Indigo Precious Metals Review: Unbiased Insights and User Feedback

Choosing the right precious metals dealer is crucial to your investment success. This Indigo Precious Metals review meticulously evaluates IPM’s service offerings, customer satisfaction, and investment security to help you determine if they’re the fitting choice for your portfolio. From product quality to client testimonials, get the insights you need, straight and unsweetened.

Key Takeaways

Indigo Precious Metals: Company Overview

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Headquartered in Singapore, Indigo Precious Metals has carved a niche for itself in the precious metals industry with its comprehensive suite of indigo precious metals products and services. The company was founded by David J Mitchell, a veteran in the industry with extensive experience in precious metals IRA management. As a result, indigo precious metals reviews have been consistently positive, reflecting the company’s commitment to excellence. For more information, visit the indigo precious metals website.

Upholding the principles of trust, confidentiality, service, and commitment, IPM has emerged as one of the leading precious metals dealers worldwide. The company offers a plethora of services in the physical precious metals business, including the ability to sell precious metals, buy investment level precious metals, provide fully-insured worldwide delivery, and secure storage facilities for precious metals. Catering to the needs of both experienced investors and the new precious metal buyer, IPM ensures a seamless and secure experience as a trusted precious metal buyer.

Products Offered by Indigo Precious Metals

Assortment of gold and silver bars and coins

IPM’s product portfolio is as diverse as it is impressive. The company offers a range of precious metals, including gold and silver bars, and investment-grade coins. They also deal in rare earth metals, expanding investment options for their clients.

Gold and Silver Bars

Indigo Precious Metals provides a diverse selection of gold and silver bars. These include minted and cast options, with the latter being competitively priced. The company offers a range of sizes, starting from 1 oz and going up to 100 oz, with the inclusion of a notably large 1000 oz Silver cast Bar.

Every gold and silver bar from IPM is accompanied by an assay certificate, certifying its purity and authenticity, thereby bolstering the credibility of their products. This assurance is especially beneficial for new precious metal buyers who may be unfamiliar with the industry.

Investment Grade Coins

IPM’s offerings extend beyond bars to include a diverse range of investment-grade coins. These encompass gold bullion coins, known for their exceptional quality, scarcity, and high investor demand. The quality and authenticity of these coins are upheld through fully-insured worldwide delivery and their reputation as Singapore’s most trusted bullion dealer.

Investors can reap multiple benefits from IPM’s gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium coins as part of their investment portfolio, such as stability, global liquidity, and a shield against economic crises and inflation.

Secure Vault Storage and Shipping Options

Secure offshore storage facility

Recognizing the value of the investments they handle, IPM prioritizes security and discretion. The company provides offshore asset storage in Singapore’s tax-exempt free-trade zone and offers insured shipping services worldwide.

Offshore Asset Storage

IPM’s storage facilities are fortified by state-of-the-art security measures. These include:

In addition to security, storing precious metals offshore with IPM in Singapore provides substantial tax advantages. Investors can enjoy tax benefits such as exemption from investment bullion tax, GST/VAT/Sales tax, and capital gains tax.

Insured Shipping Services

IPM provides fully insured delivery options through reputable shipping companies like:

These services are accessible globally and are delivered to the client’s specified address.

IPM ensures asset safety during shipping by providing comprehensive insurance coverage for all parcels, effective until the receipt is signed upon delivery. The packages are also shipped discreetly to uphold confidentiality.

Pricing and Buyback Policies

Real-time pricing algorithm in action

IPM’s pricing is driven by a real-time pricing algorithm that uses live financial market futures data to update the prices for each product every three minutes. The company also offers a transparent buyback process for clients looking to liquidate their investments.

Real-Time Pricing Algorithm

IPM employs a real-time pricing algorithm that utilizes live financial market futures data, updating product prices every three minutes and spot prices every 10 seconds. This real-time pricing system brings several advantages for precious metal investors. It allows for quick adjustments of investment strategies by staying updated with the current market trends.

The real-time pricing algorithm takes into consideration a range of factors such as shifts in global market forces, U.S. dollar value, and central bank movements to provide the most competitive prices.

Buyback Process

IPM’s buyback process is straightforward. Customers are required to present their metals at the company’s showroom for verification of product quality, metal content, and purity. A market buyback price is then determined based on the current global live metal prices.

Setting itself apart from other precious metal retailers, IPM offers the following benefits:

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Positive customer reviews and ratings

IPM’s commitment to customer satisfaction is widely recognized and has resulted in high customer satisfaction rates. Customer testimonials on various review platforms highlight a high level of satisfaction with IPM’s products and services.

Feefo Ratings

IPM boasts a 4.9/5 rating on Feefo, a reputable ratings and reviews platform. This rating is a testament to the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and the quality of their products.

The high Feefo rating is attributed to factors such as:

Other Review Sources

Other review sources, such as Smart.Reviews, also show positive feedback for IPM. For instance, the company has upheld a 4-star rating on Trustpilot, showcasing their credibility and commitment to customer satisfaction.

On social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, customers have praised IPM for their seamless transactions, knowledgeable staff, and absence of hard-selling tactics. Notably, there is a scarcity of reviews or complaints about IPM on the Better Business Bureau’s website, suggesting no significant issues have been reported to this consumer protection agency.

Comparing Indigo Precious Metals to Competitors

IPM distinguishes itself from its competitors in several ways. The company’s offshore storage options are highly secure, providing a competitive edge over facilities in other global financial centers such as Dubai, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.

In terms of pricing, IPM distinguishes itself by offering transparent and competitive pricing for gold and silver bars. They also provide cost-effective vaulting solutions with fees as low as 0.30% per annum.

Moreover, the company’s commendable customer service, marked by amicable and knowledgeable staff and a non-aggressive sales approach, sets it apart from its competitors as a very professional service.

Pros and Cons of Investing with Indigo Precious Metals

Investing with IPM comes with several pros:

Nevertheless, as with any investment, risks are inherent in investing in precious metals through IPM. The value of precious metals can fluctuate due to various factors, including economic conditions and the precious metal market demand. Thus, although profitable, investing in precious metals through IPM necessitates thorough research and judicious consideration of your investment objectives and risk tolerance before you buy precious metals.


Indigo Precious Metals stands as a trusted name in the precious metals industry, offering a variety of products, secure offshore storage, and expert investment advice. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, reflected in high customer ratings across various platforms, further solidifies their position as a reliable precious metals dealer. While investing in precious metals is not without risks, IPM’s competitive pricing, transparent buyback process, and personalized customer service make it an attractive option for both new and seasoned investors.

Are you all set to expand your financial investment port mix?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are precious metals worth buying?

Investing in precious metals can be a sound financial decision due to their ability to hold value, act as a hedge against inflation, and bring diversity to a portfolio. However, their value may fluctuate and not generate interest or dividend payments.

How to safely invest in precious metals?

To safely invest in precious metals, consider purchasing physical coins or bars from a reputable vendor and storing them in a secure location. This method is the safest and least complex way to invest in gold and silver.

Is precious metal real gold?

Yes, gold is a real precious metal, and its purity is measured in karats, with 24 karat gold being 100% pure. It is soft and pliable, making it more expensive and less durable than alloys with other metals.

What types of precious metals does Indigo Precious Metals offer?

Indigo Precious Metals offers a diverse range of precious metals including gold, silver, palladium, platinum, and rare earth metals, expanding investment options for their clients.

What security measures are in place at Indigo Precious Metals’ offshore storage facilities in Singapore?

Indigo Precious Metals’ offshore storage facilities in Singapore have state-of-the-art security measures, including segregated storage, advanced security with armed guards, full body scanners, and remote-access doors. These measures ensure the highest level of protection for stored assets.