American Hartford Gold vs Patriot Gold Group

The decisions to invest in precious metals typically originate from a person’s need to secure their investment for the long term despite uncertain global economic trends. The precious metals of silver and gold have traditionally served as safe-haven assets that provide protection against economic recessions, inflation, and changes in currency. Two major dealers of precious metals in America are American Hartford Gold and Patriot Gold Group in this article we review both companies so you are able to make an informed choice on which dealer to choose.

Company Background Information

American Hartford Gold is a family-owned and operated precious metal dealer located in Los Angeles, California that was established in the year 2015. In the pursuit of educating their clients on the benefits of having physical silver and gold asset, American Hartford Gold takes great pride in being focused by offering products such as coins, bullion bars and IRA-approved precious metals available for purchase.

Patriot Gold Group The company was founded on the 1st of January in 2016, by industry experts who have more than three decades of experience. It is based at Los Angeles, CA, and offering personalised investment strategies. They offer platinum, silver, gold and palladium in the forms of coins, bullion bar, or even items that can be used to fund individual Retirement Account (IRA).

American Hartford Gold vs Patriot Gold Group

Products available

American Hartford Gold and Patriot Gold Group both offer an extensive range of products made from precious metals like silver, gold platinum, palladium and gold. Both companies offer choices for bullion bars as well as coins, with American Hartford Gold offering slightly larger gold/silver coins, and Patriot Gold Group boasts more platinum and palladium options.

American Hartford Gold: AHG specializes in popular silver and gold coins like American Gold Eagles ( 1) , American Silver Eagles, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf ( 2) and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf; international coins like South African Krugerrands as well as Australian Kangaroos and Austrian Philharmonics and a variety of 1 gram-100 one ounce gold bars of various sizes.

Patriot Gold Group It offers investors the most well-known silver and gold coins, such as The American Gold Eagle, American Silver Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins and bars, as along with palladium and platinum products that aren’t very common among dealers of precious metals – offering investors a wide range of diversification options for their portfolios.

IRA Services

American Hartford Gold and Patriot Gold Group offer valuable metal IRA services, which allow customers to keep physical platinum, silver, gold and palladium within their own retirement accounts that they have with them. They work in partnership with established depositories and custodians that guarantee the security of clients’ precious metals.

American Hartford Gold They provide a simple process that is simple and easy to set self-directed IRAs for precious metals. The services offer step-by-step direction in opening an account, choosing the right custodian and deciding on the most valuable metals at affordable rates. They also offer buyers back-up protection via buyback guarantee with American Hartford Gold.

Patriot Gold Group The company offers a simple and simple process to set up in place the precious metals IRAs. They have a team made up of IRA experts can assist you in selecting their custodian and depositor as well as the buy-back plan that lets customers sell their assets when the need arises.

American Hartford Gold vs Patriot Gold Group

Customer Service and Reputation

Be the best when you engage in transactions involving precious metals can frequently require significant financial investments over a lengthy period of time. American Hartford Gold Group and Patriot Gold Group both strive to provide exceptional customer service that is consistently maintained at high levels of satisfaction with their clients.

American Hartford Gold The company is known for its personalized customer service. They provide every client with a personal account manager who can guide customers through the purchasing and creating an IRA procedure. Their impressive Aplus Better Business Bureau rating as in addition to Trustpilot reviews of customers highlight their an experienced staff, transparent pricing structures and seamless process of transaction as factors that have led to the success of American Hartford Gold.

Patriot Gold Group The company places a lot of emphasis on customer service and has an account manager available to assist clients in their precious metal investment choices. Patriot Gold Group boasts an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and 4.9-star reviews on Trustpilot showing its commitment to customer satisfaction. Several clients have praised Patriot Gold Group’s experienced and friendly staff, quick service, competitive prices and the exceptional value they offer to customers.

American Hartford Gold vs Patriot Gold Group

Pricing and Fees

When you invest into precious metals it’s essential to keep track of fees and prices that are associated with storage, purchase and sale of the metals. American Hartford Gold and Patriot Gold Group both American Hartford Gold and Patriot Gold Group offer price structures that are competitive as well as clear fees.

American Hartford Gold They provide an open pricing structure without hidden charges or commissions, as well as free shipping on purchases, as well as their buyback program guarantees that customers can sell their precious metals for sale at affordable prices. The custodial and storage charges conform to industry standards with a flat annual storage charge, as well as the scaled fee based on the value of accounts for custodial services.

Patriot Gold Group provides unambiguous pricing, with no hidden charges or commissions and offer free shipping on all purchases and a competitive buy-back plan with a competitive price. To provide their IRA service, Patriot Gold Group works with custodians who offer flat annual storage charges and also fee scaled for custodial services determined by account value in some cases, covering one year’s storage and custodial costs all in exchange to reward programs for qualified customers.


American Hartford Gold and Patriot Gold Group are both reliable precious metal dealers that provide various options for products, IRA services and exceptional customer service. Each has its own unique advantages; which you choose depends on your personal needs and preferences for investment.

American Hartford Gold may be the ideal choice for those seeking a larger range of silver and gold coins, backed by personal customer service provided by an established family business that provides exceptional service to customers. In addition, its easy IRA procedure and buyback assurance will provide you with more positive experiences when using these coins.

Patriot Gold Group may offer investors seeking greater diversification by offering a wide selection of palladium and platinum products that are more suited to their needs. Their industry veterans offer invaluable knowledge that will assist customers looking for investment strategies that are tailored to their needs.

Each of American Hartford Gold and Patriot Gold Group give investors good options when it comes to choosing the right precious metal dealer to fit their retirement plans. When you take into consideration all the factors set out in this document, an informed choice is made.