Oxford Gold Group vs Blanchard Company: Unbiased Review

If you’re weighing whether to trust Oxford Gold Group or Blanchard Company with your gold investments, our direct comparison – Oxford Gold Group vs Blanchard Company – will illuminate their distinctive services, pricing, and client experiences. Determine which company aligns with your precious metals investment objectives through our focused, clear, and factual guide.

Key Takeaways

Oxford Gold Group Overview

Oxford Gold Group

Oxford Gold Group, specializing in gold and precious metal IRAs, has established itself as a trusted gold IRA company. The company has carved a niche for itself in the precious metals landscape, offering a selection of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars to cater to diverse investor preferences. Their minimum investment requirement stands at a competitive $7,500, similar to other industry players like Augusta Precious Metals and American Hartford Gold.

However, when venturing into precious metal investments, it’s essential to be aware of the associated fees. While Oxford Gold Group offers a plethora of benefits, they do have relatively high fees, which is a common trait among gold IRA companies. Despite this, the company has managed to impress with its extensive product offerings, earning a spot among the best gold IRA companies.

Services Offered

Oxford Gold Group leaves nothing to chance when it comes to services provided. Their comprehensive range of gold IRA services includes assistance with rollovers from existing retirement accounts to a precious metals IRA and facilitating direct purchases of precious metals. Whether you are rolling over an existing IRA or looking to diversify your investment portfolio with physical gold, Oxford Gold Group has got you covered.

Oxford Gold Group sets itself apart with its exceptional educational resources. The company places a strong emphasis on education, offering clients explainer videos, informative articles, and access to a learning center to enhance their understanding of precious metals investing. This commitment to customer education sets the company apart, ensuring that investors are well-equipped to make informed decisions about their financial future.

Customer Experience

Oxford Gold Group acknowledges the vital role of customer experience in the realm of gold IRA investing. The company’s customer support plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall customer experience, contributing significantly to a positive outcome for investors in precious metals. Their representatives provide assistance by explaining account opening procedures, fee structures, and offering ongoing account management support, ensuring a seamless investment journey.

Their customer-oriented approach extends beyond basic support. They offer:

This dedication to customer service has earned Oxford Gold Group recognition for excellence in customer service.

Blanchard Company Overview

Oxford Gold Group

With more than 45 years in the precious metals industry, Blanchard Company is a veteran, focusing on rare coins and bullion. Under the leadership of CEO David Beahm, the company places a strong emphasis on strategy, innovation, leadership, and branding, building a strong reputation in the field of precious metals investments.

Blanchard Company stands out by offering a 100% buyback guarantee for rare coins within 10 days of purchase. This ensures customer satisfaction and confidence in their investments. This provides an additional layer of security for your physical gold investments and speaks volumes about the company’s confidence in their offerings.

Services Offered

Offering a wide variety of precious metals, Blanchard Company provides investors with options such as gold coins, silver coins, 1 oz gold bars, and 1kg gold bars for precious metals IRAs. They also deal with a range of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products, offering diversity in investment options.

However, when it comes to specialized gold IRA services, Blanchard Company does not offer the same level of specialization as Oxford Gold Group or Birch Gold Group. This is a key point to consider for investors looking to focus specifically on gold IRA investing.

Customer Experience

The reputation that Blanchard Company holds in the rare coin market is praiseworthy. However, customer feedback regarding their services is mixed. Several customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the substantial commissions and fees, as well as elevated markups on rare coins, which can impact the precious metals market.

On the brighter side, numerous customers have reported positive experiences with Blanchard Company’s coin market services, praising their exceptional customer service and outstanding quality. The company also works in collaboration with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to resolve disputes and attend to any concerns raised by complainants.

Comparing Gold IRA Services

Oxford Gold Group

Distinct differences are evident when comparing the gold IRA services of both companies. Oxford Gold Group provides specialized gold IRA services, whereas Blanchard Company does not offer the same level of specialization. While there are no specific minimum investment requirements set by the IRS, there are annual maximum contribution limits to consider when choosing an IRA provider.

Gold IRAs entail elevated fees compared to other asset classes. Oxford Gold Group imposes a first-year fee of $260, followed by an annual fee of $180 for subsequent years, with a minimum account balance of $25,000 necessary for account opening. These costs, including account management, upkeep, secure storage, and insurance, are important to consider when assessing the overall investment potential of a gold IRA.

Fees and Costs

Oxford Gold Group distinguishes itself with competitive and transparent pricing when it comes to fees and costs. Investors can appreciate the clarity and predictability this brings to their gold IRA investments. On the other hand, Blanchard Company’s negotiable pricing structure may lead to less predictable pricing, and there have been customer concerns regarding significant markups on rare coins.

Beyond the pricing structure, there are a host of other charges associated with establishing a Gold IRA account. The typical setup fee for a Gold IRA account is approximately $50. Additionally, the cost of storage for a Gold IRA is typically around $200 per year. These costs are important to factor into your overall investment strategy.

Investment Options

As far as investment options go, Oxford Gold Group offers a variety of choices in the realm of precious metals. They also offer investment options in rare collectible coins, much like Blanchard Company.

Blanchard Company specializes in rare collectible coins as well as gold, palladium, and platinum bullion. They have a focus on these unique and valuable items. While these options provide diversity, investors looking for a more specific focus on gold IRA services may find Oxford Gold Group more aligned with their investment goals.

Storage and Security

Oxford Gold Group

Both Oxford Gold Group and Blanchard Company provide secure storage solutions for precious metals. Oxford Gold Group provides storage solutions through their partnerships with Brinks Global Services and the Delaware Depository Service Company (DDSC), offering a secure, climate-controlled environment and comprehensive insurance policies to safeguard your precious metals. They also offer a rebate for clients with every additional $25,000 in their account and exclusive storage for gold and silver.

Oxford Gold Group Storage Solutions

Oxford Gold Group works with secure storage facilities to ensure the safety of precious metals. These facilities provide:

Moreover, Oxford Gold Group provides comprehensive insurance coverage for precious metals while they are stored within their partnered secure facilities. Their storage solutions encompass:

Blanchard Company Storage Solutions

Blanchard Company offers a range of storage options, such as home safes, bank deposit boxes, and international depositories. These options provide investors with the flexibility to choose a storage solution that best fits their needs. They also implement various security measures to safeguard the information from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access.

Their international depositories provide:

Customer Support and Education

Oxford Gold Group

Both Oxford Gold Group and Blanchard Company understand the importance of customer support and education, which are vital aspects of any gold IRA company.

Oxford Gold Group offers a range of educational resources including:

These resources are customized to suit individual investment strategies. They also offer 24/7 customer support through their care line and online form.

Blanchard Company, on the other hand, has designed their customer support around their Legendary Service program, which emphasizes a service-focused culture and provides unlimited calls to their help center for covered issues. However, it is worth noting that customer feedback on the support provided is diverse, with different experiences being reported.

Oxford Gold Group’s Educational Resources

Education is a cornerstone of Oxford Gold Group’s services. The company provides personalized investment consultations for its clientele, aiding in the customization of specific investment strategies. This personalized guidance can be invaluable, particularly for investors new to the realm of precious metals.

In addition to personalized consultations, Oxford Gold Group offers customers access to a learning center that features a comprehensive investment guide and insightful articles on investing in precious metals. They also offer guides and webinars to inform current and potential investors about the intricacies of gold IRAs. This wealth of educational resources ensures that investors are well-equipped to navigate the landscape of gold IRA investing.

Blanchard Company’s Educational Resources

Blanchard Company provides a range of digital and virtual learning resources such as eBooks, articles, and videos designed to complement online leadership training programs, along with tools for facilitating effective delivery of their leadership training. This commitment to education ensures that investors have access to the knowledge they need to make informed investment decisions.

Blanchard Company provides assistance to gold IRA investors by offering strategic guidance on expanding and balancing their investment portfolios with gold and other precious metals. While their educational resources for gold IRA investors encompass a range of topics pertaining to investment strategies for precious metals, they may lack the depth of resources offered by Oxford Gold Group.

Online Reviews and Reputation

Online reviews and reputation are especially important in the digital age, particularly in the investment sector. Both Oxford Gold Group and Blanchard Company have amassed a wealth of reviews, with mixed feedback from customers. Oxford Gold Group has received an aggregate rating of 5 stars on reputable review platforms and promptly addresses negative reviews within 24 hours, showcasing their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction. They also have an excellent reputation for their customer service, transparency, and educational resources.

On the other hand, Blanchard Company has been subject to criticism regarding its pricing, customer service, and absence of gold IRA services. However, despite these criticisms, the company has managed to maintain a positive reputation in the rare coin market with several customers praising their services.

Oxford Gold Group Online Reviews

When it comes to online reviews, Oxford Gold Group shines bright as the best gold ira company. The company has garnered a 5-star rating on Trustpilot and holds accreditation from BBB. They have received notable testimonials and case studies from satisfied customers, who specifically praised the team’s professionalism and assistance in transferring IRAs to precious metals.

Oxford Gold Group also stands out in how it manages negative comments or complaints. By providing detailed responses and addressing customer concerns in an effort to resolve any issues, the company demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Blanchard Company Online Reviews

In contrast, Blanchard Company has faced some criticism in online reviews. Customers have voiced concerns about their substantial commissions and fees, particularly the elevated markups on rare coins. A particular complaint brought to light an issue with the company’s buyback policy, which could potentially lead to confusion for customers.

However, despite these complaints, Blanchard Company has shown a dedication to resolving customer complaints, working in collaboration with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to address disputes. This proactive approach to customer service is commendable and speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to client satisfaction.

Personal Investment Goals and Considerations

Several key considerations should be kept in mind when choosing a gold investment partner. These include the fee structure, the range of investment options provided, and the storage and security measures implemented for safeguarding your investments. It is also crucial to ensure that the investment options offered by your gold investment partner are in line with your personal investment goals, as this determines the strategy you will pursue and impacts the potential success of your investments.

The impact of fee structures on gold investments can be substantial. Transparent and competitive fees can aid in effective cost management, while high or undisclosed fees have the potential to diminish returns over time.

Storage and security measures are of utmost importance as they guarantee the physical safety and protection of valuable metal investments. It is advisable for clients to seek partners offering robust storage solutions, encompassing thorough insurance and secure facilities, to provide a sense of security.


In conclusion, both Oxford Gold Group and Blanchard Company offer unique advantages and services in the realm of precious metals investments. Oxford Gold Group stands out with its specialized gold IRA services, transparent fees, and emphasis on customer education. On the other hand, Blanchard Company, with its decades of industry experience, is recognized for its expertise in rare coins and bullion.

Choosing between the two companies ultimately depends on individual investment goals and preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just dipping your toes into the world of precious metals, it’s crucial to do your research, consider your personal goals, and make an informed decision that aligns with your financial strategy. After all, the golden rule of investing is to invest in what you understand and believe in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oxford gold Group a reputable company?

Yes, Oxford Gold Group is a reputable company that specializes in assisting individuals with precious metals investments and offers a range of services for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products.

What is the number one gold investment company?

The number one gold investment company is based on reviews and comparisons of top Gold IRA companies.

What is the best gold IRA?

The best gold IRA company is Goldco, which is highly rated by the Better Business Bureau, Business Consumer Alliance, and Trustpilot.

What is the downside of a gold IRA?

The primary downside of a gold IRA is the storage and insurance costs associated with holding physical precious metals, which can impact the overall return on investment. Be mindful of these expenses when considering a gold IRA.

What services does Oxford Gold Group offer?

Oxford Gold Group offers gold IRA services including rollovers from existing retirement accounts and direct purchases of precious metals.