APMEX vs Oxford Gold Group: Which Company is Best?

In choosing between APMEX and Oxford Gold Group for your precious metals investments, key factors come into play. This article directly compares each company’s product offerings, fees, customer services, and IRA options to guide you in selecting the best partner for your financial journey – apmex vs oxford gold group.

Key Takeaways

Dueling Titans in Precious Metals: APMEX and Oxford Gold Group Showdown

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Both APMEX and Oxford Gold Group have made their mark in the precious metals industry, with each offering unique advantages in the precious metals market. APMEX, as a prominent player in the silver gold bull market, is globally recognized for its extensive range of products and expertise, particularly in the context of Gold IRA accounts.

On the flip side, Oxford Gold Group offers tailored investment advisory services, appealing to investors seeking a more personalized approach.

Product Range and Availability: APMEX’s Extensive Catalog vs Oxford Gold Group’s Curated Selection

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APMEX’s extensive catalog includes a wide range of gold bullion, silver coins, and APMEX-branded gold bars. On the other hand, Oxford Gold Group’s curated selection encompasses rare and popular gold coins, pure gold bars, silver coins, and platinum coins and bars, making them suitable for precious metals IRAs.

The choice between the two largely depends on whether an investor prefers variety or a more select range of high-quality products.

Investment Support and Educational Resources: Navigating Market Knowledge

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Investors in gold and silver heavily rely on investment support and educational resources. While both APMEX and Oxford Gold Group offer resources, their approaches vary.

APMEX provides an extensive range of products and information, while Oxford Gold Group distinguishes itself by providing tailored guidance and professional advice to assist investors in comprehending the complexities of gold investing.

Customer Experience and Service: Personal Touch vs. Digital Convenience

Choosing between APMEX and Oxford Gold Group also involves considering the customer experience. APMEX offers exceptional customer service with a digital focus, catering to a substantial customer base of over one million satisfied clients over the last twenty years.

In contrast, Oxford Gold Group prioritizes a personalized approach, offering expert guidance, customized investment strategies, and top-tier customer service.

Pricing Strategies: Competitive Rates and Hidden Costs

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APMEX and Oxford Gold Group both implement competitive pricing strategies. APMEX’s pricing approach is determined by the current market’s spot price of precious metals, including Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. The company also suggests closely monitoring live Precious Metals prices to determine their buying power and make better-informed decisions, considering all potential costs.

On the other hand, Oxford Gold Group is known for its fair pricing, particularly when converting IRAs or eligible 401(K)s to precious metals.

Transparency in Fees: No Surprises Policy

Transparency in fees is a crucial standard for pricing within the gold industry. Both APMEX and Oxford Gold Group uphold a transparent pricing policy, providing competitive and understandable prices while ensuring that investors are not caught off guard by any hidden fees.

Such transparency is instrumental in evading unforeseen surprises or concealed costs, which can progressively erode profits and diminish customer trust.

Value for Money: Getting the Best Deal

APMEX and Oxford Gold Group both endeavor to deliver value for money in their transactions. Some of the ways they provide value include:

Similarly, Oxford Gold Group offers customers the best pricing, especially when converting IRAs or eligible 401(K)s to precious metals. They also offer occasional discounts and promotions such as:

IRA Services: Gold IRAs and Retirement Planning

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While both APMEX and Oxford Gold Group provide gold IRA services, the simplicity of account setup and custodian options varies. Investing in gold and silver IRAs provides investors with the opportunity to possess tangible precious metals such as gold and silver coins, which have inherent worth. By choosing to invest in physical gold, you can further diversify your portfolio and protect your wealth.

These investments can be passed on to future generations and serve as a safeguard against market instability.

Ease of Setting Up a Gold IRA Account

When it comes to setting up a gold IRA account, the process may be more straightforward with one company over the other. APMEX simplifies the process by enabling clients to establish a new Precious Metal IRA through a transfer if they possess an existing IRA or 401(k).

On the other hand, Oxford Gold Group assists individuals through the process and furnishes the required information, making the process of setting up a gold IRA account hassle-free.

Rollover and Custodian Options

Rollover and custodian options are also essential in determining the suitability of a gold IRA company. APMEX allows the rollover of funds from:

At Oxford Gold Group, you can rollover funds from various retirement accounts such as traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, and pension plans. Additionally, they also accept rollovers from thrift savings plans, 403(b)s, SIMPLE IRAs, and 457(b)s.

Security and Storage Solutions: Protecting Your Precious Metals

APMEX and Oxford Gold Group both offer safe storage solutions for precious metals. Some benefits of their storage facilities include:

Segregated vs. Communal Storage

When it comes to storage options, investors can choose between segregated and communal storage. APMEX provides segregated storage options through Citadel Global Depository Services for both gold and silver investments. On the other hand, Oxford Gold Group offers segregated storage for clients’ gold and silver assets.

The choice between these types of storage largely depends on an investor’s specific requirements for security, privacy, and potential accessibility.

Insurance and Peace of Mind

Both companies offer insurance coverage for stored precious metals, providing peace of mind for investors. Oxford Gold Group provides a range of comprehensive insurance policies for their storage services, offering solutions for insuring gold and silver with 100% insurance protection underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.

On the other hand, while APMEX does not directly offer insurance policies for stored precious metals, it provides fully allocated and fully segregated storage options, ensuring secure storage of the metals.

Reputation and Reliability: Trust in the Precious Metals Industry

When deciding between APMEX and Oxford Gold Group, reputation and reliability are key factors to consider. Both companies have solid reputations in the precious metals industry, with their longevity and client satisfaction being key indicators of their reliability.

Longevity and Industry Presence

APMEX was established in 2000 and has solidified its position as a prominent eCommerce retailer in the precious metals industry, showcasing substantial longevity in the market.

On the other hand, Oxford Gold Group, established in 2019, has also established itself as a leader in the industry, reaffirming its established presence in the market.

Client Satisfaction and Testimonials

Client satisfaction is another important indicator of a company’s reliability. APMEX has a combination of positive and negative feedback, with Trustpilot indicating a high customer satisfaction rating of 98%.

Oxford Gold Group also maintains high customer satisfaction, as reflected in its numerous positive reviews.

Flexibility and Purchase Options: Buying Gold and Silver

Both APMEX and Oxford Gold Group provide flexible options for purchasing gold and silver, which extend to rare coins and specialty items. APMEX offers a wide range of products, such as bullion coins, bars, and numismatic coins, in addition to an AutoInvest program for regular purchases.

Meanwhile, Oxford Gold Group specializes in offering gold coins and bars that are suitable for IRA investments, making them one of the best gold ira companies.

Rare Coins and Specialty Items

Both APMEX and Oxford Gold Group cater to various investor interests by providing options for rare coins and specialty items. APMEX offers a diverse range of rare coins and collectibles sourced globally.

Similarly, Oxford Gold Group’s offerings include a range of specialty items such as the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf and Valcambi Gold bars, while Birch Gold Group also offers a variety of gold investment options.

Online Shopping Experience

The online shopping experience may differ between APMEX and Oxford Gold Group, with each offering unique features and user interfaces. APMEX’s website features a modern, mobile-friendly interface designed for user-friendliness, simplifying product search and browsing.

Similarly, Oxford Gold Group’s online portal is known for its easy navigation and user-friendly design.

Alternative Investments and Other Precious Metals

In addition to their main offerings, APMEX and Oxford Gold Group, as precious metals companies, also provide alternative investments and other precious metals. APMEX provides a range of precious metals in addition to gold and silver, such as platinum, palladium, and other collectible coins, rounds, and bars.

Similarly, gold IRAs, also referred to as “precious metal IRAs,” have the capability to include precious metals investments in silver, platinum, or palladium as well.

Beyond Gold and Silver: Platinum and Palladium

Both APMEX and Oxford Gold Group provide options for investing in platinum and palladium. APMEX offers coins and bars from sovereign and private mints, while Oxford Gold Group offers a variety of rare coins and pure bars.

The benefits of investing in these metals include demand-supply imbalance leading to significant price escalations.

Diversification with Precious Metals

Diversification with precious metals is a key consideration for investors when choosing between APMEX and Oxford Gold Group. Diversification involves acquiring multiple types of metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum, to establish a comprehensive portfolio. This enables investors to distribute their risk across various metal types with minimal correlations to other asset classes, offering diversification opportunities in the market and serving as fundamental risk-management instruments.

After-Purchase Support and Ongoing Relationships

The customer experience with APMEX and Oxford Gold Group importantly includes after-purchase support and ongoing relationships. Both companies offer continued investment guidance, which is essential for fostering long-term client relationships. This includes buyback programs, advice on additional investments, and evaluation of their fee structures to optimize portfolio performance.

Buyback Programs and Liquidity

Buyback programs and liquidity options may vary between the two companies. APMEX and Oxford Gold Group both have established buyback policies for precious metals. APMEX offers a step-by-step selling process, while Oxford Gold Group operates a buy-back program where they assess the value of the metals and then transfer funds to the customer’s account or issue a check.

Continued Investment Guidance

Continued investment guidance is a valuable service offered by both APMEX and Oxford Gold Group, ensuring long-term support for investors. APMEX provides the following investment guidance:

On the other hand, Oxford Gold Group offers educational resources tailored for individuals new to precious metals investing, providing guidance on initiating a journey into precious metals investment.


To conclude, both APMEX and Oxford Gold Group are reputable companies in the precious metals industry, each offering unique advantages. The choice between the two depends largely on individual investment goals and preferences. Whether you’re looking for an extensive product range, personalized investment advice, or a seamless online shopping experience, both companies are equipped to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best company to buy gold from?

The best company to buy gold from is one that is reputable and has a track record of quality and reliability. It’s crucial to do thorough research before making a decision.

Is Oxford gold Group legit?

Yes, Oxford Gold Group is a legitimate and reputable company specializing in precious metals investments and offering secure storage options.

Is it good to buy gold from APMEX?

Yes, it is good to buy gold from APMEX as they are a credible and reliable precious metal exchange with over 20 years of experience in the business. They have a team of experts who vet their products, ensuring their legitimacy and quality.

What is the best place to buy gold?

You can consider trusted gold dealers like JM Bullion, APMEX, and American Hartford Gold. These are well-known and reputable options for purchasing gold.

What are the key differences between APMEX and Oxford Gold Group?

The key differences between APMEX and Oxford Gold Group lie in their product range, investment support, and customer service. APMEX offers a wide range of products with a focus on digital convenience, while Oxford Gold Group provides a curated selection and prioritizes personal customer service.