An Honest Kitco Metals Review: Your Trusted Guide in Precious Metals Investment

Investors often question if Kitco Metals upholds its reputation in the precious metals market. Offering a clear-cut Kitco Metals review, we delve into the specifics of their service offerings, customer reviews, and how they size up to competitors, paving the way for an educated investment choice.

Key Takeaways

Kitco Metals Overview

Kitco Metals Overview with various precious metals

Founded in 1977, Kitco Metals is a Canadian company known for its significant contribution to the precious metals industry. Over the years, it has made a name for itself by offering a variety of services such as:

Company Background

Bart Kitner established Kitco Metals, which is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and extends its presence to Hong Kong. The company has experienced significant growth since its inception and has earned recognition as a reliable and trustworthy player in the precious metals industry.

With a keen focus on business practices that are “above board,” Kitco has managed to maintain a positive reputation throughout its existence.

Services Offered

In addition to its diverse range of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium, Kitco Metals offers several services to meet each investor’s unique needs. These services include:

Moreover, the company has set up a transparent and user-friendly online platform, making it easier for customers to buy and sell their precious metals, including selling gold.

Reputation in the Industry

Kitco Metals Inc, a reliable source for metal price updates, industry news, and market insights, holds a solid standing in the precious metals industry. The company is known for its commendable business practices and has received several industry awards and recognitions.

However, it’s not all roses; there have been instances of customer complaints and disruptions to the Kitco Metals website, suggesting areas for potential enhancement.

Customer Experiences with Kitco Metals

Customers have had a variety of experiences with Kitco Metals, just as varied as the precious metals the company offers. While some customers have extolled the company for its prompt delivery, knowledgeable customer service, and competitive pricing, others have been less than satisfied. These detractors have expressed dissatisfaction with their purchases, delivery challenges, and customer service issues.

Positive Reviews

Many satisfied customers have left numerous positive reviews for the company, praising:

Negative Reviews

Even with the positive reviews, Kitco Metals has faced some criticism. Some customers have voiced their dissatisfaction with their purchases and the perceived deception during their engagements with the company. These complaints have led to a lower satisfaction rating on various customer review platforms.

Kitco Metals Products and Pricing

Gold and Silver Coins and Bars available at Kitco Metals

Kitco Metals offers a wide array of precious metals products, including gold and silver coins and bars, as well as other coveted metals like platinum and palladium. The company prides itself on its competitive pricing and offers market-driven rates for its gold and silver products. If you’re looking to sell gold, Kitco Metals is a reliable choice.

Kitco also ensures fair and competitive pricing for its customers by offering bulk discounts on products like 1 oz gold bars and 100 oz silver bars.

Gold and Silver Coins and Bars

The company provides a diverse selection of gold bullion, gold and silver coins, gold coins, and bars, including:

For silver enthusiasts, they offer the 100 oz Silver Royal Canadian Mint Bar (Previous Design), 2 oz Silver Bitcoin Round, and a variety of silver bullion products.

Other Precious Metals

In addition to gold and silver, Kitco Metals also offers platinum, palladium, and rhodium. These precious metals, including physical gold, can be purchased in the form of bullion bars and coins, catering to a wide range of investment requirements.

Pricing Comparison

In terms of pricing, Kitco Metals offers:

Online Platform and User Experience

Kitco Metals Online Platform and User Experience

The design of Kitco Metals’ online platform aims to facilitate a seamless buying and selling experience for its customers. From secure transactions to a user-friendly interface, the website offers all the features needed for a smooth and convenient precious metals investment journey.

Website Navigation

Features on the Kitco Metals website include:

The user-friendly design and easy navigation make it a breeze to browse through the various offerings and make informed investment decisions.

Transaction Process

On Kitco’s online platform, the transaction process for buying and selling precious metals is both straightforward and secure. The company accepts various payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal for transactions in U.S. or Canadian Dollars, up to $10,000 for new accounts. Additionally, bank wire payment is also offered as an alternative.

The typical processing time varies from two to 10 business days to assay the products and verify their purity.

Customer Support

Kitco Metals prides itself on its robust customer support. The company offers support through various channels, including phone, fax, and live chat on their website. Despite some negative feedback regarding their customer service, Kitco Metals has a commendable response rate, having replied to 96% of negative reviews with the goal of responding within 2 days.

Kitco Metals IRA and Investment Options

Kitco Metals IRA and Investment Options for diversifying investments

As a unique service, Kitco Metals offers a Precious Metals IRA, which gives individuals the opportunity to incorporate gold and silver into their IRA or RSP portfolio. This is an excellent option for those looking to diversify their retirement savings and hedge against market volatility.

Precious Metals IRA

A Precious Metals IRA is an individual retirement account that allows individuals to allocate funds towards physical metals. Kitco Metals provides the service of conveniently adding precious metals to your IRA or RSP portfolio, offering the option to diversify your retirement holdings with precious metals.

Diversifying Investments

Diversifying investments with precious metals can mitigate risk by:

Investing in the precious metals market, specifically in precious metals investments or deciding to buy precious metals, offers several benefits, including:

Comparing Kitco Metals to Competitors

To provide a holistic view of its standing, it is necessary to compare Kitco Metals, which holds a strong position in the precious metals industry, to its competitors. Its main competitors include,, and

Kitco Metals vs. Competitor A

A comparison between Kitco Metals and Competitor A reveals that both companies offer similar services, including the sale of bullion bars and coins, and Gold and Silver IRAs. However, Kitco Metals stands out due to its additional services such as refining and storage options while Competitor A emphasizes personalized customer service and educational resources.

Kitco Metals vs. Competitor B

Comparing Kitco Metals to Competitor B, also known as APMEX, reveals that both companies are well-respected entities in the precious metals industry. However, there are some differences between the two:

Both companies have their own unique strengths and it ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences when choosing between them.


All in all, Kitco Metals offers a comprehensive range of services in the precious metals market. From buying and selling precious metals to offering secure storage options, the company caters to both novice and seasoned investors. Despite some customer dissatisfaction, the company maintains a strong position in the industry and continues to strive for improvement. The world of precious metals investment is vast and can seem daunting, but with a trusted guide like Kitco Metals, the journey can be a rewarding one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy from Kitco?

Yes, it is safe to buy from Kitco as it is considered a reputable and reliable source for buying and selling precious metals. Many people trust Kitco for accurate market information and to purchase precious metal products at competitive prices.

Where is Kitco located?

Kitco is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, and operates offices in Montreal, New York, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

How to buy gold in Kitco?

To buy gold from Kitco, you can open a Kitco Gold account and verify your identity, then submit a purchase order and provide a compatible wallet address to receive Kitco Gold Tokens. Alternatively, you can buy precious metal products online from Kitco’s online store or over the phone by calling 1 877 775-4826 or 514 313-9999.

What types of precious metals does Kitco Metals offer?

Kitco Metals offers a diverse range of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium, providing a wide selection for investors and collectors.

How does the pricing of Kitco Metals compare to that of its competitors?

Kitco Metals offers competitive pricing compared to its competitors, providing market-driven rates for its precious metals products.