DBS Coins Review: An Honest Look at Service and Value for Investors

Deciding where to buy precious metals is a significant choice. This definitive DBS Coins review objectively examines their service quality, product range, and real customer experiences to guide your decision. Find out if DBS Coins lives up to investor expectations, and discover the pros and cons of partnering with them for your investment needs.

Key Takeaways

Exploring DBS Coins: Company Profile and Reputation

DBS Coins office building with logo on the facade

Founded in 2008 by David Smoler, DBS Coins initially focused on the purchase and sale of coins to cater to collectors and investors alike. Starting with an eBay account, the company soon broadened its reach with a dedicated website. Since its inception, the company has grown substantially, diversifying into gold and silver bullion and gaining acclaim for its competitive pricing and high-quality products.

DBS Coins has a solid reputation in the precious metals industry, having established a presence for over four decades. Their exceptional customer service is a cornerstone of their success, with an impressive following of 14,000 on eBay and an impeccable 100% feedback rating over the past year. However, some customers have reported issues, such as receiving unsealed boxes or damaged coins that were not mentioned in the description.

Comprehensive Catalogue: What DBS Coins Offers

Assortment of gold and silver coins and bars

DBS Coins boasts a diverse array of bullion products, including:

Catering to a wide spectrum of investor needs. Whether you are an experienced investor or a novice, the team at DBS Coins is always ready to assist you with your purchase inquiries.

DBS Coins offers services for purchasing gold coins and other precious metals, as well as assisting with selling coins containing precious metals. Being a BBB accredited company, they have established credibility in the industry, making them a reliable destination for your precious metals transactions.

Bullion Products and Collector’s Choice

Collector's edition silver coins from DBS Coins

DBS Coins offers an impressive selection of bullion products. From gold coins to silver bars, they cater to the needs of both seasoned investors and new bullion enthusiasts. And for those seeking widely sought-after collector coins, DBS Coins has you covered with a wide range of popular options. Plus, they offer free shipping on all orders, regardless of the purchase amount.

Security and packaging are important considerations for bullion investors and collectors. Certain bullion products at DBS Coins are equipped with premium security features. For instance, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin introduced a laser security feature in 2013. Moreover, mint boxes containing 250 to 500 sealed coins provide a secure option for those seeking items in bulk.

Specialty Items and Large Purchases

DBS Coins stands out for its array of specialty items, such as:

For large-scale investors, they offer 100 oz. bars produced by reputable manufacturers like Johnson Mathey, Asahi, Engelhard, RCM, OPM, Perth, and Sunshine. These bars are .999 pure and bear the stamped weight and purity.

Maneuvering large purchases can be daunting, but DBS Coins handles it with ease. They cater to the needs of both small investors and those making significant transactions. Their ability to manage substantial purchases and their reputation for reliable and secure transactions make them an excellent choice for substantial investments.

Precious Metals for Retirement Accounts

Precious metals are not just for immediate trading; they also provide a great avenue for long-term investment, particularly for retirement accounts. DBS Coins offers the opportunity to buy precious metals, including palladium coins, and include the following in your retirement accounts:

If you’re unfamiliar with incorporating precious metals into a retirement account, DBS Coins has got you covered. They provide a complimentary consultation to guide users on setting up a gold IRA, which allows the inclusion of various forms of precious metals in your retirement account. They also advise on the tax implications of such investments.

The Buying Experience: Navigating the Purchase Process

Secure payment methods for purchasing precious metals

Purchasing precious metals, whether coins or bullion, can be an exciting venture. Understanding the process is vital for a smooth transaction. Fortunately, the process at DBS Coins is straightforward. They offer:

When you place an order with DBS Coins, you’re not left in the dark. Once you place your order, you’ll receive email instructions for payment. Upon making the payment, a confirmation email is sent, and the shipping process commences. This ensures a transparent and secure process for each transaction.

Payment Methods and Security

DBS Coins offers a variety of payment options to cater to different customer needs. For purchases of $500 or more, you can use credit/debit cards or PayPal. Payments for purchases exceeding $25,000 must be made via check. For amounts below that, other payment methods are acceptable. There are maximum limits for different payment methods: $30,000 for checks, $80,000 for bank wires, and $1,500 for credit card/PayPal transactions. This diversity of payment methods ensures maximum convenience for customers.

Security is paramount in any financial transaction, and DBS Coins ensures that your personal information is well protected. They use SSL data security protection for all online transactions, ensuring the security of your personal information. Furthermore, they do not store any credit card information on their servers or network, thereby enhancing the security of the purchase process.

Shipping and Delivery Expectations

DBS Coins understands the importance of prompt and secure delivery. They offer free shipping on all orders, without any minimum purchase requirement. The carrier for the free shipping is not specified, hence verifying the shipping address before placing an order, particularly when using po boxes, is advised.

Once your order has been placed and processed, which typically takes up to two weeks, the shipping process commences. Customers have reported swift delivery, including complimentary overnight shipping, indicating a favorable experience following the dispatch of the item. Once orders leave the warehouse, they are typically delivered within 1-5 business days.

Selling Made Simple: How to Sell Precious Metals to DBS Coins

Professional consultation for selling precious metals

DBS Coins make selling precious metals a straightforward and transparent process. To start selling, you can contact their team during operating hours to explore selling options. DBS Coins is willing to buy back any precious metal bullion or coins that have been directly purchased from them, making the selling process a breeze for anyone who has previously purchased from them.

Upon receipt of the precious metals you wish to sell, DBS Coins will conduct an evaluation and proceed with the payment. You will then be issued an email confirmation containing details of the bank wire or wire transfer for the buyback transaction. This transparency ensures you’re always in the loop about your transactions.

Investment Protection: Storage and Insurance Solutions

Storage and insurance of your precious metals are vital aspects of investment protection. DBS Coins provides its clients with a range of secure vault locations worldwide where they can store their precious metals. These locations include:

The associated costs for storage fluctuate accordingly, allowing for a penalty free experience.

DBS Coins has implemented rigorous physical security measures at their facilities, which are securely insured through Lloyd’s of London. All stored metals are allocated and segregated to guarantee the safety and individual identification of customer investments. They also offer daily private insurance coverage of $50,000,000 for their products, providing an additional layer of security for your precious metals investments.

Transparency in Pricing: Understanding DBS Coins’ Costs

Comprehending a company’s pricing structure is critical for making informed decisions. At DBS Coins, customers can discover the price of products by selecting a category and a specific product listing to view the lowest available price. The pricing of DBS Coins’ products is influenced by various factors, including U.S. dollar values, central bank policies, mining and production rates of precious metals, and technological advancements in the industry.

Their pricing is competitive compared to other bullion dealers. Customers can find discount and coupon codes, reviews, and the best product prices on their website. Plus, DBS Coins does not impose any undisclosed fees or charges when making a purchase, offering competitive prices, free shipping, and low premiums.

Customer Voices: Analyzing DBS Coins Reviews

DBS Coins’ customer ratings vary across different platforms. It has a 3.0 rating on Gold Dealer Reviews, an AA rating on BCA, and a 4.5 out of 5 on Facebook. According to Gold Dealer Reviews, DBS Coins has been rated 3.2 for the buying experience, 2.8 for shipping time, and another 2.8 for customer service.

Individual customers have had diverse experiences with DBS Coins. Some have had highly favorable experiences and indicated a willingness to engage in future transactions, while others have expressed satisfaction with DBS Coins’ service and pricing. However, there have been complaints, such as a customer on Facebook who did not receive a silver order during a period of low silver prices.

Safeguarding Your Investment: DBS Coins’ Security Measures

DBS Coins prioritizes the security of your investment by:

Their physical security measures are equally rigorous. DBS Coins has implemented stringent physical security measures at their facilities, which are securely insured through Lloyd’s of London. All stored metals are allocated and segregated, guaranteeing the safety and individual identification of customer investments. They offer a range of secure storage options for the precious metals invested by customers, providing peace of mind for your investments.


In the world of precious metals investing, DBS Coins shines brightly. With a solid reputation, a comprehensive selection of products, and a focus on customer service, they offer an ideal platform for both buying and selling precious metals. Their transparent pricing, robust security measures, and storage options further enhance the investment experience. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a beginner, DBS Coins provides the tools and support to help you succeed in your precious metals journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DBS coin legit?

Yes, DBS Coins is a legitimate family-operated coin and bullion business with over 50 years of experience in the industry. Their reputation as a top-rated seller on eBay further supports their legitimacy.

What precious metals does DBS Coins deal in?

DBS Coins deals in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They offer a wide range of precious metals for investment and collection purposes.

What payment methods does DBS Coins accept?

DBS Coins accepts payment through checks, bank wire, PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard. You have several options to choose from when making a purchase.

Can I sell my precious metals back to DBS Coins?

Yes, you can sell your precious metals back to DBS Coins if they were directly purchased from them. They are willing to buy back any precious metal bullion or coins.

What is DBS Coins’ shipping policy?

DBS Coins offers free shipping on all orders, with no minimum purchase requirement.