Midas Gold Group Review: Trusted Source for Precious Metals?

When considering where to purchase or invest in precious metals, you’ve likely come across Midas Gold Group. But what is their track record in this competitive market? This Midas Gold group review will cut through noise and provide a clear, concise look at their services, reputation, and customer feedback to help you determine if they align with your investment goals.

Key Takeaways

Exploring Midas Gold Group’s Reputation

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In the precious metals industry, the reputation of a dealer plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers. Midas Gold Group, with its A+ BBB rating and accreditation since 2021, certainly has a commendable reputation. However, like any business, they have their share of both positive and negative reviews.

A mixed picture is painted by midas gold group reviews on various online platforms. They boast a high 4.8 rating on Google, yet a significantly lower 1.5 stars on Yelp. This suggests that while many have had positive experiences with Midas Gold Group, potential investors should still proceed with caution, due diligence, and make informed decisions.

Overview of Midas Gold Group Services

Various precious metals including gold, silver, and platinum

A comprehensive range of services geared towards precious metals investment is offered by Midas Gold Group. They partner with third parties to offer IRA services and provide a wide array of investment offerings, including:

The company supports a variety of retirement plans that can either own gold directly or can be rolled into a precious metals IRA, inclusive of many account types like:

They are particularly noted for their specialization in gold IRAs, adding to their reputation as a dedicated and knowledgeable provider in the precious metals space.

The Investment Process with Midas Gold Group

A straightforward process is involved when investing with Midas Gold Group. Full support is provided by the company, whether you’re creating an online account, linking a bank account, or sending an account application with a check. They assist with tax-free direct transfers or rollovers from current IRA custodians or plan administrators, ensuring a smooth investment process for precious metals IRAs.

For investors looking to rollover existing retirement accounts, Midas Gold Group offers the following services:

This focus on customer-centric service further emphasizes their reputation as a reliable precious metals business and dealer.

Selecting Precious Metals for Your IRA

Midas Gold Group simplifies the nuanced process of adding precious metals to your IRA by helping investors understand the specific types of coins and bars eligible for Gold IRA inclusion. The company offers a comprehensive ‘Guide to Owning Bullion & Coins’ that informs investors about bullion, proof, and collectible coins that qualify for an IRA.

From the popular Gold American Eagle and Gold American Buffalo to the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf, there are numerous investment precious metals for IRA accounts that Midas Gold Group can assist with. This guidance ensures compliance with IRS regulations and helps investors make informed decisions.

The Role of IRA Custodians

In the realm of precious metals investment, IRA custodians play a pivotal role in assisting clients with their IRA needs. Midas Gold Group collaborates with reputable custodians such as Equity Trust Company and New Direction Trust Company. These custodians have a strong track record, managing billions in assets and serving thousands of accounts.

Midas Gold Group assists its clients with selecting an IRA custodian that aligns with their individual needs. They provide pre-filled forms to streamline the IRA opening process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for their clients.

Secure Storage Solutions

When it comes to storing precious metals, security is paramount. Midas Gold Group partners with several third-party depository facilities, such as Delaware Depository Service Company (DDSC), Brink’s Global Service, and International Depository Services (IDS), among others, to store precious metals.

These storage facilities offer the following features:

Product Portfolio Offered by Midas Gold Group

Collection of gold and silver bullion coins

Midas Gold Group offers a broad selection of precious metals including:

These metals, including gold bullion and silver coins, are available for both the investment and collector markets. Their product portfolio encompasses items such as gold coins, bullion, proof, collectible coins, and bars sourced from highly respected mints across the globe.

All products sold by Midas Gold Group come with a guarantee of:

This assures clients of their investment’s credibility, whether it’s for personal investment or as a part of their IRA.

Transparency in Fees and Costs

Transparency in fees and costs is of utmost importance in investing. Midas Gold Group offers investment strategies to cut down on Gold IRA storage costs and aids clients in comparing fee schedules for different custodians and storage options. However, it’s worth noting that Midas Gold Group fees, especially IRA annual fees, are not listed on their website, requiring customers to inquire directly for a clear understanding of fees and any hidden costs.

Midas Gold Group offers competitive pricing and additional services such as portfolio evaluations and assistance with established precious metals IRAs. They do not collect sales taxes on precious metals purchases in certain regions like Arizona, and IRA-related fees may be tax-deductible.

Customer Experience and Support

Midas Gold Group recognizes that customer experience and support are vital elements of any business. They provide personalized customer service through dedicated account representatives, ensuring that each client receives the attention and assistance they need.

Midas Gold Group is known for:

Buyback and Liquidity Options

A comprehensive buyback program is offered by Midas Gold Group, enabling clients to sell their precious metals back to the company, thus ensuring a reliable liquidity option when selling gold. The company provides a straightforward selling process, competitive pricing, and insured transactions to protect the customers during the buyback.

When a client sells precious metals, they can receive payment through several methods, including wire transfer, check, or bank check as per their preference. Gold IRA clients have the flexibility to liquidate their investments tax-free and without penalties, as long as proceeds stay within the IRA, providing a tangible way to manage retirement funds.

Midas Gold Group Offers and Promotions

Person receiving a complimentary gold information kit from Midas Gold Group

To help investors make informed decisions, Midas Gold Group offers a complimentary gold information kit. This kit aids investors in safeguarding their retirement savings and promotes enlightened investment choices.

Comparing Midas Gold Group with Other Precious Metals Dealers

Despite offering an array of services and possessing a commendable reputation, Midas Gold Group remains lesser-known in the precious metals industry compared to its competitors. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s inferior, but it does underline the importance of doing your due diligence when choosing a precious metals dealer.

While larger, more recognized companies might have more visibility, Midas Gold Group’s focus on personalized service, comprehensive offerings, and client-first approach make it a worthy contender in the precious metals industry.

Building a Diversified Investment Portfolio with Midas Gold Group

Physical gold and silver, known as physical precious metals, are positioned by Midas Gold Group as essential components for tangible private wealth creation and financial diversification. They provide diversified wealth preservation strategies, enabling clients to trade assets in a private and secure manner, and form strong precious metals portfolios.

The firm highlights gold’s outperformance during periods of economic downturns, credit crises, and high inflation scenarios. Incorporating precious metals in an IRA helps safeguard against market volatility and currency devaluation, with these assets often moving inversely to paper assets.

Insights from Financial Experts on Midas Gold Group

Financial expert providing insights on precious metals investment

Midas Gold Group is recognized by financial experts for its commitment to prioritizing clients in its financial guidance. Their professionals have no incentive to push particular products, ensuring that the clients’ needs are always at the forefront.

Midas Gold Group is also highlighted by financial experts for its:


In summary, Midas Gold Group is a reliable and dedicated player in the precious metals industry. Despite being lesser-known than some of its competitors, it offers a comprehensive range of services, robust customer support, and an emphasis on client-first financial guidance.

As with any investment decision, it’s vital to conduct thorough research and due diligence. Midas Gold Group offers a compelling choice for those looking to diversify their portfolios with precious metals. However, potential investors should pay close attention to customer reviews and fee structures to ensure it aligns with their individual needs and investment goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Midas gold?

Midas Gold Group is a veteran-owned and operated company with unparalleled industry experience and expertise in second-generation Precious Metals and Gold IRA business.

What is BBB rating?

The BBB rating is a measure of a business’s trustworthiness and performance, similar to a report card. It ranges from A+ (highest) to F (lowest) and is based on information obtained about the business.

What services does Midas Gold Group offer?

Midas Gold Group offers a comprehensive range of services for precious metals investment, including IRA services, and investment options for gold, platinum, silver, palladium, and other precious metals. Whether you’re interested in diversifying your investment portfolio or setting up a precious metals IRA, Midas Gold Group has you covered.

What is the investment process with Midas Gold Group?

To invest with Midas Gold Group, you’ll need to create an online account, choose an IRA custodian, and transfer your funds. The company offers full support during this process.

How does Midas Gold Group ensure the secure storage of precious metals?

Midas Gold Group ensures the secure storage of precious metals by partnering with third-party depository facilities like Delaware Depository Service Company, Brink’s Global Service, and International Depository Services, which use state-of-the-art security systems and carry excess insurance policies from major global insurers.