Advantage Gold vs BGASC: A Comprehensive Comparison

Choosing the right precious metals dealer can be a daunting task. If you’re on the fence about Advantage Gold vs BGASC, our comparison cuts through the clutter to spotlight the differences in their offerings, pricing, and customer service. Understand which company fits your investment goals as we delve into what truly matters to savvy investors like you.

Key Takeaways

Company Overviews: Advantage Gold and BGASC

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Advantage Gold and BGASC are both prominent players in the precious metals market.


Advantage Gold, on the other hand, can be inferred to specialize in gold IRAs. Although not explicitly stated, their focus on gold as a major investment instrument suggests this particular focus. The company’s reputation is a key factor when assessing their trustworthiness, reliability, and the quality of services provided.

Reputable gold dealers, like Advantage Gold and BGASC, are distinguished by:

These factors, along with the economic dynamics that influence the value of gold, such as supply and demand, geopolitical instability, inflation, and financial crises, can impact your investment choices.

Products and Services: Comparing Offerings

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In the realm of precious metals, having a diverse range of options is incredibly important. Advantage Gold and BGASC both provide a variety of precious metals for purchase, such as:

Both companies offer a wide selection of options for investors interested in precious metals. While both companies provide a good variety, BGASC, similar to the American precious metals exchange, is known for its broader range of offerings.

Along with a diverse product selection, BGASC also prides itself on maintaining a well-stocked inventory. As an online dealer, they offer distinctive and uncommon items and make it a priority to keep them in stock, ready for quick shipment at a reasonable price.

Let’s further examine the specific investment options these companies offer.

Gold Investment Options

Gold, the most coveted of all precious metals, is a common choice for investors, and both Advantage Gold and BGASC offer a variety of gold investment options. Advantage Gold offers IRA-Approved Gold Coins, as well as Silver, Platinum, and Palladium coins. On the other hand, BGASC offers a diverse range of Gold Coins, which means that investors have a wide selection to choose from.

When it comes to gold bars, Advantage Gold offers a range of weights from 1/10th of an ounce to 400 ounces, with prices varying accordingly. BGASC provides 24kt Gold Bullion Bars in different sizes, catering to the needs of a wide range of investors. Additionally, BGASC also offers gold rounds, circular discs of gold that resemble gold bars in shape and design, manufactured by various minting companies.

BGASC was selected as the top choice for purchasing gold bullion coins because of its competitive prices and extensive selection of products.

Silver Investment Options

Silver, though less valuable than gold, is still a sought-after precious metal for investment. Both Advantage Gold and BGASC provide silver investment options, but BGASC stands out with its unique offerings, including hand-poured bars and solid silver skulls. Advantage Gold provides a range of IRA-approved silver coins, whereas BGASC offers a selection of IRA-eligible silver products, including coins and bars.

BGASC, as one of the best online gold dealers, offers competitive pricing with options such as 1 oz BGASC Silver Rounds at favorable rates. Investors can engage in silver investments on Advantage Gold’s platform by converting IRAs or eligible 401(K)s, while BGASC provides incremental investment opportunities due to the lower price point of silver, catering to the needs of precious metals investors. As an online gold dealer, they ensure a seamless and secure experience for their customers.

Platinum and Palladium Options

Beyond gold and silver, there are yet other precious metals to consider. Platinum and palladium are such options, and both Advantage Gold and BGASC offer investment opportunities in these metals. Advantage Gold offers platinum coins like the Canadian Maple Leaf for Gold IRAs, and IRA-approved Canadian Maple Leaf palladium coins. Similarly, BGASC provides options like the Australian Platinum Kangaroo and Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf coin, allowing investors to diversify their physical precious metals holdings.

BGASC, being one of the leading online gold dealers, also presents an array of palladium products, including 1 oz Palladium Bars in various conditions from any mint, as well as 1 oz Argor Heraeus Palladium Bars that are new, to accommodate the preferences of different investors.

Pricing and Fees: Which Is More Affordable?

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In the world of precious metals investment, pricing and fees can make a significant difference. BGASC’s competitive pricing sets it apart from its competitors, frequently offering more cost-effective choices for investors, along with excellent customer service.

BGASC provides transparent pricing with low premiums over the spot price, and additional fees are clearly displayed. This facilitates a better understanding of the total cost for investors, reducing the chances of any hidden surprises.

BGASC also offers volume discounts, encouraging precious metals investors to make larger purchases for greater savings. This approach is beneficial for those who are looking to invest a significant amount into precious metals.

Precious Metals IRAs: Comparing IRA Services

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A precious metals IRA can be a valuable part of an investment portfolio. Advantage Gold, with its focus on gold IRAs, is certainly a strong contender in this arena. On the other hand, BGASC collaborates with various well-known IRA custodians, giving investors the flexibility to choose their preferred method for setting up and financing their IRA accounts, which can include transferring funds from existing retirement accounts or using a bank wire transfer.

Although BGASC doesn’t offer custodian services, they work with preferred IRA custodians and use a trusted depository for secure storage of physical precious metals.

The fees for BGASC precious metals IRAs are established by the selected custodian and may encompass expenses for establishing and overseeing the IRA. However, detailed fee arrangements are not provided on the BGASC website, which may be a concern for some precious metals investors.

Customer Service and Support: Evaluating Responsiveness

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The value of responsive customer service cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to navigating the precious metals market. BGASC is dedicated to providing responsive and excellent customer service, ensuring that their representatives are readily accessible to assist customers through various means such as:

Customers have the option to contact BGASC’s customer support by sending an email to or by contacting their support line at 888-992-4272 to seek assistance. This accessibility highlights their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction and providing excellent support.

Shipping and Delivery: Speed and Security

Purchasing precious metals online is only half the journey. The other half is getting those precious metals securely delivered to your doorstep. Advantage Gold provides complimentary shipping for gold and silver coins orders, whereas BGASC offers complimentary shipping for orders exceeding $199.

In addition to this, BGASC imposes a $7.99 shipping fee for orders below $199, and orders exceeding $1,000 necessitate a signature upon receipt. Conversely, Advantage Gold mandates that customers bear all shipping costs for other precious metals purchases.

BGASC guarantees the safety of their precious metals shipments by fully insuring them. In addition, they require a signature upon delivery for packages over $1,000, and they package their shipments securely and discreetly.

Reputation and Ratings: Trustworthiness and Reliability

In the precious metals market, a solid reputation can be as valuable as gold. BGASC has rapidly emerged as one of the leading dealers of precious metal coins in the United States. They have established a reputation for reliability and high levels of customer satisfaction, thanks to their excellent customer service.

Advantage Gold holds an A+ rating with the BBB, while BGASC is not accredited by the BBB. However, customer reviews suggest that both Advantage Gold and BGASC are among the best online gold dealer options, as online gold dealers, having garnered favorable ratings and are held in high regard by their customers.

Educational Resources: Empowering Investors

Investing in precious metals involves more than just buying and selling. It also requires a deep understanding of the market, the metals, and strategies to maximize returns. Advantage Gold offers educational resources specifically tailored for precious metals investors. These resources include comprehensive guidance on the process of rolling over existing retirement accounts into gold IRAs, as well as insights into the advantages of asset protection through investing in precious metals within retirement accounts.

The BGASC website provides:

These resources are designed to educate prospective investors.

Buyback Policies: Selling Your Precious Metals

The ability to sell precious metals at the optimal time is as vital as purchasing them. Advantage Gold offers a buyback program that enables investors to sell back their other precious metals at market rates for a simple and prompt exit. Similarly, BGASC provides a competitive buy-back option, with prices determined by the current market value and a direct process involving the shipment of metals from the Depository to BGASC.

Although specific price comparisons between Advantage Gold’s buyback program and BGASC’s are not available, BGASC, as one of the best online gold dealers, is reputed for its competitive buyback pricing, usually being on par with SD Bullion and slightly better than Golden Eagle Coins as indicated by information from Investopedia.

Pros and Cons: Weighing the Options

Like any investment decision, choosing between Advantage Gold and BGASC also involves weighing pros and cons. It’s important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both companies before making a decision.

BGASC offers a diverse range of precious metals products, including gold and silver coins, competitive pricing, and outsourced IRA custodian service. On the other hand, information about the product selection of Advantage Gold is not given, and a direct comparison of their pricing is also not available.


Navigating the sea of precious metals investment can be a daunting task, but with the right guide, it can become a voyage of discovery. Both Advantage Gold and BGASC have proven themselves to be reliable companions on this journey, each with their unique strengths.

Whether it’s the diverse product offerings and competitive pricing of BGASC or the focus on Gold IRAs by Advantage Gold, both companies offer a solid platform for investing in precious metals. It’s up to you, the investor, to decide which of these galleons to board for your voyage into the world of precious metals investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best company to buy gold coins from?

The best company to buy gold coins from would be JM Bullion, American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX), and American Hartford Gold. These are trustworthy and well-known gold dealers.

Is BGASC reputable?

Yes, BGASC is considered a reputable dealer in the precious metals industry, offering knowledgeable assistance, reliable order fulfillment, and prompt shipping.

Which is the best site to buy gold online?

The most trustworthy sites to buy gold online include JM Bullion, American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX), and American Hartford Gold. These sites are well-known for their reliability and quality.