Orion Metal Exchange vs Sprott Money: Comparing Precious Metals Investments

Are you weighing your options between Orion Metal Exchange vs Sprott Money for your precious metals investments? With distinct services, fee structures, and investment opportunities, making the right choice requires a clear comparison. This article cuts through the clutter to provide you with the insights you need to decide which company aligns best with your financial goals.

Key Takeaways

Orion Metal Exchange vs Sprott Money: A Comprehensive Showdown

Orion Metal Exchange

Orion Metal Exchange and Sprott Money are well-known names in the realm of precious metals investments due to their consistent reliability and comprehensive services. In the fiercely competitive market, these firms have successfully distinguished themselves. Yet, how do they stand in a head-to-head comparison? It’s time to delve into their respective offerings.

From the background and services they offer to their investment options, client experiences, and the transparency in their pricing – every aspect matters when you’re investing your hard-earned money. Each company has its strengths and areas of specialization. However, the ultimate choice will depend on your individual needs, risk tolerance, and investment goals.

Company Profiles: Background and Services

Orion Metal Exchange is a full-service precious metals company, specializing in gold coins and silver coins. It offers a wide range of services, including:

With a minimum investment requirement of $10,000, Orion Metal Exchange is a trusted option for investing in precious metals.

Sprott Money, established by APMEX and Sprott, is recognized as a prominent player in alternative asset investments. Sprott is particularly noted for its role in establishing OneGold, a platform that offers a convenient and secure way to buy, sell, and redeem precious metals.

Investment Options: Gold IRA and More

Orion Metal Exchange

A Gold Individual Retirement Account (IRA) allows investors to diversify their portfolios by including physical precious metals. Unlike traditional IRAs that contain paper assets, a Gold IRA holds tangible precious metals. This is a tax-advantaged investment instrument with the potential to offer a hedge against inflation and market volatility.

Orion Metal Exchange offers investment opportunities in metals such as gold bars, silver, platinum, and palladium, including Precious Metal IRAs. It is worth noting that investing in precious metals, particularly through a Gold IRA, does incur certain costs such as account management expenses, maintenance charges, and secure storage with insurance.

On the other hand, Sprott Money also offers a range of precious metals investment options. These include direct ownership of physical gold bullion, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that mirror the performance of gold, and shares in gold-mining companies. Investors may choose these options based on their risk tolerance, investment goals, and the overall context of their retirement portfolio.

Client Experience: Navigating User Satisfaction

The importance of client experience cannot be overstated in the precious metals investment industry. A company that prioritizes customer satisfaction tends to attract more investors. Companies like Orion Metal Exchange and Sprott Money understand this and strive to provide superior client interactions, services, and support systems.

For example, companies such as Patriot Gold Group and Oxford Gold Group focus on providing extensive education and service to ensure a favorable experience for investors. American Hartford Gold goes a step further by offering a 100% money-back guarantee, underlining their commitment to client satisfaction.

Pricing and Fees: Evaluating Costs for Investors

Investing in precious metals can significantly diversify your portfolio, but understanding the associated costs is essential. Orion Metal Exchange and Sprott Money both provide transparent pricing structures, aiding investors in making informed decisions.

The annual fee for Orion Metal Exchange’s IRA accounts ranges from $150 to $225, positioning it competitively with other precious metals IRAs in the market. What sets these companies apart is their approach to transparency and their fee structures.

Transparency in Pricing

Investors value pricing transparency, and Orion Metal Exchange fosters this trust by offering real-time online product purchase pricing and minimal storage fees without any setup and rollover charges. Their pricing model accurately represents the actual cost of precious metals products, simplifying the understanding for investors.

Sprott Money ensures transparency by:

Comparison of Fee Structures

When comparing Orion Metal Exchange and Sprott Money, it’s important to understand their respective fee structures. Orion Metal Exchange charges an annual fee of $175 for storage and insurance for most gold IRAs, with no charge for the sale of precious metals.

In contrast, Sprott Money enforces the following fees:

Sprott Money’s fees are clearly outlined and do not incorporate any undisclosed expenses, further emphasizing their commitment to transparency.

Precious Metals IRA Services: Orion vs Sprott

Orion Metal Exchange

Evaluating the Precious Metals IRA services of investment companies is a vital step when considering precious metals investments. These services provide a seamless way to diversify your portfolio. Let’s examine the offerings of Orion Metal Exchange and Sprott Money in this aspect.

Both gold IRA companies offer a range of services to help investors set up and manage their Precious Metals IRA. From setting up the IRA, rollover and transfer procedures, to storage and custodianship, every aspect plays a crucial role in the investor’s experience with a gold ira company.

Setting Up a Precious Metals IRA

Setting up a Precious Metals IRA with Orion Metal Exchange involves the following steps:

  1. Conduct thorough research to identify your specific requirements.

  2. Orion Metal Exchange will guide you through the process of setting up a self-directed IRA.

  3. The precious metals must be stored in an approved storage facility.

  4. There’s a minimum requirement of $10,000 for IRAs.

  5. There is an annual fee of $175 for storage and insurance.

To set up a Precious Metals IRA with Sprott Money, you need to complete the Sprott Money Ltd authorization form and establish an account with New Direction to manage the IRA. The entire process is straightforward and designed to help investors get started with ease.

Rollover and Transfer Procedures

When it comes to rollover and transfer procedures, both Orion Metal Exchange and Sprott Money offer seamless processes. At Orion Metal Exchange, they offer support for IRA rollovers through direct rollover, trustee-to-trustee transfer, or indirect rollover. They also facilitate 401k to gold IRA rollovers.

The timeframe for completing an IRA rollover at Orion Metal Exchange varies depending on the chosen method. However, transferring an IRA to Sprott Money typically takes about ten business days. The transfer process involves opening a new account with New Direction and subsequently transferring your existing registered account from another institution.

Storage and Custodianship

Storage and custodianship play a critical role in precious metals investments. Orion Metal Exchange gives investors the choice to store their precious metals at home or use secure third-party storage services. They further bolster investor confidence with state-of-the-art security measures for their storage facilities.

On the other hand, Sprott Money provides secure storage for precious metals through insured facilities operated by trusted providers. They have facilities in six international locations, offering investors the flexibility to choose a location that suits their needs.

Educational Resources and Market Insights

Orion Metal Exchange

Informed decisions are the cornerstone of successful investing. Recognizing this, both Orion Metal Exchange and Sprott Money furnish their investors with a plethora of educational resources and market insights.

From investor education to market analysis and updates, the resources provided by both companies can greatly aid investors in making informed investment decisions.

Investor Education

Orion Metal Exchange provides a variety of educational resources to investors, including:

Their resources cover a wide range of topics, including gold mining stocks, helping investors gain a comprehensive understanding of precious metals investments through a reliable precious metals dealer.

Sprott Money, on the other hand, also offers valuable educational materials on their website. Their resources encompass a wide range of topics, providing investors with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

Market Analysis and Updates

Keeping up with market changes is crucial for making informed investment decisions. Orion Metal Exchange provides market analysis that encompasses historical market trends, interactive market charts, and alerts regarding market trends and opportunities.

Sprott Money ensures that its clients are kept informed about market changes by regularly providing updates on gold, silver, and platinum. Their frequent newsletters, blog posts, and insights from Eric Sprott’s Weekly Wrap Up offer valuable market insights.

Customer Support and Service Quality

Superior customer service can significantly enhance an investor’s experience with a company. With this understanding, both Orion Metal Exchange and Sprott Money are committed to delivering exceptional customer support.

From accessibility and communication channels to expertise and guidance, let’s explore the customer support and service quality offered by both companies.

Accessibility and Communication Channels

Orion Metal Exchange primarily provides customer support through phone and email. Their team is available to provide assistance with any questions or inquiries, enhancing the customer experience.

Sprott Money, on the other hand, offers customer service via chat, phone, and email. They place great value on the accessibility of their services and encourage feedback regarding improvements and accessibility policies.

Expertise and Guidance

The advisors at Orion Metal Exchange and Sprott Money possess significant experience and qualifications. Both companies provide their advisors with rigorous training, ensuring they are equipped to guide investors effectively.

Both companies ensure that their advisors stay updated on market changes by utilizing a comprehensive approach that includes actively managed strategies and specialized investments. This enhances the guidance they offer to investors.

Personalized Investment Advice

Both Orion Metal Exchange and Sprott Money offer personalized investment services. Orion Metal Exchange provides a range of unique services in the precious metal investment market, such as the opportunity to invest in and store precious metals, and an easily establishable precious metal IRA service.

Sprott Money, on the other hand, offers personalized services and exclusive perks for clients. They advise investors to seek financial guidance to ensure strategies align with their objectives and financial status.

Security and Trustworthiness

Orion Metal Exchange

Trustworthiness is a key factor in investment decisions. Orion Metal Exchange and Sprott Money, both accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), exhibit their dedication to upholding reliable business practices.

From accreditation and industry standing to client asset protection, let’s delve into how Orion Metal Exchange and Sprott Money ensure the security and trustworthiness of their operations.

Accreditation and Industry Standing

Orion Metal Exchange has received accreditation from BBB and has been acknowledged by Consumer Affairs and Retirement Living as a leading full-service precious metals firm. Sprott Money, on the other hand, is also accredited by BBB, particularly for Investment Management since 7/26/2011.

Orion Metal Exchange has achieved a flawless 5-star rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) derived from 52 reviews, signifying outstanding customer feedback. In contrast, Sprott Money has been awarded an A+ rating by the BBB, indicating a positive standing but not necessarily reflecting specific customer reviews.

Client Asset Protection

Orion Metal Exchange ensures the protection of client assets by:

Sprott Money, while not explicitly articulating their assurances on their website, has a long-standing reputation in the market. Their commitment to their clients and their investments is reflected in their operations and client interactions.

Ethical Considerations and Sustainable Practices

In the current global context, sustainable practices and ethical considerations have become indispensable for businesses. Acknowledging this, both Orion Metal Exchange and Sprott Money have instituted measures to embed ethical practices into their operations.

From responsible sourcing policies to commitment to sustainability, let’s delve into the ethical considerations and sustainable practices of Orion Metal Exchange and Sprott Money.

Responsible Sourcing Policies

Orion Metal Exchange implements assessments based on diligence measures and representations provided by their suppliers to prevent the occurrence of conflict minerals in their supply chain.

Sprott Money, on the other hand, advocates for the integration of ESG matters into investment decision-making processes and active ownership practices. Sprott ESG Approved Gold is sourced exclusively from mines that adhere to the Mint Responsible Sourcing Requirements.

Commitment to Sustainability

Both Orion Metal Exchange and Sprott Money are committed to sustainability. Orion Metal Exchange supports responsibly produced and processed minerals and adheres to responsible investment practices.

Sprott Money is committed to upholding the highest standards in sustainable investing and actively supports environmental and local social causes. They source from gold producers known for their exemplary leadership in ESG and sustainability.


In conclusion, both Orion Metal Exchange and Sprott Money offer a comprehensive range of services for precious metals investments. They both have strong commitments to customer satisfaction, sustainability, and ethical practices. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on individual investor needs and preferences. Both companies offer strong options for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio with precious metals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Orion Metal Exchange charge?

Orion Metal Exchange charges an annual fee between $150 and $225 for their IRA accounts, which can vary based on the investment amount and storage location. This fee is competitive and comparable to other precious metals IRAs.

Who is the best company to buy gold from?

Based on outstanding track record, ratings, and educational content, Goldco is considered the best company to buy gold from. It’s rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, AAA by Business Consumer Alliance, and holds an excellent 4.8 Trustpilot rating.

What is the best gold IRA company?

Goldco is considered the best overall gold IRA company, with an outstanding track record, A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, AAA rating by the Business Consumer Alliance, and an excellent 4.8 Trustpilot rating.

What is the number one gold investment company?

The number one gold investment company is Top Gold IRA Companies, based on reviews and comparisons.

What are the primary services offered by Orion Metal Exchange and Sprott Money?

Orion Metal Exchange specializes in gold and silver coin trading, as well as offering insured storage vault services and home delivery. Sprott Money primarily offers investment-grade bullion and encourages clients to seek customized financial advice based on their individual circumstances.