ITM Trading Review: Expert Insights into the Gold & Silver Investment Leader

When considering an investment in precious metals, the legitimacy and expertise of the dealer are crucial. This itm trading review cuts through the noise to provide a straightforward assessment of ITM Trading’s services, market reputation, and customer feedback. We’ll explore whether their offers in gold and silver are a sound investment and how their educational resources and client support measure up to investor needs. This is the clarity you need to make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways

Exploring ITM Trading’s Legacy

ITM Trading legacy and reputation in the precious metals industry

Established in 1995 by Craig Griffin, ITM Trading has built a solid reputation in the precious metals industry over the past two decades. The company’s mission is to provide high-quality products and services, with a focus on educating and assisting customers in mitigating long-term financial risk. With 28 years of operation, ITM Trading has earned a reputation as a reliable source of research and education, helping countless individuals understand the complexities of economic mechanisms.

What sets ITM Trading apart from other precious metals dealers is its diverse selection of products. ITM Trading boasts a wide variety of precious metals products, including pre-1933 gold coins and specialized inventory tailored to IRA investors. The company is also known for its direct delivery services, ensuring that clients’ precious metals investments reach their homes or IRA Depository accounts safely.

The Leadership at ITM Trading

Leadership at ITM Trading - Craig and Eric Griffin

Under the current leadership of President & CEO Eric Griffin, ITM Trading has continued to flourish. Griffin’s extensive experience in the field of finance has been instrumental in the company’s growth and success. Since taking the helm, Griffin has made strategic appointments to bolster the company’s leadership team, including partnering with a m global logistics for efficient operations. With a solid company background itm trading has managed to attract key figures, including:

The hierarchical structure of ITM Trading aims to facilitate strategic business management. With Griffin at the helm and the support of an experienced team, ITM Trading is well-equipped to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the precious metals industry. Further bolstering the company’s credibility, they collaborate with reputable storage depositories like the Texas Precious Metals Depository and International Depository Services for secure storage of clients’ precious metals investments.

Comprehensive Review of ITM Trading Services

ITM Trading comprehensive services and resources

ITM Trading offers a plethora of services. From a diverse selection of precious metals products to tailored investment strategies and a wealth of educational resources, the company offers comprehensive services designed to support clients at every stage of their investment journey.

Diverse Precious Metals Products

Offering a diverse range of precious metals products is one of ITM Trading’s major strengths. The company offers a wide range of gold and silver products, including bullion coins and bars. A standout in their portfolio is the pre-1933 gold coins. These coins are of significant value due to their rarity, inherent gold content, and condition. Their strategic inclusion in one’s portfolio can be an excellent choice for diversifying investments in precious metals.

In addition to gold and silver bullion, ITM Trading also offers a range of IRA-approved precious metals, including ira approved gold products. These include:

These options provide clients with the opportunity to incorporate precious metals into their retirement investment plans through gold companies. To ensure the quality of its precious metals, the company, acting as a precious metals dealer, provides lifetime consulting and education, guiding clients through the purchasing and selling procedures.

Tailored Investment Strategies

ITM Trading’s services extend beyond mere selling of precious metals. The company works closely with each client to develop a personalized investment strategy that addresses their unique financial concerns and goals. This tailored approach involves an in-depth consultation to evaluate the specific needs of the client. The company’s dedicated Gold & Silver Analysts then use this information to craft a strategy that aligns with the client’s objectives, taking into account factors such as historical performance, wealth protection, scarcity of assets, quality, current demand, market sentiment, and general economic factors.

The strategies formulated by ITM Trading, including their trading strategies, aim to ensure the protection of wealth. The company implements investment strategies that have a historical track record of protecting wealth and assets, ensuring security even during economic downturns or currency collapses. This strategic approach allows clients to rest easy, knowing that their investments are built on a solid foundation.

Educational Resources and Support

Education forms the foundation of ITM Trading’s approach. The company provides a range of educational resources, including:

These resources are designed to enhance clients’ understanding of the precious metals market, including the factors that influence the value of each precious metal, enabling them to make well-informed decisions about their investments.

In addition to providing educational resources, ITM Trading offers comprehensive support to its clients. This includes:

Customer Experiences with ITM Trading

Customer experiences and reviews of ITM Trading

ITM Trading’s strong reputation for top-notch customer service mirrors its dedication to clients. The company has received favorable ratings and itm trading reviews, with clients expressing strong recommendations for its:

Positive experiences are evident in the commendations for their customer service, product satisfaction, and timely delivery.

When it comes to managing customer complaints, ITM Trading takes a proactive approach. The company is dedicated to addressing complaints with personalized attention from well-qualified professionals. This commitment to customer satisfaction has resulted in swift resolutions to issues and high levels of customer satisfaction.

ITM Trading’s Wealth Shield Plan

ITM Trading's Wealth Shield Plan for safe investment and wealth protection

ITM Trading’s Wealth Shield Plan further underscores the company’s dedication to its clientele. This comprehensive strategy is designed to protect clients’ investments, encompassing information on various types, dates, and qualities of Gold & Silver. The plan is meticulously crafted to deliver comprehensive protection for a wide range of assets and investments.

The Wealth Shield Plan integrates precious metals into clients’ investment strategies, implementing historically proven strategies designed to safeguard wealth and assets. This includes the incorporation of gold and silver into clients’ portfolios. To ensure clients understand the various options available to them, ITM Trading places emphasis on educating clients about various types, dates, and qualities of gold and silver.

Navigating the Gold & Silver Market with ITM Trading

Though navigating the gold and silver market can be daunting, ITM Trading simplifies the process. The company guides clients through the purchasing process, offering secure custodial and depository options, and providing transparent information about fees and charges.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a newcomer to the precious metals market, ITM Trading has the resources and expertise to guide you every step of the way in the investment industries.

The Purchasing Process

The process of procuring gold and silver through ITM Trading is quite simple. The company provides personalized coin recommendations based on client information. Once an order is placed and payment is received, they ship orders within 3-5 business days. They also offer lifetime consulting and education, assisting clients in building wealth protection strategies, and dealing in both bullion and rare coins. Whether you’re looking to buy gold or silver, ITM Trading makes the purchasing process easy and transparent.

In terms of payment methods, ITM Trading offers multiple options to suit different client needs. Payments can be made via:

For ACH payments, the processing time is typically around 3 business days. ITM Trading also provides discounts for large quantity purchases and for payments made using wire transfers, ACH, or checks. In addition, they have active coupon codes on their website for further discounts.

Custodial and Depository Options

ITM Trading offers safe and secure custodial and depository options for safeguarding clients’ investments in precious metals. These options ensure that clients’ investments are safely stored, providing peace of mind and added protection for their assets. The advantages of ITM Trading’s custodial and depository services include secure storage for precious metals and the opportunity to diversify investment portfolios with precious metals. Furthermore, ITM Trading has a repurchase policy for locked-in transactions, adding an extra layer of security for clients.

ITM Trading’s custodial and depository services can accommodate a range of precious metals. These include:

After clients acquire gold bullion and rare gold coins from ITM Trading, they receive assistance in selecting secure storage options. ITM Trading also provides recommendations for the appropriate storage and presentation of coins, ensuring that clients’ investments are well-protected.

Understanding Fees and Charges

ITM Trading upholds transparency as a cardinal principle, as reflected in their fee structure. The company provides all-inclusive pricing for their transactions and clearly outlines their charges. This includes a 3% fee on each product purchased, a $4.95 restricted delivery fee, and an extra 3% charge for credit card use. This way, clients can be fully informed about the costs associated with their purchases.

For those utilizing ITM Trading’s custodial and depository options, there is a Depository Storage Fee of $1 per $1000 of market value. When it comes to transitioning to a Precious Metals IRA, ITM Trading provides a clear breakdown of the associated expenses. These include:

With this level of transparency, clients can have a clear understanding of all costs involved in their investment journey.

Transitioning to Precious Metals IRAs

ITM Trading also streamlines the process of transitioning to a Precious Metals IRA, including Roth IRA accounts, for its clients. A Precious Metals IRA, or gold IRA, operates similarly to a standard IRA, but instead of housing paper assets, it safeguards physical bullion coins or bars. The company works with GoldStar to streamline the setup process for clients, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition.

The benefits of transitioning to a Precious Metals IRA with ITM Trading are numerous. This includes portfolio diversification, expert guidance in selecting appropriate IRA-qualified metals, and potential tax deferral benefits. ITM Trading’s dedicated team is always on hand to guide clients through the transition process, providing expert advice and support along the way.

The Value of Gold & Silver in Modern Investing

Gold and silver continue to hold significant value in modern investing. These precious metals serve as a hedge against inflation, typically appreciating in value as the purchasing power of the currency diminishes. Over the past decade, the price of gold has grown by approximately 48%, while silver has increased by around 12%, demonstrating the long-term value that these precious metals can bring to an investment portfolio.

The price of gold and silver is influenced by a variety of factors, including:

With ITM Trading’s expertise and guidance, clients can navigate these complexities and make informed decisions about their precious metals investments.

ITM Trading’s Commitment to Clients

ITM Trading’s client-centric approach attests to their commitment towards their clients. The company is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction, fostering strong relationships, and promoting transparency in all aspects of their business. This includes offering lifetime consulting and education to clients, ensuring that they are well-informed about their investments and the broader precious metals market.

Clients’ positive experiences with ITM Trading testify to the company’s commitment. The company has been recognized by clients for:

Further testament to their commitment, ITM Trading takes a proactive approach to managing customer complaints, ensuring swift resolution of issues while upholding customer satisfaction.

Strategy Sessions and Client Education

ITM Trading’s commitment to empowering clients is manifested in their strategy sessions and educational resources. The objectives of these sessions are to:

These sessions cover various topics and provide valuable information to help clients make informed decisions about their financial future in the financial and investment industries.

The company offers a diverse array of client education resources, from webinars to articles and guides. These resources, carefully selected by their seasoned team, assist clients in formulating strategies for economic resilience. By providing clients with valuable knowledge and weekly insights into macroeconomics, ITM Trading empowers them to make informed investment decisions.


In conclusion, ITM Trading offers a comprehensive suite of services for those interested in investing in precious metals. With a legacy of integrity and commitment to client success, the company provides expert guidance, diverse product offerings, tailored investment strategies, and a wealth of educational resources. Whether you’re looking to diversify your portfolio with precious metals, transition to a Precious Metals IRA, or simply learn more about the gold and silver market, ITM Trading is a reliable partner in your wealth protection journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of ITM?

ITM stands for “In the Money,” indicating that an option has intrinsic value when the strike price is favorable compared to the current market price of the underlying asset.

Who owns itm trading?

ITM Trading is owned by Eric Griffin, who is the current president and CEO of the company.

What sets ITM Trading apart from other precious metals dealers?

ITM Trading stands out from other precious metals dealers due to its wide range of products, personalized investment approaches, educational materials, and strong dedication to client satisfaction. This makes it a valuable choice for investors.

How does ITM Trading develop personalized investment strategies for its clients?

ITM Trading develops personalized investment strategies for its clients by assigning a dedicated Gold & Silver Analyst to each client, ensuring alignment with their unique financial concerns and goals. This personalized approach allows for tailored strategies that meet individual needs.

What are the custodial and depository options provided by ITM Trading?

ITM Trading provides secure custodial and depository options for clients’ precious metals investments, ensuring the safety of their assets.