All About South Africa Platinum Krugerrand Coins

Investigating all about South Africa platinum Krugerrand coins invites a journey into their prestige and practicality as both collectibles and investments. Created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the gold Krugerrand, these platinum variants are more than currency—they’re a celebration of South African identity. Here, we unwrap the essentials: from their origin and artistic merit to their place in the investment landscape and acquiring process. Join us in uncovering the allure of the platinum Krugerrand without the distraction of sales pitch or fluff.

Key Takeaways

The Birth of Platinum Krugerrands

A commemorative platinum Krugerrand coin with the iconic design

The Platinum Krugerrand emerged from a significant celebratory event. In 2017, South Africa marked the 50th anniversary of the iconic Gold Krugerrand with a special release: the Platinum Krugerrand. With this coin, the South African Mint honored the legacy of the Gold Krugerrand while offering something new to the world of precious metals.

The Platinum Krugerrand features:

The design of the Platinum Krugerrand is truly captivating.

Yet, the appeal of the Platinum Krugerrand goes beyond its mere design. Each coin is minted with 1 oz platinum of .9999 fine platinum, signifying its exceptional purity, akin to pure gold. To honor its golden predecessor’s 50th anniversary, only 2,017 of these coins were issued in a proof finish, making them a coveted item for collectors and investors around the globe.

The Legacy of Gold Krugerrands

Gold Krugerrand coins, symbolizing South Africa's gold industry

Before the Platinum Krugerrand left its imprint, the Gold Krugerrand had already carved out its legacy. The Gold Krugerrand, introduced in 1967, was designed to enable individuals to own gold privately. It became popular for its 1 troy ounce gold content. It quickly became a symbol of South Africa’s booming gold industry, inspiring other nations to mint their own gold bullion coins.

Even without a face value, the Gold Krugerrand’s legal tender status in South Africa underscores its importance. Its design, featuring Paul Kruger and a springbok, serves as a constant reminder of South Africa’s rich history and abundant wildlife. However, the coin’s popularity waned during the 1980s and 1990s due to political factors.

However, the Krugerrand has bounced back in popularity with new silver versions drawing in a new wave of investors and collectors.

South Africa’s Golden History

South Africa’s golden history runs deep, making it a fitting birthplace for the Krugerrand coins. South Africa introduced the nation’s history of gold production dates back to 1884, when Jan Gerrit Bantjes made a notable gold discovery. This event marked the beginning of an era that would see South Africa become a major player in the global gold industry, and eventually lead to the creation of the South Africa Krugerrand.

Over the years, South Africa’s gold production, including South African gold, has seen significant changes. After reaching a peak of 1,000 metric tons in 1970, it dropped to 110 metric tons in 2022. Despite this decline, the nation’s golden history is immortalized in the Krugerrand coins, a testament to the rich heritage and resilience of South Africa’s gold industry, including the production of gold coins.

Distinguishing Features of Platinum Krugerrands

Comparison of Platinum Krugerrand and Gold Krugerrand designs

The Platinum Krugerrand transcends the simple definition of a precious metal coin; it narrates a tale as an art piece. The very design of the coin pays homage to South Africa’s rich history and wildlife. On one side, you’ll find Paul Kruger, a pivotal figure in South African history. Known for his role in establishing the mint that later became the South African Mint, his presence on the coin adds a touch of historical significance.

On the reverse side of the coin, you’ll find the Springbok antelope. This national emblem of South Africa symbolizes the country’s rich wildlife heritage. Its presence on the Platinum Krugerrand further enhances the coin’s connection to South Africa’s history and culture.

The Platinum Krugerrand, beyond its design and symbolism, takes pride in its exceptional quality. Each coin is composed of .999 fine platinum, signifying its outstanding purity. This, combined with its historical and cultural significance, makes the Platinum Krugerrand a unique and valuable addition to any precious metals collection.

Paul Kruger and the Springbok Antelope

Paul Kruger, whose visage adorns the obverse of the Platinum Krugerrand, was more than just a figurehead. He was a farmer, soldier, and statesman who played a crucial role in building the Afrikaner nation. His leadership as Commandant-General of the South African Republic, later known as Transvaal, marks a significant period in South African history.

The portrayal of Paul Kruger on the Platinum Krugerrand is a testament to his influence and importance. Crafted by Otto Schultz, his visage serves as a reminder of the pivotal role he played in South Africa’s past and the establishment of the South African Mint.

Sharing the coin’s spotlight with Paul Kruger is the Springbok antelope, South Africa’s national animal. The Springbok has adorned the Krugerrand coins since their inception in 1967, symbolizing the country’s rich wildlife heritage. Over the years, the depiction of the Springbok has undergone changes, but the spirit of the creature remains a constant feature on the coin, embodying the enduring beauty of South Africa’s wildlife.

Celebrating 50 Years: The 2017 Platinum Proof Krugerrand

Limited edition 2017 Platinum Proof Krugerrand coin

The Krugerrand coins reached a significant milestone in 2017. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the gold krugerrand coins, the South African Mint released a special edition coin – the 2017 Platinum Proof Krugerrand. This coin celebrated the golden legacy while introducing the world to a new precious metal variant of the iconic South African coin.

The 2017 Platinum Proof Krugerrand stands out not only for its composition but also for its exclusivity. Only 2,017 of these coins were minted, each one bearing a unique ‘50’ privy seal near the springbok on the reverse side. This seal symbolizes the 50th anniversary of the Gold Krugerrand, further enhancing the coin’s appeal to collectors and investors alike.

The unveiling of the 2017 Platinum Proof Krugerrand:

Investing in Platinum Bullion Coins

Investors examining Platinum Krugerrand coins

Investing in Platinum Krugerrands goes beyond merely acquiring a piece of precious metal. It’s an opportunity to own a part of history, to diversify your investment portfolio, and to secure a potentially valuable asset. With a diverse range of Platinum coins, including the Platinum Krugerrands, offered by reputable dealers such as APMEX, there are many options for investors looking to invest in this rare and valuable precious metal.

Yet, investing in Platinum Krugerrands involves more than just the acquisition of the coins. It’s also about understanding their significance, appreciating their design and history, and recognizing their potential value as a precious metal investment. With their unique blend of history, design, and precious metal, Platinum Krugerrands offer investors a unique opportunity to diversify their portfolios.

South African Mint Produced Coins

Platinum Krugerrands, like their gold and silver counterparts, are produced by the South African Mint. Known for its commitment to uniquely African design and supreme quality, the South African Mint produces high-quality platinum coins that are favored by both investors and collectors.

The process of minting platinum coins at the South African Mint reflects their unwavering dedication to quality. It involves loading polished blanks into feeding magazines and then coining them on high-speed machines. This rigorous process ensures the exceptional quality and high purity of the coins produced.

In addition to Platinum Krugerrands, the South African Mint also produces other platinum coins like the Big Five Series in Platinum. Each coin in this series is characterized by unique design features that showcase the beauty of South Africa’s wildlife. Whether it’s the substantial African elephant on the Big Five Elephant Coin or the elusive leopard on the Big 5 leopard coin range, the South African Mint’s coins offer a unique blend of artistry and precious metal investment.

How to Buy and Store Platinum Krugerrand Coins

If you’re thinking about investing in Platinum Krugerrands, understanding how to purchase and safely store these valuable coins is crucial. Authentic Platinum Krugerrand coins can be acquired from reputable dealers such as The Best Place to Buy Gold Krugerrands, The Britannia Coin Company, and BOLD Precious Metals.

Before finalizing a purchase, verifying the coins’ authenticity is of utmost importance. This can be achieved by:

By following these steps, you can ensure that your investment is genuine and secure.

Upon acquiring your Platinum Krugerrands, considering their storage method becomes significant. While it’s possible to store these coins at home, it’s advisable to utilize a safe deposit box in a bank or a secure storage facility to safeguard them from theft and damage. This ensures the safety and value of your investment for years to come.

The Future of Platinum Krugerrands

The outlook for Platinum Krugerrands appears promising. With an anticipated increase in demand and the potential for new commemorative releases, these coins are set to continue making waves in the precious metals market. However, like any investment, Platinum Krugerrands are not immune to potential challenges. Some factors to consider include:

Notwithstanding these uncertainties, Platinum Krugerrands continue to be an appealing investment choice. While the precise future value of Platinum Krugerrands remains uncertain, the potential for volatility in their value could present opportunities for savvy investors. By staying informed about market trends and keeping a close eye on South Africa’s political and economic climate, investors can make informed decisions about their Platinum Krugerrand investments.


In conclusion, Platinum Krugerrands are more than just precious metal coins. They are relics of history, symbols of South Africa’s rich culture and wildlife, and valuable assets for investors. From their origins as a commemoration of the Gold Krugerrand’s 50th anniversary to their potential future as a sought-after investment, Platinum Krugerrands offer a unique blend of history, art, and investment opportunity.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor looking to diversify your portfolio or a history enthusiast interested in owning a piece of South Africa’s golden legacy, Platinum Krugerrands offer a compelling investment opportunity. As we navigate the future of precious metals, one thing’s for sure: the allure of Platinum Krugerrands is here to stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Krugerrand is the most valuable?

The most valuable Krugerrand is the 1967 edition, which is the first ever minted and is very rare, making it highly desirable among collectors.

Are South African Krugerrands a good investment?

Yes, South African Krugerrands are a good investment due to their excellent reputation within the precious metals market and their popularity among gold investors.

What is the Krugerrand controversy?

The Krugerrand controversy stemmed from its association with the apartheid regime, leading to legal restrictions and bans in Western countries from the 1980s. Some collectors may find this historical association problematic.

Is there a platinum Krugerrand?

Yes, there is a platinum Krugerrand produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the gold Krugerrand.

What is the significance of the Gold Krugerrand?

The Gold Krugerrand is significant because it was created in 1967 to enable private gold ownership and symbolizes South Africa’s gold industry, leading other nations to mint their own gold bullion coins.