Noble Gold vs Orion Metal Exchange: Unbiased Comparison

Choosing the right precious metals IRA provider is crucial for your investment future. In this article, we present a direct comparison of Noble Gold vs Orion Metal Exchange, two leading companies in the sector. We’ll dissect their products, fees, customer service, and storage solutions — all key considerations for investors — to help you identify which might align better with your financial goals.

Key Takeaways

Noble Gold Overview

Noble Gold

Noble Gold, a prominent player among gold IRA companies, has carved a niche for itself in the precious metals market. With a user-friendly website and a diverse range of products and services, it caters to a broad spectrum of precious metals investors. Noble Gold’s operational strategy is centered around guiding clients in making informed decisions regarding gold and silver IRAs, showcasing their dedication to specialized customer support.

The focus on gold IRAs and assistance in acquiring, safeguarding, and trading gold investments sets Noble Gold apart from many other gold IRA companies. Its selection of IRS-approved precious metals includes:

This offers investors a diverse array of options.

Investing in a precious metals IRA with Noble Gold offers the following benefits:

In this post, we will explore in detail the products, services, unique features, and customer service reviews of Noble Gold.

Products and Services

Noble Gold

Noble Gold provides a range of precious metals, including other precious metals such as:

Its diverse selection provides investors with a wide array of options to suit their individual preferences and requirements.

Not just limited to bars and coins, Noble Gold also offers unique investment options. Much like Augusta Precious Metals, Noble Gold provides a selection of collectible and rare coins for investment purposes. This unique offering allows investors to diversify their portfolio further and invest in coins with historical significance.

Whether you are interested in gold coins or palladium bars, Noble Gold has you covered. The company offers gold coins, physical silver coins and silver bars, gold bars, as well as palladium bars and palladium coins. The diverse range of products caters to the varied investment interests of its clientele.

Unique Features

Noble Gold

Noble Gold, along with other companies like Birch Gold Group, stands out with its Royal Survival Packs, which are a unique offering in the precious metals industry. The pack provides investors with a selection of coins and bars, ensuring they have physical gold assets that can be liquidated easily in times of crisis.

The company’s website is user-friendly and straightforward, making it easy for investors to navigate and find the information they need. This ease of navigation is a notable feature that improves the overall customer experience.

Noble Gold Investments also provides comprehensive educational resources for investors. These resources are aimed at helping both new and seasoned investors make informed decisions about their precious metals investments. The company believes in educating its clients to ensure they understand their investments better.

Customer Service and Reviews

Noble Gold’s dedication to providing exceptional customer service is evident in its customer reviews. The company places a strong emphasis on responsiveness and investor education, ensuring clients understand their investments and can make informed decisions.

The company has achieved a commendable customer satisfaction rating, averaging 4.4 stars from clients who have invested with companies listed on the Retirement Living list, which includes various players in the precious metals market.

Noble Gold maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, it’s worth noting that there have been some negative reviews on TrustPilot regarding service fees. Nevertheless, the company’s overall reputation in the industry is largely positive, thanks to its commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.

Orion Metal Exchange Overview

Noble Gold

Orion Metal Exchange is another reputable player in the precious metals industry. What sets this company apart is its transparent and fair pricing. Orion Metal Exchange caters to niche investors who are seeking to make direct purchases of physical assets.

The company, a reputable precious metals company, focuses on managing precious metals IRAs and facilitating investments in physical precious metals such as gold and silver. Orion Metal Exchange ensures pricing transparency by providing live online product purchase pricing and enforcing stringent policies on transparent pricing. This approach enables customers to make well-informed investment decisions without worrying about hidden fees.

Transparent pricing is a distinguishing factor that sets Orion Metal Exchange apart from many other gold IRA companies. It helps investors avoid hidden service charges and fees, ensuring they have full awareness of the costs associated with their precious metals investments.

We will examine more closely the products, services, unique features, and customer service reviews of Orion Metal Exchange.

Products and Services

Orion Metal Exchange provides a variety of precious metal products including:

The company’s diverse selection provides investors with a wide range of investment options to suit their individual preferences and requirements.

In addition to selling precious metals, Orion Metal Exchange offers a range of services including the buying, selling, and exchanging of precious metals through an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). This comprehensive service offering makes Orion Metal Exchange a one-stop shop for precious metals investors.

The company’s commitment to providing a wide range of products and services makes it a standout choice among the best gold ira companies. Whether an investor is interested in buying gold coins or selling silver bars, Orion Metal Exchange has the necessary services to facilitate such transactions.

Unique Features

Orion Metal Exchange distinguishes itself through:

Making Orion Metal Exchange a great choice for precious metal IRAs.

The company provides educational materials to assist individuals in understanding the fundamentals of purchasing and selling precious metals, as well as the various investment options available. This commitment to investor education is a unique feature that sets Orion Metal Exchange apart from many other gold IRA companies.

Orion Metal Exchange’s expert account representatives offer professional guidance and support to their customers. By customizing the investment experience and aiding in informed decision-making, these representatives enhance the overall customer experience.

Customer Service and Reviews

Orion Metal Exchange is highly rated for its customer service, with a 5-star customer satisfaction score. This reflects the company’s strong dedication to customer satisfaction and security. Customer reviews of Orion Metal Exchange are overwhelmingly positive. The reviews emphasize fee-free services, up-to-date market charts, and helpful staff. On Trustpilot, the company maintains a 5-star rating from 191 individuals and an impressive overall rating of 4.9 stars based on 185 reviews.

Orion Metal Exchange ensures pricing transparency through the provision of updated spot pricing, live competitive product pricing online, and a commitment to straightforward online pricing practices. This dedication to transparency is a key factor contributing to the company’s positive customer reviews and high ratings.

Comparing Investment Options

Noble Gold

Catering to a diverse range of investor preferences, both Noble Gold and Orion Metal Exchange provide a variety of investment options. They both facilitate investments in physical precious metals such as:

These investments are commonly referred to as precious metals IRA.

The investment options are facilitated through a self-directed IRA, which provides the account holder with the flexibility to invest in a broader array of assets compared to a traditional IRA. Both companies adhere to IRS guidelines, which state that gold must have a purity of 99.5%, silver must have a purity of 99.9%, and platinum and palladium must have a purity of 99.95%.

Private minting companies play a crucial role in contributing to IRA-eligible precious metals. These companies produce coins and bars that meet IRS standards and are approved for inclusion in an IRA. Both Noble Gold and Orion Metal Exchange work with these companies to provide their customers with a wide range of investment options.

Pricing and Fees

When it comes to pricing and fees, Orion Metal Exchange stands out by not imposing any setup or transfer fees, thereby minimizing the initial costs for investors. This approach is a significant advantage, especially for investors who are new to precious metals investments and are wary of additional costs.

Gold IRAs usually include costs such as establishment expenses, storage charges, and annual custodial fees. These costs can be relatively high given the specific characteristics of the investment. However, Orion Metal Exchange provides a promotional offer to cover the storage fees for their clients for a maximum of three years, significantly reducing the overall expenses of maintaining a gold IRA with them.

While Noble Gold also provides a range of services and investment options, it is important for potential investors to understand the associated fees. Transparency in pricing and a clear understanding of all costs involved are crucial when choosing a gold IRA company.

Storage Solutions

Both Noble Gold and Orion Metal Exchange offer solutions for storing precious metals. When gold is purchased for a gold IRA, it must be stored with a reputable storage facility. This facility must be approved by the IRS. Examples of depositories approved by the IRS include:

These depositories meet the IRS’s criteria for securely housing assets. Both companies work with these depositories to ensure that the precious metals are stored safely and securely.

Understanding the storage method for metals, whether allocated or commingled, is essential when selecting a gold IRA company. Storing gold investments at home or in a safe deposit box for a gold IRA is not recommended as it can result in fees, potential taxes, and penalties. Both Noble Gold and Orion Metal Exchange provide clear guidance on storage solutions to their customers.

Account Setup and Management

The setup and management of a gold IRA account constitute a vital part of the investment process. Both Noble Gold and Orion Metal Exchange facilitate this process with their easy account setup and management processes.

Rolling over funds to a Gold IRA typically involves transferring funds from an existing retirement account to a new Gold IRA without incurring tax liability or penalties. It is advisable to utilize an institution-to-institution transfer to ensure compliance and mitigate potential tax implications.

Gold IRA custodians such as Equity Trust Company and STRATA Trust Company carry out essential administrative tasks to ensure compliance with IRS regulations for Gold IRAs. Both Noble Gold and Orion Metal Exchange work with these custodians to ensure smooth account management.

Educational Resources

Both Noble Gold and Orion Metal Exchange place a high emphasis on educating investors. Both companies provide comprehensive educational resources to help investors understand the fundamentals of investing in precious metals. These resources include guides, articles, and personalized consultations. These resources are aimed at helping both new and seasoned investors make informed decisions about their investment options.

The commitment to investor education sets these two companies apart from many other gold IRA companies. Whether you are a seasoned investor or new to the world of precious metals, the educational resources provided by Noble Gold and Orion Metal Exchange can help guide you on your investment journey.

Buyback Policies

Understanding the buyback policies of both companies is vital when considering selling back precious metals. Both Noble Gold and Orion Metal Exchange have buyback policies in place. This means that if investors decide to sell back their precious metals, they can do so through the company.

The specifics of the buyback policy, such as the process, terms, and conditions, may vary between the two companies. Before deciding to invest, investors need to grasp these specifics.

Reputation and Industry Standing

Both Noble Gold and Orion Metal Exchange are highly regarded in the precious metals industry. Here are some reasons why they are considered top companies in the industry:

These factors contribute to the strong industry standing of both Noble Gold and Orion Metal Exchange.

Orion Metal Exchange, on the other hand, has received overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. The company’s commitment to transparent pricing and excellent customer service has earned it high ratings and a positive reputation in the industry.


In conclusion, both Noble Gold and Orion Metal Exchange are reputable gold IRA companies offering a range of products and services to investors. Their unique features, pricing transparency, and commitment to investor education make them stand out in the industry.

While Noble Gold caters to a broad spectrum of precious metals investors, Orion Metal Exchange’s transparent pricing and focus on physical assets cater to niche investors. Both companies are dedicated to customer satisfaction and have strong industry standings.

Choosing between the two companies ultimately comes down to your individual investment preferences and requirements. Regardless of your choice, remember to make informed decisions and understand all aspects of your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number one gold investment company?

The number one gold investment company is Top Gold IRA Companies, based on reviews and comparisons.

Is Noble Gold legit?

Yes, Noble Gold appears to be a reliable company, with an A+ BBB rating and positive TrustLink reviews. Consider it a worthy option for gold investments.

What is the best gold IRA?

GoldCo is considered the best gold IRA company for its trustworthiness and overall service. Additionally, Birch Gold Group is recognized for its offerings in platinum and palladium.

What is the difference between Goldco and noble gold?

Goldco has more experience in the precious metals investment industry, having been in business for over 15 years, while Noble Gold was founded in 2017. Additionally, Goldco offers a wider range of products and services.

What types of precious metals do Noble Gold and Orion Metal Exchange offer?

Noble Gold and Orion Metal Exchange offer a variety of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars. They both provide a range of options for customers looking to invest in these assets.