic coins, while BGASC offers a unique selection of specially themed antique and colorized silver coins.

Making an Informed Decision: Resources and Education

To make informed decisions, investors need access to resources and education. Both Patriot Gold Group and BGASC have this covered, offering comprehensive educational material and resources.

Investor Education and Resources

Patriot Gold Group and BGASC both provide a plethora of educational resources for investors, including:

These resources provide investors with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their investment portfolio.

Responsive Customer Service and Expert Advice

Apart from providing resources and education, both companies boast of strong customer service. Patriot Gold Group and BGASC are known for their responsive customer service and expert advice, helping customers navigate their investment journey with ease.


Investing in precious metals is a strategic decision that requires careful consideration. Both Patriot Gold Group and BGASC offer solid options for investors, with diverse offerings, transparent pricing, and excellent customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which gold company is best to buy gold from?

The most trustworthy and well-known gold dealers include JM Bullion, American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX) and American Hartford Gold.

Is Patriot gold a legitimate company?

Yes, Patriot Gold Group is considered a legitimate company with strong customer reviews and is recommended for those looking to invest in gold and silver, especially for retirement planning.

In times of economic uncertainty, how have precious metals performed?

During economic uncertainty, precious metals like gold and silver have historically performed well, often rising in value as investors seek secure assets.