Coins Plus Inc Review: Trustworthy Investment or Risky Business? – 2024 Insights

Are you pondering whether Coins Plus Inc is a reputable choice for your precious metal or numismatic needs? This concise “coins plus inc review” gives you the essentials on their reliability, product lines, and customer service ethos. Look no further for a straightforward assessment that helps you gauge if Coins Plus Inc is the right match for your investment or collection endeavors.

Key Takeaways

Understanding Coins Plus Inc

A diverse collection of rare coins and precious metals at Coins Plus Inc

Coins Plus Inc, a lauded provider of precious metals and rare coins, has cemented its influence in the Greater Northwest region of the United States. The company offers:

Coins Plus Inc caters to both investors and collectors.

A quick look at their product catalog reveals a rich variety of silver coins, including silver dollars, each with unique designs containing either one ounce or one troy ounce of silver. The company’s offerings don’t just end with silver; they extend to a plethora of precious metals, including palladium coins, american gold eagles, and american gold buffaloes.

The Foundation of Coins Plus Inc

The company was founded in 1998 by Kevin Wolter, a precious metals specialist with more than a decade of experience in banking and finance administration at the executive level, coupled with advanced numismatic training. Over the past 15 years, Coins Plus Inc has grown to become an enduring presence in the market for high quality precious metals.

At its inception, the company set forth an ambitious objective to emerge as the leading rare coin and precious metals broker, dealer, and depository service. They committed to delivering professional service, including sales of American Gold Eagles, right from their launch at 3201 N. Division St.

Specialties and Offerings

Coins Plus Inc provides an extensive selection of products including:

They also offer a wide range of precious metals and bullion products.

In addition to the aforementioned, Coins Plus Inc also provides:

Executive Profile: Leadership Behind Coins Plus Inc

Kevin Wolter, owner and president of Coins Plus Inc, a trusted industry expert

Leading the helm of Coins Plus Inc is its owner and president, Kevin Wolter, a man with over a decade of experience in financial counseling and advanced coin grading certification, making him an industry expert. His advanced coin grading certification from the American Numismatic Association bolsters his credibility and expertise within the rare coin and precious metals market.

Under Wolter’s leadership, Coins Plus Inc is acknowledged as one of the leading coin dealers in the Northwestern United States. The company is often referred to as a dealer’s dealer due to their extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry.

Kevin Wolter’s Professional Journey

Kevin Wolter is not just any precious metals specialist. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and Statistics and has obtained certifications from the American Numismatic Association in coin grading, appraising, and advanced coin grading. It’s this unique blend of financial and numismatic expertise that sets him apart from the rest.

Before setting his sights on Coins Plus Inc, Wolter worked at Fortune 100 financial institutions, where he held roles in business development, employee management, and key account services. His diverse career journey brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to Coins Plus Inc.

Commitment to Expertise

Coins Plus Inc’s commitment to expertise is evident in its status as one of the largest coin dealers in the Northwestern United States. The company ensures competitive pricing by utilizing a staff that’s not commissioned-based, thereby focusing on maximizing the value for their customers’ investments.

This commitment to expertise extends beyond Wolter. The highly certified, educated, and experienced coin buyers contribute to Coins Plus Inc’s esteemed reputation in the coin industry, providing expert knowledge in coin grading and buying.

Comprehensive Analysis of Coins Plus Inc’s Services

Coins Plus Inc offers a seamless purchasing process, fair valuation for selling items, and secure depository services for clients. Their sales process involves in-person evaluation to accurately assess the value of the coins or currency being sold, ensuring transparency and fairness in every transaction.

In addition to precious metals and coins, the company provides a safe depository service. Clients can access this service by completing a form, with the cost determined by the size of the deposit box.

Purchasing Process with Coins Plus Inc

Purchasing from Coins Plus Inc is as simple as creating an account on their user-friendly website and adding products to your cart. For those who prefer a personal touch, orders can also be placed by contacting them directly at (509) 444-0044 for personalized assistance.

The company accommodates various payment methods, including PayPal and bank cards. Once your purchase is complete, Coins Plus Inc promptly reaches out within two days of coin receipt, presenting a purchase offer aligned with prevailing market values.

Selling Options and Valuation

Valuable gold and silver items being assessed at Coins Plus Inc

Coins Plus Inc is open to purchasing a variety of items, including:

Sellers can either contact Coins Plus Inc to notify them of their intention to sell precious metals or coins, or visit their facility directly.

Coins Plus Inc takes great care to ensure precise grading and impartial assessment for the items they acquire. They set prices considering:

Secure Depository Services

Coins Plus Inc’s depository services offer a reliable option for clients to securely store their valuable possessions. The depository is equipped with advanced security features such as thermal and seismic sensors, 24-hour video surveillance, and highly secure private safety deposit vaults.

The pricing for their depository services depends on the size of the storage unit. For instance, a unit measuring 3” X 10” X 22” can be rented for $106 for a 6-month period or $297 for a full year, ensuring options for different client needs and budget constraints.

Customer Experiences and Company Reputation

Customers exploring the diverse selection at Coins Plus Inc

Coins Plus Inc enjoys a solid reputation, with authentic customer feedback indicating fair and honest transactions, competitive prices, and excellent service. The company has also earned high ratings from reputable organizations such as BBB, Business Consumer Alliance, and

Although the company enjoys a positive reputation, it’s worth mentioning that they have received a few criticisms alongside the praises. Some criticisms specifically target their pricing and valuation. Yet, the majority of reviews commend Coins Plus Inc for their friendly and professional staff, competitive prices, and positive BBB rating.

Authentic Customer Feedback

Customers on Yelp and Google reviews have depicted Coins Plus Inc’s staff as:

Moreover, customers have conveyed a favorable sentiment about Coins Plus Inc’s comprehensive assortment of coins and jewelry.

In general, Coins Plus Inc has garnered favorable ratings, along with accreditation and a positive rating from the BBB. However, reviews on online numismatic forums vary, indicating the importance of thorough research for potential customers.

Accreditations and Ratings

Coins Plus Inc has been awarded a 4.2 rating on BBB, an AA rating on Business Consumer Alliance, and 3/5 stars on The BBB rating signifies that the company has effectively fulfilled the requirements of maintaining standards of trust, transparency, promise-keeping, responsiveness, and privacy protection.

In the world of Yelp, a business’s star rating is determined by averaging the reviews it receives from users. Coins Plus Inc’s 3/5 stars reflect a combination of customer feedback, with numerous positive experiences highlighted and some areas that may require improvement.

Investment Insights: Coins Plus Inc and Your Portfolio

Diversifying your portfolio with precious metals investment through Coins Plus Inc could prove beneficial for risk management, while potentially boosting long-term returns. However, aspects like IRA eligibility should be taken into account if you plan on incorporating these assets into your retirement strategy.

Coins Plus Inc offers the following services:

Portfolio Diversification with Precious Metals

Diversifying investment portfolio with high-quality precious metals

Portfolio diversification is a strategy employed to minimize the potential for substantial investment losses. It involves distributing investments across various assets to alleviate risk and volatility in the portfolio. Including precious metals in an investment portfolio can provide diversification benefits due to their low correlation to other asset classes, such as equities and fixed-income. Some examples of precious metals that can be included in a diversified portfolio are:

By adding these precious metals to your portfolio, you can help protect your investments and potentially enhance returns.

Incorporating precious metals into an investment portfolio for diversification purposes provides:

IRA Eligibility and Considerations

Coins Plus Inc does not provide services related to establishing Precious Metals IRAs. A Precious Metals IRA is a retirement account that enables individuals to include gold, silver, platinum, and palladium investments as part of their retirement savings. Investors frequently opt to include precious metals in their IRAs due to their potential to act as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty, thereby offering a stabilizing influence on their retirement portfolio. To establish a Precious Metals IRA, there exist minimum fineness requirements for the metals: gold must be at least 99.5% pure, while silver, platinum, and palladium must meet their respective criteria as outlined by the IRS.

Navigating Concerns: Is Coins Plus Inc Legitimate?

Coins Plus Inc is a legitimate and trustworthy rare coins dealer, with qualifications from the American Numismatic Association and an extensive experience in the industry. However, as with any investment, it’s essential to do your homework, comparing their offerings and reputation with those of other industry participants. The company does not offer IRA services and has a restricted quantity of online reviews and ratings.

Despite a few concerns, Coins Plus Inc stands out as a reputable dealer, offering a diverse range of bullion and numismatics, in addition to a secure storage facility for its clientele. However, to ensure customers make the most appropriate investment decisions for their needs, it’s important to compare their offerings and reputation with other industry participants.

Transparency and Trust Factors

Coins Plus Inc has a significantly lower online review presence compared to its competitors, with minimal reviews and ratings on the majority of online directories. Nevertheless, the mean rating of Coins Plus Inc on online review platforms is 4.33 out of 5 stars, suggesting a predominantly favorable reception from reviewers.

Positive reviews of Coins Plus Inc frequently emphasize their exceptional service, equitable and honest transactions, competitive pricing, and unwavering dedication to honesty and integrity.

Industry Comparison

The leading precious metals dealers in the market include:

Coins Plus Inc, like other dealers, applies a premium above the spot price, varying between 2 to 20% based on the dealer. This premium enables them to achieve a modest profit margin and is a customary approach within the industry to account for operational expenses and generate profit.

In terms of customer service, Coins Plus Inc’s has garnered favorable feedback for the friendliness, fairness, and honesty of its staff, suggesting robust customer relations in comparison to the feedback received for other industry competitors.


From its extensive selection of precious metals and rare coins to its secure depository services, Coins Plus Inc has proven itself as a reliable player in the industry. Whether you’re an investor seeking to diversify your portfolio or a collector hunting for that elusive rare coin, Coins Plus Inc could be the right choice. However, keep in mind the importance of conducting thorough research and comparing multiple companies before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of products does Coins Plus Inc offer?

Coins Plus Inc offers a wide range of products, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins, as well as a secure depository service.

Who is the owner of Coins Plus Inc?

The owner of Coins Plus Inc is Kevin Wolter, a precious metals specialist with over a decade of experience in financial counseling and advanced coin grading certification.

Does Coins Plus Inc offer IRA services?

No, Coins Plus Inc does not offer IRA services, including Precious Metals IRAs.

How has Coins Plus Inc been rated by reputable organizations?

Coins Plus Inc has received positive ratings from reputable organizations, including a 4.2 rating on BBB, an AA rating on Business Consumer Alliance, and 3 out of 5 stars on These ratings reflect a good reputation.

How does the pricing structure of Coins Plus Inc compare with that of other precious metals dealers?

Coins Plus Inc, like other precious metals dealers, typically applies a premium of 2 to 20% above the spot price. This is a common practice among dealers in the industry to cover their costs and make a profit from transactions.