Ultimate Bullion Shark Review: Trusted Precious Metals Dealer or Not?

Before you buy precious metals or rare coins, is Bullion Shark the dealer you can trust? This concise Bullion Shark review will guide you through customer experiences, service quality and the legitimacy of their offerings. Without bias, we’ll help you determine if Bullion Shark is equipped to meet your investment needs.

Key Takeaways

Bullion Shark’s Offerings

Various rare coins and bullion products offered by Bullion Shark

Specializing in the online sale of gold, silver, and numismatic rarities, Bullion Shark boasts a diverse product range. Their coin portfolio is rich, featuring classic rare coins and sourcing quality coins such as:

Interestingly, Bullion Shark seems to prioritize collectibles over pure bullion. They have numismatic experts on their staff who provide insights into buying and selling collectible coins, helping customers build their coin portfolios.

Additionally, Bullion Shark offers a range of IRA options, which can assist customers in establishing a diversified portfolio or setting up a precious metals IRA.

Account Creation and Benefits

The process to create an account with Bullion Shark is straightforward. You need to visit their website, choose the registration option, and enter the necessary details to finalize the account creation process.

Multiple benefits come with having an account at Bullion Shark. These include:

Moreover, Bullion Shark takes the security of personal information very seriously. They implement commercially reasonable and appropriate security measures to safeguard personal information when creating an account, ensuring a level of security expected from reputable financial companies. This commitment to security also extends to providing accurate and reliable information to their clients.

Shipping and Returns

Free shipping is provided by Bullion Shark on orders over $99, encompassing both classic and modern rare coins. This is a significant advantage for buyers, reducing the overall cost of their purchase.

Bullion Shark has a 14-day return policy in place, effective from the date the items are received. This policy ensures that customers are satisfied with the quality coins they receive. However, it’s worth noting that shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.

To initiate a return, you have a 14-day period from the date of receiving the order. The items must be in their original condition, and certified coins are not eligible for return.

Customer Feedback and Reputation

Customer reviews and ratings for Bullion Shark including positive and negative feedback

The customer feedback received by Bullion Shark is varied. While some customers express satisfaction with their offerings, others have raised concerns about refund processes, product quality, and the responsiveness of their customer service team, specifically mentioning issues with their customer service representative.

On the positive side, customers have praised Bullion Shark for their excellent service, unique coins, and efficient shipping processes. They have an impressive average rating of nearly 5 stars from over 40 customer reviews on Facebook.

However, issues have been reported with shipping delays, damaged products, and inadequate communication from the company. Despite these concerns, Bullion Shark holds an A+ rating and a 3.81/5 rating on the Better Business Bureau’s website, reflecting their standing as a trusted precious metal dealer.

Expertise and Personal Services

Knowledgeable staff assisting investors with rare coin selection and precious metals IRA setup

The knowledgeable staff at Bullion Shark is the company’s strength, guiding investors to make informed decisions. They offer personalized services tailored to each investor’s unique needs. The staff members at Bullion Shark possess expertise in precious metals and numismatics. They emphasize exceptional service and a diverse selection of rare coins and discoveries.

Bullion Shark provides customized services to assist individual investors in meeting their unique investment requirements. Their goal is to serve as a comprehensive tool for constructing a diversified portfolio that includes quality coins and working with bullion sharks in the industry.

Comparing Prices and Fairness

With a pricing policy that promotes clarity and simplicity, Bullion Shark displays their prices on their website, fostering trust with customers. However, determining the average markup on Bullion Shark’s products can be challenging due to limited specific information for each product. Despite this, Bullion Shark endeavors to maintain equitable market prices for all its products. This ensures they remain competitive with other reputable financial companies.

Potential Red Flags and Alternatives

Potential red flags and alternatives to consider when investing in rare coins and bullion products

While there are some positive aspects to Bullion Shark, there are also potential red flags to be aware of. These include a lack of recognition from reputable financial institutions and mixed customer reviews.

There are superior alternatives to Bullion Shark. Investors may want to explore top-rated gold and precious metals companies that are frequently endorsed by financial experts and have a solid standing in the industry.

Thorough research into the dealer’s offerings, customer service, pricing structure, and overall reputation is advised before buying precious metals with Bullion Shark or any other precious metals dealer. This due diligence is essential to ensure your investment decisions are well-informed and in line with your personal investment objectives.


Bullion Shark offers a wide range of products, including a diverse array of rare coins and bullion products. They have a knowledgeable staff and offer personalized services to meet unique investment needs.

However, there are potential concerns with Bullion Shark, including mixed customer reviews and lack of recognition from reputable financial institutions. It is crucial to conduct thorough research before investing, and consider other top-rated precious metals dealers.

Investing in precious metals is a significant financial decision. Make sure to weigh all the pros and cons, and choose a dealer that offers fair pricing, quality products, and excellent customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bullion Shark a reputable company?

Yes, Bullion Shark is considered a reputable company with a wide variety of precious metal products.

What is the return policy for bullion shark?

Bullion Shark offers a refund, return, and exchange policy within fourteen business days from the date of receiving the item.

What products does Bullion Shark offer?

Bullion Shark offers a diverse range of products, including vintage coins like Morgan silver dollars and presidential coins, as well as precious metal coins such as Silver Eagles and Palladium Eagles.

What are the benefits of creating an account with Bullion Shark?

Creating an account with Bullion Shark provides expedited checkout, order tracking, wishlist creation, and the ability to save multiple shipping addresses, enhancing your shopping experience with convenience and efficiency.

What is the customer feedback for Bullion Shark?

Customer feedback for Bullion Shark is mixed, with some customers satisfied with offerings but others have raised concerns about refund processes, product quality, and customer service. It’s important to consider these factors before making a purchase.