American Rarities Review: A Trustworthy Collector’s Haven or Overhyped Service?

When it comes to American Rarities, potential clients and curious numismatists alike often ask: does American Rarities offer trustworthy and fair services for rare coin enthusiasts? In this detailed american rarities review, you’ll gain insight into the user experiences, service offerings, and reliability of this established numismatic company. Without the fluff, we’ll dive into what makes American Rarities stand out in the industry and where it falls short, helping you make an informed decision about whether to engage with their services.

Key Takeaways

American Rarities Overview

A collection of rare coins and paper money

A seasoned player in the numismatic world, American Rarities brings over two decades of experience in handling rare coin collections. This sought-after rare coin company has made its mark in the industry through its steadfast commitment to numismatics and notaphily. The company’s primary focus lies in the acquisition of rare coins and collections of US paper currency, catering to a wide array of coin collectors across the country.

At American Rarities, we are open to purchasing various items, including the opportunity to buy rare coin collections, as well as:

Tailoring their services to cater to the diverse needs of collectors, the company sets itself apart by offering free appraisals, thereby ensuring a fair and transparent transaction process.

Company Background

American Rarities was established in 1995, with a deep-rooted passion for numismatics serving as its foundation. The company’s founder and president, Warren Zivi, a seasoned and accredited expert in the rare coin industry, has been steering the ship with unwavering dedication and expertise. Under his leadership, the company has risen to prominence, gaining a reputation for their proficiency in handling coin collections and their impeccable service.

Services Offered

The spectrum of services offered by American Rarities stretches well beyond the realm of coins. The company is interested in acquiring both American and foreign rare coins. They are also keen on obtaining U.S. paper currency and bullion material. What sets American Rarities apart from other coin dealers is their commitment to providing free appraisals for all collections they evaluate for acquisition, including silver bullion.

The company doesn’t limit its operations to a specific region. Instead, it offers nationwide services, facilitating transactions across the country. Their coin buyers remain vigilant, routinely purchasing a variety of coins and collections to ensure that no valuable coin slips through the cracks.

Evaluating Customer Reviews

Customer reviews evaluation at American Rarities

Customer reviews reflect the true essence of a company’s services. For American Rarities, these reflections present a mixed picture, filled with contrasting hues of satisfaction and discontent. A significant number of customers have lauded American Rarities for their seamless and professional transactions. These customers highlight the company’s exceptional personal attention, knowledgeable staff, and professional demeanor when dealing with rare coins and precious metals.

Conversely, there are some blemishes in the reflection as well. The company has been on the receiving end of some negative reviews, with customers expressing dissatisfaction with the low offers on their collections and the difficulty in scheduling appointments. Evidently, while some customers found the company to be a trustworthy collector’s haven, others felt the service was overhyped.

Positive Feedback

Delving into the positive reviews reveals a recurring theme – the company’s exceptional commitment to customer service. Several customers have commended American Rarities for its prompt and satisfactory customer service, acknowledging its professionalism and the positive experience it delivers.

Not just the company’s professionalism, but the staff members themselves have also received high praise. Customers have particularly appreciated the assistance of a helpful buyer named Jim Noffsinger, who made them feel at ease and confident in their dealings with American Rarities. Evidently, the company’s staff works hard to create a personalized and amicable service experience, contributing significantly to overall customer satisfaction.

Common Complaints

Even with its commendable reviews, American Rarities has not been spared from criticism. Some customers have questioned the company’s credibility as a numismatic dealer, expressing concerns about the offers made on their collections. Customers, like Kenzy L., have voiced their frustration with the appointment scheduling process, finding it difficult to locate the store and pre-arrange a meeting for a visit.

Moreover, the company’s system for submitting photographs for appraisals has not been smooth sailing for all clients. Several challenges that clients have encountered when trying to submit multiple photographs to American Rarities for the appraisal of their items include:

These challenges have added to their dissatisfaction with the company’s services.

Comparing American Rarities to Other Coin Dealers

Comparison of American Rarities with other coin dealers

In the highly competitive coin dealing landscape, how does American Rarities hold its own? Known for their professionalism and transparent customer service, the company has managed to carve a niche for itself in the industry. Their continuous BBB accreditation since 2004 is a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction.

However, American Rarities might not always strike gold when it comes to pricing. While they provide competitive services, their buy and sell prices may not always be the highest. For instance, sales at major auction houses often sell below market value, and when selling to dealers, customers can generally expect about 70% – 90% of current greysheet or recently sold prices.

Reputation and BBB Accreditation

Reputation holds key significance in the coin dealing industry, and American Rarities has successfully built a solid one over time. The company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2004, a clear indication of their dedication to upholding the high standards set by the BBB.

Despite their A+ rating on the BBB, indicating exemplary levels of customer service and business practices, American Rarities has received a divergent one-star rating on Yelp. This suggests that while some customers have had a great experience with the company, others have been left disappointed.

Pricing and Offers

Regarding pricing and offers, American Rarities has faced a fair share of criticism. Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the pricing, portraying the company as a ripoff. The company ascertains the value of a coin collection through a systematic 10-step process, evaluating factors such as the rarity and condition of the coins.

Despite the criticism, American Rarities does offer some unique promotions. Along with their complimentary appraisals, the company has previously featured special promotions such as the 2011 25th Anniversary 5pc American Silver Eagle Set and the 2021 Gold 1oz Ultra High Relief coin.

Selling Your Collection with American Rarities

Preparing rare coin collection for sale

Considering parting with your coin collection? If you know what to expect, navigating the selling process with American Rarities can be a smooth experience. The process involves preparing your collection, undergoing the appraisal process, and finally, sealing the deal.

Preparing Your Collection

Before engaging with American Rarities, it’s essential to prepare your collection for appraisal. This means:

  1. Organizing and inventorying your collection

  2. Ensuring everything is in order and ready for evaluation

  3. Creating a simple spreadsheet or utilizing specialized software to streamline the inventorying process, saving you time and effort.

It’s also crucial to take into account coin grading standards while preparing your collection. The widely used Sheldon Scale grades coins on a scale from ‘1’ to ‘70’, taking into account factors such as:

These factors are essential in determining the value of mundane coins.

Appraisal Process

With your collection prepared, you can then move on to the appraisal process. You can submit your inventory list or images of your coins to American Rarities via email, text, or phone call. Their experts will then review the information, providing an initial complimentary appraisal and offer.

The company determines the value of coins by scrutinizing the inventory list or pictures submitted by the customer. A physical appraisal is then conducted, offering a precise estimation of the coins’ value. This multi-step process ensures a fair and accurate appraisal.

Finalizing the Sale

Once the appraisal is complete, you can proceed to finalize the sale. Once the price has been agreed upon, the payment will be promptly processed. American Rarities offers a seamless and professional experience, making the transaction process as smooth as possible.

The company accepts a variety of payment methods, including:

This flexibility in payment options adds to the ease of finalizing the sale, ensuring a pleasant experience for the seller.

Tips for Working with American Rarities

Effective communication with American Rarities

Keeping a few tips in mind can help optimize your experience with American Rarities. Clear communication and thorough research can go a long way in ensuring a smooth transaction.


Clear and direct communication is vital when dealing with American Rarities. Whether you’re discussing your collection or expressing your concerns, it’s advisable to provide all necessary information upfront. This will help avoid misunderstandings and ensure a positive experience.

In the event of any challenges, such as not engaging with a specialist for your specific type of coins, remember to express your concerns. The company is open to feedback and strives to make the customer experience as smooth as possible.

Research and Comparison

Conducting thorough research is vital before engaging with American Rarities. Understanding rare coin collecting, pricing information, and the value of your coins can help ensure you receive a fair price for your collection.

It’s also advisable to compare offers from other coin dealers. Reputable online platforms such as:

can provide valuable insights. By doing your homework, you can be confident in your dealings with American Rarities.


In conclusion, American Rarities, with its decades of experience and specialization in rare coin collections, offers a range of services to coin collectors. While the company has garnered a mix of reviews, its commitment to professionalism and customer service is evident. Despite some dissatisfaction with pricing and appointment scheduling, the company’s long-standing BBB accreditation and nationwide operations make it a notable player in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are American mint coins worth anything?

Yes, American mint coins are worth collecting as they can be a good investment due to their design and commemorative value. Consider them for their potential beyond just their metal value.

Is American Rarities a credible and legitimate company?

Yes, American Rarities is a credible and legitimate company with over 25 years of experience and BBB accreditation since 2004.

What kind of items does American Rarities buy?

American Rarities buys rare coins, U.S. paper currency, and bullion material. This encompasses their main areas of interest.

How can I prepare my coin collection for sale to American Rarities?

Before contacting American Rarities for an appraisal, make sure to organize and inventory your coin collection. This will help streamline the process and provide a clear overview of your items.

How does the appraisal process work at American Rarities?

To get an appraisal from American Rarities, you can submit your inventory list or coin images via email, text, or phone call, and their experts will provide an initial complimentary appraisal and offer.