Goldco vs Sprott Money: Comparing Leading Providers

When embarking on the journey of precious metals investing, choosing the right gold Individual Retirement Account (IRA) provider is a pivotal decision. Among the myriad of gold IRA companies in the market, Goldco and Sprott Money have emerged as leading providers, setting the gold standard – quite literally – in the precious metals industry. In this context, comparing “Goldco vs Sprott Money” is essential to make an informed decision for your investment needs.

Key Takeaways

Goldco and Sprott Money Overview


Peeling back the layers of the precious metals industry, Goldco and Sprott Money have carved out their niches as preeminent gold IRA providers. These providers enable investors to diversify their portfolios by holding physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. These precious metals investments, securely stored in reputable bullion depositories, provide a safeguard against inflation and economic uncertainty.

Thus, Goldco and Sprott Money are strong contenders for the best gold IRA companies.

The Heritage of Goldco

Goldco’s foundation was laid by Trevor Gerszt in 2006, with a strong passion for precious metals investments. Since its inception, Goldco has thrived in the face of economic uncertainty, exceeding $1 billion in precious metals placements, and consistently making the Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies, thereby positioning itself as a respected entity in the precious metals industry.

Nevertheless, Goldco’s triumphs extend beyond its impressive track record. A cornerstone of Goldco’s success is its exceptional customer service, backed by over 5000 5-star ratings and a decade-long history of helping customers make confident investments in precious metals.

The Sprott Money Legacy

Sprott Money, founded by Eric Sprott in 2008, has etched its mark in the precious metals market as a trusted entity. The company has built its reputation on the bedrock of offering competitively priced investment-grade bullion and prioritizing the security of its clientele. This focus on customer security extends to providing options for holding physical gold and other precious metals.

The Sprott family name is synonymous with expertise and reliability in the field of precious metals, with Sprott Money acknowledged for its competitively priced bullion and unique contributions to the investment community.

Investment Products and Options


The investment terrain can be intricate, yet Goldco and Sprott Money offer an array of investment products and options to meet the varied needs of investors. Be it through gold IRAs, purchasing physical precious metals outside of an IRA, or investing in precious metal-backed assets such as stocks, mutual funds, or exchange traded funds, these providers offer various avenues to hold physical gold and diversify investment portfolios.

Goldco and Sprott Money enable investors to leverage gold prices and diversify their portfolios with their distinctive product offerings.

Diverse Portfolio Offerings from Goldco

Goldco caters to the diverse needs of investors by offering a range of products, including:

Their expertise in Precious Metals IRAs, facilitating direct purchases of gold and silver, and maintaining a diverse inventory that includes bullion coins, bars, and numismatic rarities, make them a versatile choice for investors.

Sprott Money’s Precious Metals Spectrum

Sprott Money offers a wide spectrum of precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum. Their selection of bars and coins, coupled with their commitment to the quality, security, and competitive pricing of their products, ensures that investors have access to a diverse range of investment-grade bullion.

Retirement Account Solutions


When planning for retirement, diversification is key. Goldco and Sprott Money provide retirement account solutions, including gold IRAs and self-directed IRAs, that allow investors to diversify their portfolios and protect their assets. These IRAs enable investors to incorporate physical precious metals into their existing retirement accounts, offering an alternative to the traditional retirement funds.

Goldco’s Gold IRA Expertise

Goldco has distinguished itself in the field of gold IRAs. They offer a comprehensive guide on the benefits of gold investment and the process of incorporating physical gold into your investment portfolio through a gold IRA. With their support in agreement signing, funding the gold IRA through transfers or rollovers, and selecting the precious metals, Goldco simplifies the process of setting up and managing a gold IRA.

Sprott Money and Self-Directed IRAs

Sprott Money provides self-directed IRAs that enable investors to:

Storage and Security Measures


The security of precious metals investments is paramount, which is why both Goldco and Sprott Money prioritize secure storage and safety measures, ensuring precious metals stored are well-protected. They guarantee the protection of valuable assets from theft, damage, and unauthorized access, thereby maintaining the integrity and value of an investor’s portfolio.

Goldco’s Secure Storage Network

Goldco has partnered with multiple secure storage facilities to ensure the safety and protection of their clients’ investments. They employ a multi-layered monitoring system equipped with:

They also implement stringent internal controls to mitigate risks associated with physical assets.

Sprott Money’s Global Storage Solutions

Sprott Money offers global storage solutions, providing insured storage options for gold and silver bullion in various international locations. They ensure the safety and security of their storage facilities through a Storage Program, which securely and privately stores metals in vaults situated in politically stable and secure countries globally.

Fees and Costs Comparison


Cost-effectiveness is a key consideration when selecting a gold IRA provider. Understanding the fees and costs associated with Goldco and Sprott Money is key, which generally consist of account management fees, secure storage, and asset insurance.

Understanding Goldco’s Fee Schedule

Goldco’s fee schedule is transparent, with charges for storage, account setup, and annual maintenance. They also offer discounts for payments made by bank wire and personal checks.

Sprott Money’s Pricing Policy

Sprott Money’s pricing policy includes fees for storage, shipping, and insurance. They are committed to competitive pricing and transparency, ensuring there are no hidden costs for their clients.

Customer Experience and Service

Both Goldco and Sprott Money are known for their superior customer service. Both providers prioritize a client-centric approach, ensuring a positive experience for their investors.

Goldco’s Superior Customer Service

Goldco’s commitment to exceptional customer service shines through in its personalized support and guidance. They offer flexible communication channels, including phone, email, and live chat, and a buyback guarantee, ensuring a smooth experience for their clients.

Sprott Money’s Client-Centric Approach

Sprott Money’s client-centric approach is reflected in its dedicated support and assistance. They offer a specialized range of Sprott-branded precious metals and a dedicated team that offers valuable insights and expertise.

Educational Resources and Market Insights

Goldco and Sprott Money offer extensive educational resources and market insights to keep investors updated on the latest trends and developments in the precious metals industry.

Goldco’s Investor Education Hub

Goldco’s Investor Education Hub is a valuable resource for investors. It provides comprehensive articles, guides, and market news to educate investors on the complexities of the precious metals market.

Sprott Money’s Knowledge Base

Sprott Money’s Knowledge Base offers expert insights, interviews, and market analysis, featuring contributors like David Brady.

This keeps investors up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the precious metals industry.


In the realm of precious metals investments, choosing the right gold IRA provider is a pivotal decision. Both Goldco and Sprott Money have carved their niches as leading providers in the industry. Their unique offerings, commitment to superior customer service, and emphasis on secure storage and safety measures, make them strong contenders in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best company to buy gold coins from?

The best company to buy gold coins from are JM Bullion, American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX), and American Hartford Gold. I recommend considering these trustworthy and well-known gold dealers in your search.

Is Goldco a reputable company?

Yes, Goldco is a reputable company that offers a unique service of direct purchase of precious metals, making it a reliable option for investors seeking a safe-haven investment.

What is the best gold IRA company?

Goldco is considered the best overall gold IRA company, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, AAA rating from Business Consumer Alliance, and a 4.8 Trustpilot rating.

What is the difference between Goldco and noble gold?

Goldco has over 15 years of experience in the industry compared to Noble Gold, which was founded in 2017, giving Goldco a proven track record and a wider range of products and services.

What are the types of precious metals available for investment through a gold IRA?

In addition to gold, a gold IRA can also include other precious metals like silver, platinum, and palladium. Diversifying the portfolio with these metals can offer a balanced investment strategy.