Ameriprise Gold IRA Review: A Safe Haven for Your Retirement Funds?

Deciding to invest in a Gold IRA is a significant step in diversifying your retirement portfolio. If you’re considering Ameriprise Financial for this purpose, you likely have questions about their Gold IRA’s security, performance, and cost. Our Ameriprise Gold IRA review delivers an incisive look into the realities of investing your retirement funds in physical gold through Ameriprise, discussing the potential benefits and drawbacks you need to weigh. Read on for insights that will help you determine if Ameriprise’s Gold IRA aligns with your retirement planning goals.

Key Takeaways

Ameriprise Financial Services: An Overview

Ameriprise Financial Services office building with a modern architectural design

Founded in 1894 as the Investors Syndicate, Ameriprise Financial Services has a rich history that spans over a century. Throughout the years, it has undergone significant changes, including acquisitions of companies like Threadneedle and Columbia Management, to enhance its service offerings. Today, Ameriprise Financial has become one of the largest registered investment advisors, boasting a broad range of services that go beyond traditional stocks and bonds.

Ameriprise offers comprehensive wealth management services, including:

One of their standout offerings is their Gold IRA, a type of account that allows individuals to hold physical gold in a tax-advantaged manner. This unique offering allows investors to diversify their portfolios with precious metals, providing a shield against economic volatility.

As a fiduciary financial advisor, Ameriprise is legally and ethically bound to act in the best interests of their clients. It is essential to point out that Ameriprise primarily generates revenue from fees, which fund the services they provide to clients. These fees might influence the product recommendations made by Ameriprise advisors, so it’s important for investors to remain mindful of this potential influence.

Despite its robust service offerings, Ameriprise is not without its challenges. Some users have reported difficulties navigating the company’s website, particularly when trying to locate account, fee, and investment information. Ameriprise’s investment minimums and fees are higher compared to those of its industry competitors. This has the potential to influence the comprehensive cost of investing with Ameriprise.

However, these potential drawbacks do not undermine the fact that Ameriprise Financial Services has a proven track record as a broker-dealer and an investment advisor. With a multitude of investment options and financial guidance, including:

Ameriprise supports clients in mapping out their financial future with the help of an Ameriprise financial advisor.

Understanding Gold IRAs

Diversified investment portfolio with a focus on gold IRAs

So, what exactly is a Gold IRA? In simple terms, a Gold IRA is:

Investing in gold for retirement offers several advantages for those looking to build their retirement savings:

Furthermore, Gold IRAs offer an option to:

Tax Advantages of Gold IRAs

One of the key benefits of investing in Gold IRAs is the tax advantage. Similar to traditional IRAs, Gold IRAs offer tax-deferred growth. This means you won’t have to pay taxes on the appreciation of your gold investments each year. In addition, contributions to traditional Gold IRAs may be tax-deductible, which could reduce your taxable income for the year.

It’s worth understanding that the tax benefits associated with Gold IRAs carry certain conditions. Withdrawals from a Gold IRA during retirement are subject to taxation as ordinary income, with a maximum special tax rate of 28% on long-term gains. Also, there’s a potential for a 6% tax penalty for excess contributions until corrected.

Lastly, while inheritances from Roth Gold IRAs are tax-free, distributions from traditional Gold IRAs are taxable as income for beneficiaries.

Diversification and Stability

Diversification is a core principle of investment strategy, and Gold IRAs play a significant role in this regard. Incorporating physical gold into your retirement portfolio enables you to diversify your investments across various assets, reducing risk and offering a safeguard against market volatility.

Physical gold has long been considered a safe haven during times of economic uncertainty, and owning physical gold provides stability as it stands in contrast to the frequently volatile nature of the stock and bond markets. Its historical track record of preserving its value further supports this notion.

Moreover, gold offers financial security during geopolitical unrest, as it maintains its purchasing power when other assets may depreciate due to instability.

Ameriprise Gold IRA Options

Variety of gold coins representing different Ameriprise Gold IRA options

Ameriprise provides a range of Gold IRA options to meet the distinct needs and preferences of its clients. These include the Conventional Gold IRA, Roth Gold IRA, and SEP Gold IRA.

Conventional Gold IRA

The Conventional Gold IRA at Ameriprise offers the following features:

Bear in mind that while the Conventional Gold IRA offers the advantage of tax-deferred growth, the fluctuation of precious metal prices introduces the potential for significant gains or losses based on market conditions. Additionally, the requirement for all withdrawals and transfers to go through the custodian reduces investors’ control over the speed of accessing their funds when necessary.

Roth Gold IRA

On the other hand, the Roth Gold IRA, also offered by Ameriprise, provides for tax-free withdrawals during retirement. Unlike a Conventional Gold IRA, a Roth Gold IRA is funded with after-tax dollars. This means that while the contributions are not tax-deductible, the money you withdraw during retirement is tax-free.

However, there are specific eligibility criteria and contribution maximums for a Roth Gold IRA. As of 2023, the limit is $6,500 for those under the age of 50, and $7,000 for individuals aged 50 or above, with an additional catch-up contribution of $1,000.


Ameriprise’s SEP Gold IRA is designed specifically for self-employed individuals and small business owners. This type of IRA offers the following benefits:

Despite these distinct benefits, it is critical to understand that a SEP Gold IRA carries risks, like any other investment. The fluctuation of precious metal prices can result in significant gains or losses based on market conditions. Furthermore, the requirement for all withdrawals and transfers to go through the custodian can limit the speed at which you can access your funds when necessary.

Comparing Gold Investments: Stocks, ETFs, and IRAs

Comparison of gold investments: stocks, ETFs, and IRAs

Numerous options exist for investing in gold, including gold stocks, gold ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), and Gold IRAs. These options provide different opportunities for investors to consider. Each of these investment avenues provides distinct advantages for diversification and safeguarding your investment portfolio.

Investing in gold stocks involves:

Gold ETFs, on the other hand, are comprised of gold-related assets and are traded similarly to a stock. This allows investors to gain exposure to gold without owning it directly. However, there are additional costs, such as management fees, which can diminish the returns on your investment.

Ultimately, your individual financial goals and risk tolerance should guide your choice between gold stocks, gold ETFs, and Gold IRAs. It’s important to conduct thorough research on each product, understand the related fees, and compare these investments with your financial objectives to determine which strategy aligns best with your investment goals.

The Role of a Financial Advisor in Gold IRA Investing

A financial advisor plays a pivotal role in Gold IRA investing. They provide expert guidance and assist investors in making informed decisions about their retirement portfolios. For instance, Ameriprise’s financial advisors provide expert guidance on Gold IRA investing by helping investors understand precious metals investment strategies and establishing their accounts.

Diversification is a key strategy in any investment portfolio, and Ameriprise financial advisors can help you diversify your Gold IRA by suggesting the inclusion of physical gold and considering alternative assets beyond currency-based investments to mitigate risks.

Financial advisors also help clients comprehend the tax benefits associated with Gold IRAs, such as the potential inclusion of physical gold in tax-exempted retirement accounts and the avoidance of typical tax errors related to these investments.

Bear in mind, investing in a Gold IRA is a long-term commitment. It is vital to collaborate with a financial advisor who comprehends your financial goals and can offer guidance designed for your particular needs and circumstances.

Ameriprise’s Additional Services

Aside from Gold IRAs, Ameriprise offers a variety of additional services, including:

Ameriprise’s personalized financial planning service involves:

In addition to investment advisory services, Ameriprise also offers comprehensive insurance solutions, including:

This provides a one-stop-shop for all your financial needs.

Potential Red Flags with Ameriprise

Despite offering a range of services and investment options, Ameriprise has certain red flags that potential investors should be mindful of. One such concern is the disclosures in SEC filings and potential conflicts of interest resulting from their fee-based model.

In 2022, Ameriprise was charged a $5 million fee by the SEC for offering faulty variable annuity exchanges. The company was found to have encouraged variable annuity replacements that had a negative impact on clients.

Another potential conflict of interest arises from Ameriprise’s fee-based model. Since financial advisors generally earn higher fees from share classes that impose higher charges, there’s a potential for advisors to recommend products that may not be in the best interest of the clients.

How to Get Started with an Ameriprise Gold IRA

Financial advisor discussing Ameriprise Gold IRA options with a client

Embarking on your Ameriprise Gold IRA journey involves several important steps. Firstly, it’s recommended to consult with a financial advisor. Ameriprise’s advisors offer professional guidance on Gold IRA investing, assisting investors in making informed decisions and setting up their accounts.

Subsequently, conducting comprehensive research is essential. Ameriprise Financial offers research materials focusing on the effects of inflation on retirement and provides research studies to assist prospective Gold IRA investors in making well-informed decisions.

Once you’ve consulted with an advisor and conducted your research, the next step is to locate a custodian and transfer funds from an existing retirement account into your Gold IRA.

Note that the minimum investment requirements for starting a Gold IRA with Ameriprise vary by program, typically pegged at $25,000. This is a crucial factor to consider when evaluating if an Ameriprise Gold IRA is the right fit for you.


Retirement planning is a crucial aspect of financial management, and Gold IRAs offer an effective strategy for protecting your retirement funds against market volatility. With its range of Gold IRA options, Ameriprise Financial Services stands out as a potential choice for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and secure their financial future.

While Ameriprise offers a broad range of services, including personalized financial planning, insurance solutions, and a variety of Gold IRA options, potential investors should be aware of certain red flags and potential conflicts of interest. It’s important to take into account these considerations, conduct thorough research, and work with a trusted financial advisor when making decisions about your retirement investments.

In conclusion, a Gold IRA with Ameriprise can be a beneficial part of your retirement strategy, providing tax advantages, stability, and the potential for long-term wealth preservation. But as with any investment, it’s crucial to understand the benefits and risks involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you invest in a gold IRA?

Yes, investing in a gold IRA can be a good way to diversify your portfolio and protect your savings from inflation. It’s important to consider the benefits and risks before making a decision.

Is Ameriprise a good company to invest with?

Ameriprise Financial Services is one of the largest and best-known financial advisory firms in the U.S., with a strong track record and numerous recognitions, including being named one of the Most Trusted Wealth Management Companies of 2022. With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, it is considered a trustworthy company to invest with.

How much does Ameriprise charge for IRAs?

Ameriprise charges $15 per quarter ($60 per year) for IRA maintenance fees. This information is current as of now.

What is the difference between a gold IRA and a traditional IRA?

A gold IRA differs from a traditional IRA in that it allows investors to hold physical gold and other precious metals in their portfolios, while traditional IRAs focus on stocks, bonds, and mutual funds for investment growth. This difference also leads to variances in fees associated with the two types of accounts.

What is a Gold IRA and what benefits does it offer?

A Gold IRA is a self-directed retirement account that allows individuals to own physical gold. It offers unique tax benefits and serves as a protective barrier for retirement savings by integrating physical gold, a stable asset, into the retirement portfolio.