Oxford Gold Group vs Sprott Money: Unbiased Comparison

When considering investing in precious metals, choosing the right dealer is crucial. In comparing Oxford Gold Group vs Sprott Money, you’re likely seeking a trustworthy partner for your investment journey. This article dives into a direct comparison of these two established companies, dissecting their services, fees, investment options, and client experiences. Without unnecessary fluff, let our unbiased comparison guide you through the critical factors that distinguish Oxford Gold Group from Sprott Money, ensuring you can make an informed decision aligning with your investment goals.

Key Takeaways

Exploring Oxford Gold Group and Sprott Money

Oxford Gold Group

Oxford Gold Group and Sprott Money are two powerhouses in the precious metals industry. Both are known for their expertise in assisting individuals in precious metals investing, offering a customized approach for investors and collectors at all levels. They fulfill the role of a company that engages in buying, selling, and providing advice on gold and other precious metals for investors, financial institutions, and secondary retailers. What sets them apart, however, is their client-centered approach. They prioritize an investment philosophy tailored to individual client needs in the area of precious metals investments.

Understanding the current spot price, the premiums over spot, and avoiding overly complex purchasing processes and products that claim to have ‘no risk’ or ‘guaranteed returns’ is paramount in this market. This applies to silver gold bull investments as well as the other precious metals investments offered by these companies. We’ll now examine the profiles and offerings of both companies more closely.

Company Profiles: Background and Services

Oxford Gold Group was established in Beverly Hills, California, while Sprott Money was founded by Eric Sprott in 1981 as Sprott Securities. Oxford Gold Group specializes in providing tailored services for investors and managing complex transactions involving precious metals, a trait it shares with other reputable companies like Birch Gold Group.

For individuals interested in opening an account with Oxford Gold Group, one of the best gold IRA companies, they can visit their official website to review the variety of precious metal products available or reach out to their customer service team for tailored guidance in selecting the most suitable investment option.

Investment Portfolio Offerings

Both Oxford Gold Group and Sprott Money boast a wide variety of investment portfolio offerings. Oxford Gold Group provides a range of precious metals, including:

These metals are offered in forms such as coins and bars to cater to the diverse investment objectives of investors. This makes them one of the best gold IRA companies in the market.

Investing in precious metals can offer portfolio diversification and serve as a safeguard against economic uncertainty and inflation. Some benefits of investing in precious metals include:

Companies like Oxford Gold Group, American Hartford Gold, and American Precious Metals Exchange provide options for investing in precious metals.

Customer Service Experience

When it comes to customer service, both Oxford Gold Group and Sprott Money have a strong reputation. Oxford Gold Group provides customer service seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, whereas Sprott Money offers customer service from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST Monday through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Friday. Both companies are known for their customer service, just like Augusta Precious Metals.

The convenience of online account management is another aspect worth mentioning. Both Oxford Gold Group and Sprott Money provide the option for customers to conveniently manage their accounts online by logging in, making them prominent players in the precious metals investment space.

Precious Metals IRA Services: Oxford vs Sprott

Oxford Gold Group

A gold IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is a type of self-directed IRA where gold or other approved precious metals are held in custody for the benefit of the IRA account owner. It functions the same as a regular IRA, only instead of holding paper assets, it holds physical bullion coins or bars. Both Oxford Gold Group and Sprott Money offer assistance with the setup process of gold IRAs.

However, there are differences in their setup process, fees, and the types of precious metals that can be included in an IRA. Let’s examine these differences in greater detail.

IRA Account Setup and Management

The setup process for a gold IRA involves the following steps:

  1. Opening the account

  2. Funding the account

  3. Acquiring precious metals

  4. Managing the holdings

Oxford Gold Group provides personalized assistance to investors during the setup of an IRA account, offering support with account opening, funding, and selecting suitable precious metals for their IRAs.

Sprott Money, on the other hand, provides detailed guides outlining the procedures and requirements for opening a gold IRA. This includes completing the Sprott Money Ltd authorization form to establish a connection between your account and the bullion you intend to purchase.

Fees and Costs Comparison

When it comes to fees, Gold IRAs generally entail the following:

Oxford Gold Group imposes an annual fee of $175 for accounts under $100,000, and $225 for accounts over $100,000, with potential rebates for larger accounts. Sprott Money, on the other hand, does not explicitly disclose these fees on their website, but it is important to note that IRA services in the industry may entail annual maintenance fees.

In terms of storage fees, these can differ across major companies. For instance, Rosland Capital imposes storage fees ranging from $100 to $150.

IRA-Eligible Precious Metals Selection

Both Oxford Gold Group and Sprott Money permit the inclusion of IRA-approved precious metals, including:

This ensures investors have ownership of the physical precious metals rather than stocks or shares of gold or precious metals mining companies.

As for the minimum investment criteria:

Direct Purchase and Storage Options

Oxford Gold Group

Both Oxford Gold Group and Sprott Money offer the opportunity to acquire precious metals for physical possession. This allows you to receive the actual coins or bars, thereby granting you ownership of tangible assets. Once purchased, it is permissible to store your gold at home, with the exception of gold IRAs which must be stored in a facility.

When it comes to storage fees, each company has its own fee structure. The storage fees for precious metals usually fall within the range of $175 to $225 per year. Let’s examine the purchasing process and storage options in more detail.

Purchasing Process and Options

The process of purchasing precious metals from both companies is straightforward and customer-friendly. To acquire precious metals from Sprott Money, you need to complete the Sprott Money Ltd authorization form to establish a connection between your account and the bullion you intend to purchase.

On the other hand, Oxford Gold Group allows you to purchase precious metals either online or over the phone. After choosing your desired precious metals, you can complete your order by making a payment. Once the payment is cleared, the precious metals are shipped to your desired location.

Secure Storage Solutions

You can avail secure storage solutions for your precious metals from both Oxford Gold Group and Sprott Money. Oxford Gold Group offers options such as safe deposit boxes, bank vault storage, and their own exclusive gold and silver storage facilities.

On the other hand, Sprott Money offers fully insured non-bank storage solutions that are segregated, with secure locations available worldwide. They go above and beyond to ensure the safety of your precious metals, conducting regular quarterly audits and an additional annual audit conducted by an independent third-party auditor.

Educational Resources and Market Insights

Oxford Gold Group

Educational resources play a crucial role for new investors in precious metals by offering valuable information on market dynamics, investment strategies, and specifics of different metals, enabling them to make well-informed decisions. Oxford Gold Group and Sprott Money both prioritize educating their clients and equipping them with valuable market insights, thereby enabling informed investment decisions.

Oxford Gold Group provides investors with a resource library on their website, offering information designed to educate new investors in the precious metals market.

On the other hand, Sprott Money offers a range of educational resources that encompass:

Investor Education Materials

Oxford Gold Group and Sprott Money offer a variety of educational resources to help clients understand the precious metals market and make informed investment decisions. Some of these resources include:

These resources can provide valuable information for those interested in investing in precious metals.

Sprott Money provides:

Market Analysis and Tools

In addition to educational resources, both companies offer a range of market analysis tools and resources to help clients stay abreast of the latest market trends and make informed investment decisions. Sprott Money provides price charts for gold and silver, delivering insights into historical price fluctuations, market conditions, and investment prospects. They also regularly update their website with market news to provide investors with the latest information.

On the other hand, Oxford Gold Group offers insights on the present market condition, trends, and gold’s performance, in addition to providing personalized assistance to aid investors in making well-informed decisions.

Ethical Practices and Industry Standing

Oxford Gold Group

Oxford Gold Group and Sprott Money have both earned solid reputations within the industry. They have received high ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), reflecting their commitment to ethical practices and outstanding customer service. Additionally, both companies undergo regular audits to ensure transparency and accountability.

Let’s take a closer look at their accreditation, ratings, and dedication to transparency and fair dealing.

Accreditation and Ratings

Both Oxford Gold Group and Sprott Money hold an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), reflecting their commitment to excellent customer service. When it comes to ratings from the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), Oxford Gold Group holds a AA rating, whereas Sprott Money has achieved a slightly higher rating of AAA.

These ratings reflect the companies’ commitment to providing excellent service, maintaining transparency, and resolving customer complaints promptly and efficiently. It is an affirmation of their strong ethical standards and customer-focused approach.

Transparency and Fair Dealing

Transparency and fair dealing are crucial elements in the precious metals industry. Oxford Gold Group’s transparency policies do not explicitly outline their approach to fees and pricing, but they are a member of the World Gold Council, which advocates for supply chain transparency. On the other hand, Sprott Money has clear policies in place to protect customer information and ensures locked-in prices on purchase confirmations.

When it comes to fair treatment of their customers, Oxford Gold Group ensures fair treatment of their clients by providing 24/7 customer care, while Sprott Money upholds a code of ethics that prioritizes fair and good faith dealings with their customers.

Oxford Gold Group also advances ethical business practices through initiatives such as reforestation programs, showcasing their dedication to integrity and good faith in all business transactions.

Client Testimonials and Third-Party Reviews

Evaluating a company’s performance significantly involves examining client testimonials and third-party reviews. Both Oxford Gold Group and Sprott Money have received mostly positive feedback from their clients. The customer testimonials for Sprott Money can be found on their official website and on websites like golddealerreviews.com and shopperapproved.com.

Clients have expressed satisfaction with Sprott Money, commending their outstanding customer service, user-friendly website, prompt delivery of precious metals in pristine condition, and competitive pricing. On the other hand, Oxford Gold Group has received positive reviews emphasizing comprehensive and attentive customer service, reflected in their 5-star rating on Trustpilot.

Positive Experiences and Praise

Clients of both Oxford Gold Group and Sprott Money have expressed high levels of satisfaction. Positive reviews emphasize the comprehensive and attentive customer service, the quality of products, and the timely delivery of precious metals.

Clients express a high level of satisfaction with the product quality from Sprott Money, as evidenced by positive customer reviews and high ratings. Similarly, customers of Oxford Gold Group have demonstrated high contentment, reflected in their 5-star rating on Trustpilot.

Criticisms and Complaints

While the overall feedback from customers is positive, it’s important to also consider the criticisms and complaints. Oxford Gold Group has not received any common complaints, and Sprott Money has consistently provided excellent service, leading to positive customer experiences and no prevalent criticisms.

However, it’s worth noting that Sprott Money has been involved in lawsuits, including one where a scioness of precious metals sued for the return of gold bars worth $147,000 and another lawsuit against their founder for alleged misconduct. Oxford Gold Group, on the other hand, is recognized for their thorough responses to customer complaints and criticisms, as evidenced by their four-star rating on Trustpilot, and their maintenance of BBB accreditation.

Strategic Partnerships and Industry Alliances

Establishing strategic partnerships and industry alliances can significantly bolster a company’s standing in the market. Oxford Gold Group has established alliances with two reputable depository partners. Sprott Money, on the other hand, has a strategic partnership with Sunshine Minting, owned by AMARK, in the precious metals industry.

These strategic alliances have positively influenced Sprott Money’s market position, allowing them to utilize their extensive sector knowledge in precious metals and real assets, thereby solidifying their reputation as a reputable entity in the industry.


In conclusion, both Oxford Gold Group and Sprott Money have carved out a unique position in the precious metals industry. They are recognized for their customer-centric approach, diverse portfolio offerings, stellar customer service, and commitment to ethical practices. Both have received high ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), reflecting their commitment to outstanding service and transparency.

However, there are key differences between the two that can influence an investor’s decision. These include differences in their IRA service offerings, transparency policies, customer experiences, and industry alliances. Hence, it’s essential for investors to thoroughly research and choose a precious metals dealer that aligns with their investment goals and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best company to buy gold coins from?

You can consider purchasing gold coins from trusted dealers like JM Bullion, APMEX, and American Hartford Gold for a reliable and reputable buying experience.

What is the best gold IRA company?

Goldco is considered the best gold IRA company, with an A+ rating from the BBB, AAA rating from Business Consumer Alliance, and a 4.8 Trustpilot rating.

Is Oxford gold Group a reputable company?

Yes, Oxford Gold Group is a reputable company known for assisting individuals with precious metals investments and offering a range of services including the sale of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products, as well as secure storage options.

What is the number one gold investment company?

The number one gold investment company is determined through reviews and comparisons of top Gold IRA companies.

What types of precious metals are available for investment through Oxford Gold Group and Sprott Money?

You can invest in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium through Oxford Gold Group and Sprott Money.