Maine Gold Silver Review: An Honest Look at Customer Satisfaction & Quality

Looking for an impartial maine gold silver review that cuts to the heart of their reputation and service? We’re here to dissect real customer experiences, service offerings, and the integrity of their pricing. Expect a no-frills breakdown of what makes Maine Gold & Silver a choice to consider—or not—for your precious metals transactions.

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Key Takeaways

Evaluating Maine Gold & Silver: Customer Experiences and Ratings

Customers rating Maine Gold & Silver

A dealer’s reputation hinges on customer satisfaction. Assessing Maine Gold & Silver’s standing from the perspectives of their clients, we examine the customer-generated reviews and ratings to construct a complete overview of their experiences.

The Verdict from Buyers: Positive Reviews

In the world of precious metals and collectibles, customer reviews are a goldmine of information. A glance at the reviews for Maine Gold & Silver reveals a wealth of positive feedback. Customers consistently praise the exceptional service and high prices received for their items, reflecting a successful track record in customer satisfaction.

Constructive Criticism: Addressing Complaints

While positive reviews are indeed enlightening, constructive criticism is equally valuable. An impressive A+ rating on BBB and a 4.5 out of 5 based on 13 silver reviews on Yelp attest to Maine Gold & Silver’s commitment to addressing any concerns raised by their customers.

Scorecard Summary: Maine Gold & Silver’s Overall Ratings

In summary, Maine Gold & Silver boasts an impressive track record, with a high level of customer satisfaction. This is a testament to their adherence to the guidelines set by the Federal Trade Commission, ensuring fair business practices.

Inside Maine Gold & Silver: Services and Expertise

Maine Gold & Silver Jewelry Services

Having considered the customers’ opinions, we venture into the inner workings of Maine Gold & Silver, investigating their multifaceted services and areas of expertise. They provide a spectrum of services, from jewelry-related tasks to dealing with rare coins and precious metals, satisfying a broad array of customer requirements.

From Repairs to Appraisals: Jewelry Services

Maine Gold & Silver offers a wide array of jewelry services, including:

Their in-house Repair Department is fully equipped to handle these tasks within a half hour.

Jewelry appraisal is another area where their expertise shines. With over 70 years of experience in jewelry repair, appraisal, and design, you can trust their judgment and craftsmanship.

Treasure Hunt: Rare Coins and Collectible Coins

Rare and collectible coins at Maine Gold & Silver

For the numismatic enthusiasts, Maine Gold & Silver offers a treasure trove of rare and collectible coins. Their selection includes:

The staff is known for their extensive knowledge, helpfulness, and competitive pricing. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a beginner, you’re sure to find something intriguing here.

The Shine of Silver and Gold: Bullion and Precious Metals

Besides coins, Maine Gold & Silver also offers an array of bullion and precious metals for purchase, including the sought-after silver maine gold. From Gold Eagles to Engelhard Silver bars, their diverse selection caters to both collectors and investors, making them a top choice for Maine gold and silver enthusiasts.

Transparency in Transactions: Pricing and Fairness

Pricing transparency at Maine Gold & Silver

One aspect that sets reputable dealers apart is transparency in transactions. At Maine Gold & Silver, this transparency extends to their pricing and their commitment to fairness.

Let’s delve into how they ensure fair pricing for their customers.

Understanding the Value: How Prices Are Determined

Pricing precious metals and collectibles is a complex process, influenced by various factors such as market trends, condition, and salability of the items. At Maine Gold & Silver, they consider all these factors to determine their prices, ensuring a fair market value for their customers.

Customer Assurance: Fair Price Guarantee

Maine Gold & Silver goes a step further to ensure fairness in their transactions through their Fair Price Guarantee. This commitment to equitable pricing is reflected in their sales, where gold and silver in coin or bar form are sold at a price agreed upon by both the buyer and the seller.

This price is based on current market value, ensuring that customers receive a fair price for their items.

Behind the Scenes: The Team at Maine Gold & Silver

Expert team at Maine Gold & Silver

Behind every successful establishment is a devoted team. We’ll uncover the team behind Maine Gold & Silver’s operations. From jewelers and coin experts to the management, each team member holds a key role in steering the company towards success.

Crafting Excellence: The Jewelers’ Expertise

The jewelers at Maine Gold & Silver are the backbone of the company, with over 70 years of combined expertise in jewelry. They offer a range of services including:

Customers can trust that their estate jewelry, including two necklaces, is in the best hands with the skilled jewelers at Maine Gold & Silver, a trusted jewelry store in South Portland.

Numismatic Knowledge: Coin Experts

The coin experts at Maine Gold & Silver, a subsidiary of Paramount International Coin Corp, are another invaluable asset to the company. With over 50 years of collective experience in the numismatic trade, they offer a wealth of knowledge to customers, enhancing their shopping experience.

Leadership and Vision: Management Profile

At the helm of Maine Gold & Silver is Norman Pullen, the owner, who has a lifelong passion for coin collecting. His leadership and vision have been instrumental in the company’s success and recognition, including the Silver Communicator Award of Distinction for the official state website,

Shopping Experience: Visiting Maine Gold & Silver

A trip to Maine Gold & Silver offers a distinctive shopping experience. Here’s what you can expect:

First Impressions: Store Layout and Display

The layout and display of Maine Gold & Silver are designed to create a welcoming and well-organized shopping atmosphere. The store features:

Personalized Service: Staff Interactions

At Maine Gold & Silver, personalized service is the norm. Staff members are known for their friendliness, helpfulness, and knowledge. They go the extra mile to ensure customers’ needs are met, providing excellent service and genuine guidance.

Consumer Advice: When to Visit and What to Know

Planning your visit to Maine Gold & Silver? Here’s some advice on when to visit, what to know before visiting, and how to prepare for your visit.

Timing Your Trip: Store Hours and Peak Times

Maine Gold & Silver is typically open from 10 am to 5:30 pm, with some variations on specific dates. To avoid crowds, it’s best to visit during the shoulder seasons of May and from September to October. But always check ahead for any special hours or changes.

Preparing for Your Visit: Items to Bring and Questions to Ask

When visiting Maine Gold & Silver, be sure to bring any items you wish to sell or have appraised, such as scrap gold, as well as a list of questions or specific requests. This will facilitate a productive visit.

Navigating the Digital Space: Maine Gold & Silver Online Presence

Can’t visit in person? Not to worry! Maine Gold & Silver maintains a robust online presence, offering ample information and services to customers, regardless of their location.

Website Review: Ease of Use and Information Access

The Maine Gold & Silver website offers:

Cybersecurity Measures: Protecting Customer Data

In this digital age, cybersecurity is a concern for all. Rest assured, Maine Gold & Silver places a high priority on protecting customer data. They have a privacy policy in place and ensure secure online transactions, maintaining records containing client personal data, account opening documents, and communications in compliance with applicable regulations.


In conclusion, Maine Gold & Silver stands as a beacon of quality and trustworthiness in the world of precious metals and collectibles. With a stellar reputation, a wide range of services and expertise, a commitment to fair pricing and transparency, and a dedicated team, it is a dealer you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Maine Gold & Silver offer?

Maine Gold & Silver offers a wide range of services, including jewelry repair, custom designs, professional appraisals, and buying and selling rare and collectible coins, gold, and silver. Worth checking out if you’re in need of any of these services.

How does Maine Gold & Silver ensure fair pricing?

Maine Gold & Silver ensures fair pricing by considering the current market price and their inventory requirements, and they also have a Fair Price Guarantee for customers.

What is the expertise level of the team at Maine Gold & Silver?

The team at Maine Gold & Silver has an expertise level of over 50 years in the trade and over 70 years of combined experience in jewelry repair and custom design. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their field.

What can I expect when visiting the Maine Gold & Silver store?

When visiting the Maine Gold & Silver store, you can expect a welcoming and well-organized shopping atmosphere with a diverse selection of new, estate, and antique jewelry, along with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

What measures does Maine Gold & Silver take to protect customer data?

Maine Gold & Silver protects customer data by implementing a privacy policy and maintaining secure online transactions in compliance with applicable regulations.