Regal Assets vs American Hartford Gold

Silver, gold and platinum precious metals have attracted a lot of attention from investors who want for ways to protect their investments from the economic turbulence and safeguard their wealth by diversifying. Many firms have emerged to satisfy this demand. Regal Assets as well as American Hartford Gold are two well-known companies that are the market leader in this field.

Here is a comprehensive analysis of the differences of Regal Assets and American Hartford Gold in which we discuss their different products, services, charges and reputation overall to help investors choose the precious metals dealer of preference. This thorough analysis should help investors to make better choices about which precious metals firm most closely matches their investment needs.

Company Background

Regal Assets The company was founded in 2007 by Tyler Gallagher and launched into the market in. The company specializes in investments in precious metals like silver, gold, palladium, platinum and cryptocurrency investments; Regal Assets has built a stellar customer experience with its excellent service and a broad offerings of products. Their services have been highlighted in Forbes magazine, Smart Money and Market Watch! They have achieved national recognition having been featured in magazines like Forbes, Smart Money, and Market Watch among many more!

American Hartford Gold The company is a new player in the market founded in 2015 by Sanford Mann in 2015. Although still young the company has quickly made waves thanks to its focus upon customer care, education, and affordable prices. They focus on selling bullion gold coins as and gold IRAs to customers looking for the best investment in precious metals.

Regal Assets vs American Hartford Gold

Product Offerings

Regal Assets Regal Assets offers an extensive range of products made from precious metals that span platinum, gold, silver and palladium bars, coins and coins and also cryptocurrency investments like Bitcoin and Ethereum offering one-stop solutions for investors looking to diversify their portfolios by investing in conventional and digital investments.

The Regal Assets offers a variety of popular products, including:

American Hartford Gold’s offerings may not be comparable to the offerings from Regal Assets; instead, American Hartford Gold caters specifically to investors in precious metals by providing high-quality silver and gold bullion coins at a competitive price, along and expert advice available.

American Hartford Gold is home to a number of well-known products, such as:

Gold IRA Services

Regal Assets and American Hartford Gold provide gold IRA services that provide customers the option of having physical gold inside individual retirement accounts to provide protection against market volatility.

Regal Assets: Regal Assets”gold” IRA services are both extensive and user-friendly. The simplified method of setting up or rolling over a retirement account simplifies the whole process and their separate storage options allow investors to keep their investments in a separate location and secure.

Regal Assets’ gold IRA services have several key advantages that you must take note of:

American Hartford Gold American Hartford Gold’s gold IRA services are also complete and easy to use, allowing opening a brand fresh gold IRA or rolling over an existing retirement account easily. Like Regal Assets, American Hartford Gold provides segregated storage facilities for gold IRA assets, ensuring the highest level of protection for every investor.

American Hartford Gold’s IRA services are characterized by several important features. The features include:

Regal Assets vs American Hartford Gold

Fees and Pricing

Regal Assets: The company excels at providing the gold IRA services that come with an upfront and transparent fee structure with a flat annual fee of $250, which includes administration and storage costs regardless of account size, which makes Regal Assets attractive for investors who have larger assets. They also offer competitive prices on their precious metal products, with discounts on purchases in large in large quantities.

American Hartford Gold The gold IRA company offers an open and transparent pricing arrangement for its gold IRA services. They charge an initial account setup cost of $50, and an annual maintenance charge of $80. Storage charges depend on the type of bank you select and the worth, with the minimum storage charges per year being set at 100 dollars. Similar to Regal Assets, American Hartford Gold offers competitive pricing on the most precious metals, and price match guarantees to make sure customers get the most competitive bargains possible.

Customer Service and Reputation

Regal Assets The business has built a reputation for its customer service excellence through the help by an in-house team of account managers who offer individualized guidance. Trustpilot awarded Regal Assets five stars rating and Better Business Bureau awarded us an A+.

American Hartford Gold The company is known for its exceptional customer service and commitment to education of investors with account managers who are knowledgeable and provide individual support and tools that aid in investors in making their decisions. American Hartford Gold has received positive reviews from customers, and has received five-star reviews on Trustpilot along with an A+ grade by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Regal Assets vs American Hartford Gold


Each Regal Assets and American Hartford Gold are highly respected precious metal dealers that offer top-quality products as well as comprehensive gold IRA services. Regal Assets standing out due to its wide range of options, including cryptocurrency support. In addition, Regal Assets stands out with its competitive pricing and excellent customer service. American Hartford Gold puts focus on providing competitive pricing and excellent service.

The choice of Regal Assets and American Hartford Gold will be based on the individual investor’s goals and personal preferences. Investors who want a one-stop solution that cover both traditional and digital assets might choose Regal Assets; those focused only on investments in silver or gold might prefer American Hartford Gold more appropriate due to its focus on gold and silver and price structure that is competitive.

Prior to deciding on an investment firm to invest in precious metals investors should conduct a thorough study and thoroughly examine all of their choices. In understanding the benefits and drawbacks to each firm’s offerings, investors are confident when making a choice to invest in rare metals.