American Hartford Gold vs Noble Gold

The purchase of precious metals has been considered to be a reliable method to diversify one’s portfolio of investments and shield themselves from the risk of economic instability. With the number of dealers of precious metals available choosing the best dealer can be a difficult task for investors. In this regard this article aims to look at two of the most prominent gold investment companies: American Hartford Gold and Noble Gold – Comparing their offerings, services, and customer ratings and customer feedback to help you make an informed choice on which one best suits your needs for investment.

Company History

American Hartford Gold: AHG is a family-owned precious metals dealer located within Los Angeles, California that was founded in the year 2015. Specialized in providing customers with silver and gold bullion, coins, and bars accepted to be used in IRA account, the family-owned firm is devoted to providing excellent customer service and reasonable prices, and also providing information about investing.

Noble Gold: The company was founded through Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume in the year 2016 to provide premium precious metal investments, such as bars, coins, and IRA-approved investments in precious metals within Pasadena, California. Their aim is to provide personal customer service and protect clients’ wealth with the investment of precious metals.

American Hartford Gold vs Noble Gold

Products and Services

American Hartford Gold The company offers an extensive selection of silver and gold bullion from the most prestigious mints, such as those of U.S. Mint, Royal Canadian Mint and Perth Mint; products like American Gold Eagle coins ( 1) from each mint, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf ( 2) from each and their Silver counterparts, making these products appropriate as retirement savings accounts (IRA).

Noble Gold: The company provides a broad selection of silver and gold product bullion from various mints all over the globe, including bars and coins such as the coins of American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, American Silver Eagle and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf mints and rare coins such as Gold Buffalo, Britannia, Philharmonics and many other precious metals that are IRA-friendly to purchase.

Precious Metal IRAs

American Hartford Gold The firm provides its clients with help in setting up and running self-directed precious metals retirement accounts that permit investors to include platinum, gold and palladium investments into your retirement funds. American Hartford Gold works with the top IRA custodians to simplify the opening, funding and administration procedures as well as providing buyback plans for those who want to sell their assets in the IRA account.

Noble Gold: The company provides similar services to those looking opening the doors to precious metal IRAs. It helps investors choose the right gold IRA custodian to selecting the right items that are suitable for portfolios of investments as well as offering an IRA buyback program for those who decide to sell their investments within their IRA holdings.

Storage Options

American Hartford Gold The firm offers customers who are investing in precious metals the option of home storage or secure facilities to protect their investment. The options for home storage offered by American Hartford Gold include high-security safes designed specifically to protect valuables. Third-party storage solutions can be available throughout the U.S. to guarantee the protection of investments in precious metals which are offered for investment by American Hartford Gold.

Noble Gold: The company provides clients with similar storage options, both at home and through third-party. When it comes to home storage, Noble Gold provides quality vaults and safes from the top manufacturers. Third-party clients have secure facilities that are available through the International Depository Service Group’s (IDS) secure facilities within Texas and Delaware which clients can trust their precious metal investments securely.

American Hartford Gold vs Noble Gold

Customer Education and Support

American Hartford Gold The company puts great focus on customer education and provides its site visitors with information, guides and videos that are designed to inform on the benefits of investing in precious metals and develop strategies that are tailored to the specific needs of each client. Additionally, their customer service team is ready to answer any concerns that arise during the investment process.

Noble Gold: Noble Gold shares Noble Metal’s commitment to education of customers and support, by providing an extensive library of information about investing in precious metals, including blogs, articles guidebooks and videos covering different aspects of precious metal investment. In addition, customers are able to receive individual consultations in which their goals for investing are discussed, as well as knowing more about the company’s offerings and products.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

American Hartford Gold The company has earned an excellent reputation among customers, gaining numerous favorable feedback through Trustpilot, Google Reviews and Better Business Bureau (BBB) platforms. Many customers have praised American Hartford Gold’s outstanding customer service, affordable prices and quick shipment of gold and precious metals. The company is rated with an A+ score with BBB as a further proof of its dedication to customer satisfaction.

Noble Gold: Noble Gold has received a number of favorable reviews and a good score from clients on platforms like Trustpilot, Google and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company’s customers frequently praise its helpful and knowledgeable staff as well as their personal manner of service to customers, affordable prices and affordable services. Additionally, BBB awarded Noble Gold an A+ rating, which demonstrates the company’s dedication to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

American Hartford Gold vs Noble Gold


The two American Hartford Gold and Noble Gold are reputable precious metal dealers who supply investors with a variety of products and services that are designed to allow them to diversify their portfolios by using platinum, silver, gold and palladium investment. Both have similarities in the way they offer services such as storage and IRA-approved bullion services, each one has its own characteristics that may be appealing to various investors.

American Hartford Gold is widely recognized for its exceptional services to customers, their competitive prices and dedication to educating customers about the advantages of investing in precious metals. Noble Gold stands out with their customized service to customers and their extensive collection of exclusive collector’s coins.

American Hartford Gold or Noble Gold? The choice is entirely dependent on the choice of investment (objectivesgoals|goals)||goals} preferences, priorities, and goals. Both companies have proven their commitment to customer satisfaction by obtaining positive reviews from their customers – regardless of which you select, you can be confident that you’re working with an experienced precious metal dealer.