Jack Hunt Coin Broker Review: Navigating Your Precious Metals Investment

If you’re considering Jack Hunt Coin Broker for your precious metals investment, you probably want to know: Is it trustworthy? Are the services reliable? What do the actual customers say? In this Jack Hunt Coin Broker review, we rigorously tackle these critical questions, detailing our findings on the broker’s performance and reputation in the industry.

Key Takeaways

Overview of Jack Hunt Coin Broker

Jack Hunt Coin Broker office building in Buffalo, New York

In the realm of precious metals dealing, Jack Hunt Coin Broker stands as a notable name. Established in 1969 by Jack Hunt, this Buffalo, New York-based company has carved a niche for itself in the industry, transitioning from a conventional coin shop to a distributor of precious metals. This progression was significantly influenced by the precious metals price boom of 1979-80, an event that undoubtedly marked a pivotal point in the company’s history and impacted Jack Hunt coin prices.

Today, the company is recognized for its wholesale and retail purchasing of scrap precious metals and the sale of gold and silver bullion. The headquarters of this registered coin dealer lie at 2746 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, New York, a testament to its enduring presence in the industry. But beyond its physical location, Jack Hunt Coin Broker extends its reach to a national and international audience through its online platform, offering precious metal enthusiasts a reliable avenue to purchase and sell a range of precious metals.

Company Background

Founded in 1968 by Jack Hunt, the company started its journey as a typical coin store, with Scott Hunt, his son, currently serving as the president. However, the surge in valuable metals from 1979-80 marked a watershed moment for the company, propelling its transition to a wholesale and retail supplier of precious metals. Now, the company is recognized for its competitive coin prices and superior services, catering to a broad clientele, from individual investors to significant financial institutions.

Scott Hunt currently holds the presidency of Jack Hunt Coin Broker. Under his leadership, the company has further solidified its position in the market, specializing in precious metals and distinguishing itself from traditional jewelry stores.

Range of Products and Services

Jack Hunt Coin Broker prides itself on offering an extensive range of precious metal products, including:

These offerings cater to a wide spectrum of investors, from those seeking to hold tangible assets to those aiming for portfolio diversification.

The company’s offerings are not limited to products. It also provides a range of additional services, including precious metals storage services, that facilitate investment in precious metals and purchase of scrap gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals. This dual focus on products and services underscores the company’s commitment to catering to the diverse needs of its clientele.

Evaluating Jack Hunt Coin Broker’s Reputation

In the realm of precious metals, a solid reputation is pivotal for success. Jack Hunt Coin Broker has built a positive image among its customers, as evidenced by:

However, like any business, Jack Hunt Coin Broker has not been immune to controversy. The company has had a complaint lodged against them with the Better Business Bureau, and there is an ongoing litigation case involving the company. While this should certainly be taken into account when assessing their reputation, it’s important to note that such incidents are not uncommon in the industry, and the company’s overall positive customer feedback speaks volumes about its commitment to resolving issues and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Delving deeper into customer feedback, it’s clear that Jack Hunt Coin Broker has made a significant impact on its clientele. With a stellar 4.6-star rating based on 87 reviews on Google, the company has consistently delivered on its promises of competitive prices and exceptional service.

Frequently, customers emphasize the company’s dedication to fair and equitable payment practices, a factor that largely bolsters customer trust and loyalty. The consistency in positive feedback across multiple reviews underscores Jack Hunt Coin Broker’s dedication to customer satisfaction and its standing as a reliable precious metals dealer.

Ratings and Accreditations

Ratings and accreditations serve as substantial markers of a precious metals dealer’s trustworthiness and standing in the sector. Jack Hunt Coin Broker, one of the registered coin dealers, holds the status of an authorized purchaser from the U.S. Mint for gold and platinum coins, a recognition that speaks to its commitment to excellence and innovation in the numismatic community.

However, it’s worth noting that the company does not hold accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. While this might raise eyebrows for some, it’s important to consider that BBB accreditation is just one of many factors to consider when evaluating a company’s credibility. The company’s positive customer reviews, industry accreditations, and longstanding presence in the industry all contribute to a comprehensive picture of its reputation.

Precious Metals Offered by Jack Hunt Coin Broker

Gold and silver bullion products

At the core of Jack Hunt Coin Broker’s offerings lies its broad array of precious metals. The company offers a broad selection of gold bullion products, including one-ounce gold coins such as the United States Gold Eagle and the Canadian Maple Leaf, as well as gold bars. These offerings cater to a wide array of investors, from those seeking a tangible store of value to those aiming to diversify their investment portfolios.

In addition to gold, Jack Hunt Coin Broker also offers silver bullion, featuring silver coins and bars sourced from reputable mints such as the US Mint and Royal Canadian Mint. For those seeking to diversify beyond gold and silver, the company also offers a variety of platinum bullion, providing an additional layer of diversification for precious metals investors.

Gold Bullion

Delving into the specifics, Jack Hunt Coin Broker’s gold bullion offerings encompass a diverse selection of gold coins and bars, including products from sovereign mints such as the US and Royal Canadian Mints, as well as private mints. The company’s gold bullion products are of superior quality, sourced from different sovereign and private mints, including renowned mints such as the US and Royal mints.

In terms of sizes and weights, Jack Hunt Coin Broker caters to various investment needs by offering gold bullion products in standard sizes of 1 ounce, with weights accurately measured in Troy ounces. This range of sizes and weights ensures that investors can choose the gold bullion products that best fit their investment objectives and budget constraints.

Silver Bullion

On the silver front, Jack Hunt Coin Broker offers a range of silver coins and bars, available in sizes of:

The quality of their silver bullion, including the popular Silver Eagle coins, is guaranteed through certified offerings sourced from reputable mints such as the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Mason Mint, and others.

Navigating the pricing structures for silver bullion at Jack Hunt Coin Broker is made easy through their dealer pricing options for coins and bars from the US Mint, available on their website. This commitment to transparent and accessible pricing is one of the many ways in which Jack Hunt Coin Broker prioritizes customer convenience and satisfaction.

Platinum Bullion

For those looking to diversify beyond gold and silver, Jack Hunt Coin Broker offers a variety of platinum coins and bars. The company provides 1 oz platinum coins from the US Mint, such as the United States 1 oz. Platinum Eagle, and also offers the 1 oz. Royal Canadian platinum coins.

In addition, Jack Hunt Coin Broker offers an extensive assortment of platinum bars, which includes the sought-after 1 oz Valcambi Suisse platinum bars. For collectors, the company offers unique and collectible platinum items, catering to those looking for special items to add to their collections.

Purchasing and Selling Process with Jack Hunt Coin Broker

Purchasing and selling process with Jack Hunt Coin Broker

After deciding on the type of precious metals for your investment, understanding the buying and selling process becomes the next crucial step. At Jack Hunt Coin Broker, the procedure for acquiring precious metals includes the purchase of scrap gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals, as well as the option to purchase precious metals in the form of wholesale gold coins and bars from various mints.

The fees for acquiring precious metals are determined by a markup over the prevailing market value, referred to as the spot price. It’s important to note that the company does not facilitate credit card payments for purchases. For shipping, Jack Hunt Coin Broker offers insured options for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, ensuring that your precious metals reach you safely and securely.

Buying Process

Regarding the purchase of precious metals from Jack Hunt Coin Broker, the company provides various options. These include their online platform or through in-person transactions at their authorized dealerships. Their services encompass melt, assay, outright purchase, bullion offsets, and trading.

In terms of payment, Jack Hunt Coin Broker accepts cash, certified check, or wire transfer, but does not accept credit card payments. The company also has no legal minimum or maximum limits on the amount one can spend on purchasing precious metals, allowing you to buy as little or as much as you require.

Selling Process

If you’re considering selling precious metals to Jack Hunt Coin Broker, you need to initiate contact directly. They are buyers of:

They offer a scrap calculator on their website to assist in assessing the value of your scrap.

In terms of prerequisites, it is necessary to contact the company directly for inquiries as they handle both scrap and wholesale bullion transactions. The company provides complimentary appraisal services to evaluate the worth of precious metals, such as:

before completing a purchase.

Their willingness to purchase a range of precious metals, from scrap gold and silver to other items made of precious metals, showcases their versatility and commitment to customer convenience.

Scrap Precious Metals Services

Jack Hunt Coin Broker, specializing in jack hunt gold and other precious metals, offers a variety of services for those possessing scrap gold or other precious metals. These services include:

These options provide a comprehensive suite of choices for those looking to sell their scrap precious metals.

In terms of pricing, the company employs a professional calculator for scrap dealers to ascertain the value of scrap gold, taking into account its weight and purity. The payout rate may vary, commencing at 98% for 10 oz or less of fine gold and increasing to 99% or higher for 50-100 fine oz. To sell scrap gold to Jack Hunt Coin Broker, clients are required to possess a related business license.

Comparing Jack Hunt Coin Broker to Other Precious Metals Dealers

Comparison of precious metals dealers

Within the competitive realm of precious metals dealing, Jack Hunt Coin Broker differentiates itself with distinct selling propositions. These include:

When compared to its primary competitors Precious Metals Advisory LLC, Southern Precious Metals Exchange, Polyak Precious Metals, and Gold Why What, Jack Hunt Coin Broker holds its own with its diverse range of products, including scrap precious metals and bullion, and its commitment to employing competitive pricing tactics within the market.

Gold IRA Investment Considerations

For those contemplating precious metals as a part of their retirement plan, a Gold IRA emerges as an excellent choice. A Gold IRA is a type of retirement investment vehicle that enables individuals to include gold bullion, coins, or other authorized precious metals in their retirement portfolios.

When establishing a Gold IRA, it involves the selection of a gold IRA company to collaborate with, funding the account, and choosing the specific metals to incorporate into your investment portfolio.

While Jack Hunt Coin Broker does not directly offer Gold IRA setup and management services, their extensive range of eligible precious metals products makes them a suitable partner for those with existing Gold IRA accounts looking to add high-quality gold, silver, or platinum to their portfolios.

Contact Information for Jack Hunt Coin Broker

Contact information for Jack Hunt Coin Broker

For inquiries or additional information, you can reach Jack Hunt Coin Broker through the following channels:

Customers can use these channels, particularly for inquiries related to trading, selling, and buying bullion.

The company also offers a live chat feature on their website for prompt communication with their customer service team.


In conclusion, Jack Hunt Coin Broker stands as a reliable and experienced platform for precious metals investment. From its extensive array of gold, silver, and platinum products to its comprehensive services for scrap precious metals, the company offers a one-stop solution for precious metals investors. While it’s essential to consider all factors when choosing a precious metals dealer, Jack Hunt Coin Broker’s longstanding industry presence, positive customer reviews, and commitment to transparent pricing make it a compelling choice for both novice and experienced investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of precious metals does Jack Hunt Coin Broker offer?

At Jack Hunt Coin Broker, you can find a variety of precious metal products such as gold, silver, and platinum coins, bars, and bullion, including the option to sell scrap gold, silver, and platinum.

How does the purchasing process work at Jack Hunt Coin Broker?

At Jack Hunt Coin Broker, customers can purchase precious metals through their online platform or at authorized dealerships, and make payments in cash, certified check, or wire transfer. Whether online or in person, customers have multiple payment options available.

Can I sell my scrap gold to Jack Hunt Coin Broker?

Yes, you can sell your scrap gold to Jack Hunt Coin Broker, as they buy various precious metals and offer a scrap calculator on their website to determine value.

How does Jack Hunt Coin Broker compare to its competitors?

Jack Hunt Coin Broker sets itself apart from competitors by offering unique services such as purchasing scrap precious metals, providing wholesale bullion, and offering real-time spot prices through dealer hub services, as well as a Rapid Express shipping option.

What are the contact details for Jack Hunt Coin Broker?

You can reach Jack Hunt Coin Broker at 2746 Delaware Ave, Kenmore, NY 14217 or by calling 800-877-7424. Alternatively, you can contact them via email or through the contact form on their website.