Regal Assets vs Swiss America: A Comprehensive Comparison

Deciding between Regal Assets and Swiss America for your precious metals investment? This comparison dives into the crucial factors such as trustworthiness, product range, and customer satisfaction – essentials for making an informed decision. Avoid the guesswork with our clear-cut breakdown of Regal Assets vs Swiss America.

Key Takeaways

Comparing Company Backgrounds

Regal Assets

A comprehensive understanding of the company’s background is fundamental for investing in precious metals. The nature of the business, its history, and its reputation can determine the level of trust and security an investor can expect. Given this, we delve into the histories of Regal Assets and Swiss America.

Regal Assets, established in 2010, has carved a niche in the financial services industry. The company’s success is demonstrated by its No. 20 ranking in the United States for financial services on the Inc. Magazine 500 List. Customer ratings, often considered a trustworthy gauge of a company’s service excellence, further underline its reputable standing in the industry.

Regal Assets: Tyler Gallagher and Company History

Regal Assets:

Gallagher, who also serves as the CEO, has led the company to be featured in major financial publications. His leadership has seen Regal Assets diversify its offerings, providing precious metals and cryptocurrencies, catering to diverse investment needs.

Swiss America: Founder and Company History

Swiss America, established in 1982 by Craig Smith, has emerged as a reputable firm in the precious metals industry. Over the years, it has developed a substantial client base of over 60,000, placing a strong emphasis on consumer education and safety.

Under Smith’s leadership, the company has achieved several milestones, including an A+ rating and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. Their success story is also featured in various publications and media platforms, underscoring Swiss America’s commitment to providing valuable metal portfolios to its clientele.

Precious Metals Offered

Regal Assets

The diversity of physical precious metals available for investment plays a significant role. Both Regal Assets and Swiss America provide a variety of precious metals, including:

However, the specifics of their offerings vary, offering investors a diverse range of investment options to sell.

Regal Assets differentiates itself not only by offering an extensive selection of precious metals but also by standing out in the industry for offering both precious metal IRAs and cryptocurrency options. Swiss America, on the other hand, provides U.S. and foreign gold, silver, and platinum coins and bars, catering to a variety of investor preferences.

Gold Coins and Bars

Gold coins and bars form the cornerstone of any precious metals portfolio. Both Regal Assets and Swiss America offer a range of gold products, catering to diverse investor needs. Regal Assets provides a variety of gold, silver, and palladium bars in different weights and sizes, as well as various coins. Swiss America offers gold bullion bars in a variety of designs, purities, and weights, along with U.S. and foreign bullion coins.

Regal Assets ensures the quality of its gold coins and bars through independent audits and verifications, following the gsb gold standard bank guidelines. They also provide third-party insurance, ensuring that their gold products meet high-quality standards for investors.

Silver, Platinum, and Palladium Products

Beyond gold, both companies offer a range of precious metals products, including:

Regal Assets also provides IRA-eligible silver bars and coins.

Swiss America offers an array of silver products, including:

They also have a variety of U.S. and foreign platinum bullion coins, providing investors with an extensive range of investment options.

Better Business Bureau Ratings

Ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) are significant markers of a company’s reputation and customer satisfaction. Interestingly, while Swiss America holds an accredited BBB rating since 2009, Regal Assets has not been accredited by the BBB.

The BBB rating is determined by considering factors such as the duration of the business’s operation and the quantity of unaddressed and unresolved complaints. Thus, while the accreditation status does not necessarily reflect the quality of products or services, it does provide some insight into the company’s customer service ethos and dispute resolution mechanisms.

Investment Services

Investment Services Comparison

The nature of a company’s relationship with its clients is often shaped by the investment services it offers. Regal Assets specializes in aiding individuals in incorporating metals and cryptocurrencies into their portfolios and retirement accounts. Swiss America, meanwhile, concentrates on constructing precious metals portfolios by acquiring gold coins and bullion.

Regal Assets offers precious metals IRAs for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and Regal IRAs, which incorporate digital currencies as an investment choice. Swiss America, on the other hand, offers comprehensive resources and information on investing in precious metals and assists in portfolio construction.

Regal Assets LLC Services

Regal Assets provides a range of unique services, from facilitating the transfer of existing retirement plans into physical precious metals without incurring taxes or penalties to offering 21 diverse cryptocurrencies.

Regal Assets also stands out with its storage solutions, offering secure storage for precious metals in segregated, fully-insured vaults. The company also provides full FDIC insurance coverage for the precious metals, enhancing the security and management of an investor’s portfolio.

Swiss America Services

Swiss America offers a range of specialized services, including:

In addition to their portfolio construction services, Swiss America also focuses on education and customer assistance. They provide:

Risk Management and Security

Regal Assets

In the realm of precious metals investment, risk management and security hold high importance, especially considering the risk involved. Both Regal Assets and Swiss America have implemented risk management strategies and security measures to ensure the safe handling and storage of their clients’ assets.

Regal Assets provides fully insured storage for precious metals, offering an additional layer of protection. Swiss America, on the other hand, ensures the security of its customers’ investments by providing protection against fraud and scams with secure vaults insured by Lloyd’s of London.

Regal Assets: Secure Storage and Insurance

Regal Assets provides secure storage for precious metals in segregated, fully-insured vaults. This segregated storage ensures that each client’s assets are stored separately, safeguarding against any potential risks.

Regal Assets collaborates with third-party custodians and complies with industry standards by utilizing Class III facilities, offering extensive insurance coverage for protection against theft, damage, or loss. This focus on security and risk management ensures that investors can trust in the safety of their investments.

Swiss America: Storage Solutions and Security Measures

Swiss America, in partnership with Swiss Valorem Bank, provides bank-independent storage solutions, highly secure warehouse solutions, and vault storage options for precious metals. These storage solutions, combined with their focus on security measures for physical precious metals, align with industry standards.

In addition to providing third-party secure storage facilities through Swiss Vault and GoldCore, Swiss America also offers self-directed storage options, enabling individuals to personally store their precious metals.

Partnerships and Affiliations

A company’s offerings can be considerably enriched by strategic partnerships and affiliations. Regal Assets has formed partnerships with Taurus and financial professionals and collaborates with Kingdom Trust and Coinbase to provide a wide range of cryptocurrencies for IRA and 401k accounts.

Swiss America, on the other hand, has strategic partnerships with financial institutions such as Credit Suisse. As an A+ rated, accredited company, they have catered to over 60,000 clients, demonstrating their commitment to maintaining strong relationships with their partners and clients.

Legal Matters and Settlements

Insights into a company’s business ethics and practices can be gleaned from its legal matters and settlements. Both Regal Assets and Swiss America have been involved in notable legal proceedings. Regal Assets has faced legal proceedings pertaining to business ethics and malpractices, including a $21 million lawsuit filed by the California DFPI and CFTC for targeting retirement savings, which resulted in hefty legal fees for the company and its owner, Tyler Gallagher.

Swiss America, on the other hand, has also been involved in significant legal settlements, including a consent order in August 1998, totaling $1.25 billion. These legal matters underscore the importance of due diligence when selecting a precious metals investment company.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Insights into a company’s service quality and customer satisfaction can be obtained from customer reviews and testimonials. While Regal Assets has received positive testimonials on platforms such as Trustpilot, Consumer Affairs, and Birdeye, it has also faced negative reviews, with some customers labeling it as a scam.

The customer reviews for Regal Assets present a range of perspectives, indicating that while some customers have had positive experiences, others have raised concerns about issues such as scams. These diverse reviews highlight the importance of researching and gathering as much information as possible before choosing a company for precious metals investment.


In conclusion, both Regal Assets and Swiss America have their unique strengths, offerings, and challenges. From company history and precious metals offerings to investment services, risk management, and security, each company presents diverse options for potential investors. While Regal Assets shines with its diverse precious metals and cryptocurrencies offerings, Swiss America stands out with its strong focus on customer education and portfolio construction. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on individual investment needs, preferences, and risk tolerance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the founder of Regal Assets?

The founder of Regal Assets is Tyler Gallagher, who also fulfills the role of the company’s CEO.

What types of precious metals are offered by Swiss America?

Swiss America offers a range of U.S. and foreign gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins and bars, providing a diverse selection for potential investors.

What is the Better Business Bureau rating of Regal Assets and Swiss America?

Regal Assets has not been accredited by the BBB, while Swiss America holds an accredited BBB rating. Therefore, Swiss America has a better BBB rating compared to Regal Assets.

What are some of the unique services offered by Regal Assets?

Regal Assets offers unique services such as precious metals IRAs, Regal IRAs that include digital currencies, and secure storage for precious metals in insured vaults. These services cater to diverse investment preferences and offer a secure storage solution for precious metals.

What kind of legal proceedings has Regal Assets been involved in?

Regal Assets has been involved in legal proceedings related to business ethics and malpractices, such as a $21 million lawsuit filed by the California DFPI and CFTC for targeting retirement savings. These proceedings highlight concerns about the company’s conduct.