All About Johnson Matthey Gold Bar

If you’re considering adding a gold bar to your investment portfolio, the Johnson Matthey gold bar is synonymous with quality and trust. In this guide, we dive straight into all about Johnson Matthey gold bar, what makes these bars a preferred choice among investors, from their .9999 fine gold purity to their IRA-eligibility. We will navigate through their efficient design and inform you on the practicalities of adding these bars to your collection. Whether you’re an experienced investor seeking to diversify your portfolio or a newcomer eager to step into the world of gold, understanding the prominence of Johnson Matthey gold bars is key. Let’s explore what these renowned bars offer, without the fluff.

Key Takeaways

Exploring the Legacy of Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey logo on a gold bar

Johnson Matthey, founded in 1817 in the heart of London, has evolved from a simple gold assaying firm into a prestigious multinational enterprise, specializing in sustainable technologies and solutions. The company was founded by Percival Norton Johnson, later joined by George Matthey, leading to the formation of the iconic Johnson Matthey name.

Their innovative approach spills over into the production of gold and silver bars, highly esteemed in the precious metals industry. Amid their technological advancements, the company has also committed to ambitious sustainability targets, aiming to achieve net zero emissions by 2040 and source 100% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2025. This commitment to sustainability is a testament to Johnson Matthey’s dedication to creating a cleaner, healthier world for all.

The Distinctive Features of JM Gold Bars

Various sizes of JM Gold Bars

JM Gold Bars, known for their .9999 fine gold purity, unique design, diverse sizes, and IRA eligibility, are a favorite among investors. Let’s explore these features in more detail.

Purity and Design

JM Gold Bars’ .9999 fine gold purity level signifies near-pure gold, the pinnacle of purity commonly found in gold bars. This high purity level ensures a high standard of quality for potential investors and reflects the company’s commitment to providing products of exceptional quality.

The design of JM Gold Bars is characterized by its simplicity and distinctiveness. Each bar features the initials ‘JM’ and two crossing hammers adjacent to the Johnson Matthey logo, along with the complete name ‘JOHNSON MATTHEY ASSAYERS & REFINERS’ on the obverse side. This minimalistic yet visually appealing design sets JM Gold Bars apart from other intricate options available in the market, contributing to their recognition and appeal.

Serial Numbers and Sizes

Each JM Gold Bar comes with the following features:

These features can be found on the obverse side of each bar.

Johnson Matthey Gold Bars, including the popular johnson matthey gold bar, are available in various sizes, with the 1 oz. and 10 oz. sizes being the most favored among investors. Despite the limited selection of sizes, investors are attracted to JM Gold Bars due to the trusted security associated with the Johnson Matthey brand, which is considered more significant than the availability of a wide variety of sizes.

IRA Eligibility

A standout feature of JM Gold Bars is their qualification for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). An IRA-eligible investment signifies a long-term savings plan with tax advantages that encompasses a range of assets, including precious metals like gold. JM Gold Bars meet the IRS’s minimum fineness requirements, making them a suitable choice for a self-directed IRA.

Investing in IRA-eligible gold bars from Johnson Matthey offers:

This makes them a viable choice for individuals looking to integrate these bars into their retirement savings plans.

Investing in Physical Gold with Johnson Matthey

Investing in physical gold

The decision to invest in Johnson Matthey Gold Bars comes with a plethora of benefits such as safeguarding against inflation, diversifying investments, and ensuring high liquidity. These attributes make JM Gold Bars a popular choice among investors looking for a reliable and long-term investment.

Investment Benefits

The role of gold as a highly valuable bulwark against inflation is a key reason why investors favor it. With its limited supply and tendency to increase in value as the purchasing power of currency declines, gold offers protection against economic uncertainties. Johnson Matthey Gold Bars, in particular, are seen as a safeguard for your portfolio during challenging economic times.

Moreover, investing in Johnson Matthey Gold Bars contributes to investment diversification. Gold prices typically exhibit independent movement from the stock market and other investment assets, ensuring that your investments are well-diversified and less prone to market fluctuations.

How to Purchase

Acquiring Johnson Matthey Gold Bars involves a clear-cut process, with reputable dealers like Bullion Exchanges, The Bullion Bank, Arizona Gold Exchange, APMEX, and JM Bullion offering these bars in the secondary market.

To acquire JM Gold Bars, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Bullion Exchanges website.

  2. Explore their assortment of Johnson Matthey and Engelhard Gold bars.

  3. Read the comprehensive guide on their website, which provides a step-by-step explanation of the entire purchase process.

Similarly, you can also consider purchasing JM Gold Bars from Arizona Gold Exchange and APMEX. Arizona Gold Exchange and APMEX offer straightforward purchase methods, with APMEX providing prompt and complimentary shipping along with a satisfaction guarantee.

The Johnson Matthey Assay Promise

Johnson Matthey gold bar with unique serial number

The longstanding repute of Johnson Matthey as a gold assaying firm vouches for the quality and authenticity of their gold bars. The Johnson Matthey Assay process includes the verification of the weight and purity of their gold bars through an assay certificate, which also incorporates a unique serial number.

Furthermore, to prevent counterfeiting and ensure investor security, Johnson Matthey employs anti-counterfeit software and Veriscan® technology. This high level of reliability, coupled with the company’s established reputation, guarantees the authenticity and quality of every JM Gold Bar, each of which boasts a purity level of .9999 fine gold.

Comparison: JM Gold Bars vs. Gold Coins

Comparison of JM Gold Bars and Gold Coins

Compared to gold coins, JM Gold Bars bring several benefits to the table. Due to their lower production costs, JM Gold Bars typically exhibit lower premiums over their trading value, making them a more cost-effective investment alternative. Gold coins, on the other hand, tend to have higher premiums due to the more expensive minting processes and intricate designs.

In terms of storage, gold bars offer the advantage of easy stacking and require less storage space. Gold coins may necessitate additional protective storage solutions to preserve their condition and value, which can be both expensive and less convenient. However, it’s worth noting that gold coins may potentially offer a higher resale value due to their potential numismatic value in addition to their gold content.

Caring for Your JM Gold Bars

To maintain their value and appearance over time, Johnson Matthey Gold Bars demand proper care and storage. It is advisable to store JM Gold Bars in a secure location, such as a home safe or a safety deposit box, to ensure their preservation and protect their value.

When storing JM Gold Bars, refrain from placing them directly in plastic bags or containers made of materials that could potentially interact with the metal. Instead, use non-reactive materials, such as plain cardboard sheets, to separate them. To maintain the appearance of JM Gold Bars, clean them by washing in mild soap and water, then rinse thoroughly to ensure no soap residue remains.

The Global Reach of Johnson Matthey Precious Metals

Operating in multiple countries and across diverse industries, Johnson Matthey’s expansive global footprint speaks volumes about their dedication to excellence and sustainability. In 2015, Johnson Matthey held a substantial global market share of 35% in the precious metals industry, indicating its widespread influence and presence.

The global operations of Johnson Matthey clearly reflect their commitment to sustainability. The company has established six sustainable business objectives pertaining to health and safety, their workforce, and low carbon operations. With a lofty goal of attaining net zero by 2040, Johnson Matthey is a trailblazer in sustainable technologies and champions the net-zero transition.


In conclusion, Johnson Matthey Gold Bars stand out in the gold investment landscape due to their high purity, unique design, IRA eligibility, and the trusted reputation of Johnson Matthey. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a beginner looking to diversify your portfolio, JM Gold Bars provide a reliable and long-term investment option. As we continue to navigate economic uncertainties, investing in gold remains a steadfast method of preserving wealth and building a sustainable future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Johnson Matthey bars so expensive?

Johnson Matthey bars are expensive because they are highly collectible and are associated with the best practices in precious metals refining, leading to increased resale prices.

How much is a Johnson Matthey gold bar worth?

The worth of a Johnson Matthey 1kg Gold Bar varies depending on the current market value. Always check the current value before making any transactions.

What is the origin of Johnson Matthey gold bar?

The origin of the Johnson Matthey gold bar dates back to 1817 when Percival Norton Johnson founded an assaying business in London. Later, in 1851, George Matthey joined the business and the name was changed to Johnson & Matthey. Together, in 1852, they were appointed official assayer and refiner to the Bank of England.

Does Johnson Matthey still make gold bars?

No, Johnson Matthey no longer manufactures gold bars, so they are only available in the secondary market.

What makes Johnson Matthey Gold Bars unique?

Johnson Matthey Gold Bars are unique due to their .9999 fine gold purity, unique design, various sizes, and IRA eligibility, making them a popular choice for investors.