Orion Metal Exchange vs Kitco Metals: An In-Depth Comparison

When comparing Orion Metal Exchange vs Kitco Metals, what are the deciding factors for your investment needs? This comparative analysis strips away the complexities to provide you a straightforward look at their service offerings, pricing structures, customer support, and overall reliability, equipping you with the key information required to make a solid investment choice.

Key Takeaways

Dueling Titans of Precious Metals: Orion Metal Exchange and Kitco Metals

Orion Metal Exchange

Orion Metal Exchange and Kitco Metals are both leading precious metals company in the industry. With a strong reputation and a broad range of offerings, they cater to investors looking for:

These dealers have got you covered.

However, how do they differentiate themselves from each other? By examining their profiles and core offerings, we can better understand their unique strengths and their dedication to serving the precious metal investment community.

Company Profiles

Orion Metal Exchange, known for its exceptional customer service, is committed to assisting investors when buying or selling Orion precious metals. As a reputable dealer, it has built a name for itself in the industry, earning accolades for its dedication to helping investors make informed decisions. For those considering investing in precious metals, it’s important to read an Orion Metal Exchange review to gain insight into the company’s services and reputation.

On the other hand, Kitco Metals, with its robust market presence, is a key player that has earned the trust of investors across the globe.

Core Offerings

When it comes to core offerings, both gold ira companies and precious metals ira providers have plenty to offer. Orion Metal Exchange’s Precious Metals IRA services encompass a variety of metals such as:

They provide competitive annual fees ranging from $150 to $225 for precious metal ira, aligning with other precious metals IRAs.

For direct investments, Orion Metal Exchange offers a selection of precious metals which includes gold coins like the Gold American Eagle and Gold Canadian Maple Leaf in different sizes, as well as palladium coins such as Maple Leaf and American Eagle in one-ounce increments. And to ensure the safekeeping of these investments, they offer secure storage alternatives as part of their services.

The Battle of Bullion: Product Selection and Variety

Orion Metal Exchange

When it comes to product selection and variety, both Orion Metal Exchange and Kitco Metals offer a diverse range of precious metal products. From gold and silver coins and bars to platinum, palladium, and rhodium, investors have a wide array of choices. However, while Orion Metal Exchange has exclusive offerings of gold, silver, palladium, and platinum coins, Kitco Metals expands its product line further by including rhodium products and a precious metals pool, demonstrating its more diverse offerings.

Diverse Portfolios

In terms of diverse portfolios, both Orion Metal Exchange and Kitco Metals offer a range of options. Orion Metal Exchange provides gold, silver, platinum, and palladium while Kitco Metals offers these along with additional copper investment choices. Whether you’re interested in gold coins, gold bars, or platinum products, these companies have got you covered.

Exclusive Products

On the hunt for exclusive products? Orion Metal Exchange offers a variety of exclusive precious metals products such as gold coins, gold bars, silver coins, and silver bars.

On the other hand, Kitco Metals steps up the game by offering unique products like gold jewelry pieces from European manufacturers and special gold rounds that combine the qualities of gold bars and coins, thanks to their strategic collaborations with other companies.

IRA Showdown: Precious Metals IRA Options Compared

Orion Metal Exchange

Moving on to precious metals IRA options, both Orion Metal Exchange and Kitco Metals offer significant investment flexibility for investors. Whether you’re planning to set up a new IRA or roll over an existing one, these companies make the process straightforward and efficient.

We will now assess their performance in investment flexibility and account management.

Investment Flexibility

When it comes to investment flexibility, Orion Metal Exchange’s IRA services stand out. They offer:

Kitco Metals, on the other hand, provides a unique range of platinum products and allows investors to independently direct their IRA towards specific coins and bullion, offering a customized investment experience.

Account Management

In terms of account management, both companies provide a variety of services to assist their precious metals IRA clients. Orion Metal Exchange offers support in choosing the most appropriate custodian and depository program, while Kitco Metals provides a Kitco Pool account for conducting transactions and holding gold and silver.

User reviews suggest that Orion Metal Exchange offers a superior level of service, with its dedicated in-house IRA department staffed with specialists, compared to Kitco Metals.

Storing Your Treasure: Custodians and Storage Solutions

Orion Metal Exchange

One of the key considerations for investors looking to purchase precious metals is the security and accessibility of their physical precious metals, especially when they decide to sell precious metals in the future. Orion Metal Exchange and Kitco Metals offer a variety of options for the safe storage of these valuable assets.

We will now examine the security, insurance, and accessibility features of their storage solutions.

Security and Insurance

Security and insurance are paramount when it comes to storing precious metals. Both Orion Metal Exchange and Kitco Metals prioritize the safety of their clients’ investments. Orion Metal Exchange offers a range of secure storage options, including commercial depositories, local banks, or at home in concealed locations or a private safe.

On the other hand, Kitco Metals employs specialized storage facilities equipped with advanced security measures and provides full insurance coverage for precious metals held in their Allocated Storage accounts.

Accessibility and Convenience

Ease of access and convenience are also essential in storage solutions. Both companies offer features aimed at enhancing the storage experience for investors. Orion Metal Exchange allows customers to access their stored precious metals at any time, while Kitco Metals provides convenient access to stored metals through their DirectReserve platform and DR Vaulting services.

Pricing and Fees Face-off

Orion Metal Exchange

Pricing and fees are critical factors in the decision-making process for investors. Both Orion Metal Exchange and Kitco Metals are transparent about their pricing and fees for their products and services.

We will now review their pricing structures and assess their transparency in pricing.

Transparency in Pricing

Both Orion Metal Exchange and Kitco Metals demonstrate transparency in their pricing policies. Orion Metal Exchange provides all precious metal prices on their website and has a specified policy that encompasses a fee for the purchase and sale of precious metals.

Kitco Metals reveals real-time spot prices for different precious metals, offering customers transparent visibility into their pricing framework.

Cost Comparison

When we compare the costs of products and services, Orion Metal Exchange imposes an annual fee of $175 for storage and insurance for most gold IRAs, including the popular gold IRA option, offering a complimentary first year for eligible investors, and no setup or transfer fees.

On the contrary, Kitco Metals levies a $50 administrative fee under certain conditions and does not charge for storing precious metals in an IRA on the iTrustCapital platform.

Customer Service and Support

Excellent customer service and support are crucial for a positive investment experience. Both Orion Metal Exchange and Kitco Metals excel in providing personalized assistance and educational resources.

A review of their customer service and the educational resources they provide is essential.

Personalized Assistance

Both Orion Metal Exchange and Kitco Metals strive to deliver personalized assistance to their clients. Orion Metal Exchange provides a dedicated in-house IRA and a customer support team, offering consultation and collaboration to facilitate the account setup process.

On the other hand, Kitco Metals provides customized services through their Kitco DirectReserve digital trading platform, granting access to the precious metals markets.

Educational Resources

Investors appreciate companies that equip them with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Both Orion Metal Exchange and Kitco Metals offer a wealth of educational resources. Orion Metal Exchange helps individuals grasp the fundamentals of precious metals investments while Kitco Metals provides education on bullion investment, purchasing basics, and terminology.

User Reviews and Industry Ratings

User reviews and industry ratings provide an insightful perspective on the performance of Orion Metal Exchange and Kitco Metals. Evaluating these can give potential investors a clearer understanding of what to expect from these companies. We will now investigate the testimonials, feedback, accreditations, and endorsements these companies have accumulated.

Testimonials and Feedback

Customer testimonials and feedback are valuable sources of information. Orion Metal Exchange’s clients value their fee-free services, up-to-date market charts, and helpful staff, all of which contribute to a satisfactory customer experience.

Kitco Metals, on the other hand, has received a mixed reception, with some awarding 4 stars while others have awarded only 2 stars.

Accreditation and Endorsements

Accreditation and endorsements from industry organizations and rating agencies can boost a company’s credibility. Both Orion Metal Exchange and Kitco Metals are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, attesting to their commitment to uphold high business standards.

Orion Metal Exchange has also been endorsed by the Professional Coin Grading Service and holds a 5-star rating on Trustpilot.


In conclusion, both Orion Metal Exchange and Kitco Metals offer a comprehensive range of services for precious metal investors. From diverse portfolios, exclusive products, and flexible IRA options to secure storage solutions, transparent pricing, and excellent customer service, they both tick many of the right boxes. However, their unique strengths and areas for improvement, as revealed in this in-depth comparison, can guide potential investors in making a choice that meets their specific needs and preferences.

While Orion Metal Exchange stands out for its exceptional customer service, personalized assistance, and high industry ratings, Kitco Metals impresses with its diverse product offerings, investment flexibility, and global storage solutions. Ultimately, the choice between Orion Metal Exchange and Kitco Metals will depend on the individual investor’s priorities and investment goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Orion Metal Exchange charge?

Orion Metal Exchange charges an annual fee between $150 and $225 for their IRA accounts, which can vary based on the investment amount and storage location. This fee is competitive and comparable to other precious metals IRAs.

Who owns Orion Metal Exchange?

Orion Metal Exchange is owned by its co-founder and CEO, Jacob Blalock.

What is the best gold IRA company?

The best gold IRA company is Goldco, with an outstanding track record, A+ BBB rating, AAA BCA rating, and excellent Trustpilot rating. Consider choosing Goldco for your gold IRA needs.

What is the best precious metal to invest in 2023?

Gold remains the most popular and widely recognized precious metal investment, with a historical track record as a store of value and hedge against inflation, making it a go-to choice for investors in 2023.

What are the core offerings of Orion Metal Exchange and Kitco Metals?

Orion Metal Exchange and Kitco Metals both offer services such as precious metals IRAs, direct investments in physical metals, secure storage options, and a diverse selection of precious metal products. Both companies have a wide range of core offerings.