Johnson Matthey Gold Bar Review: Quality and Value Assessed

Investors often ask: are Johnson Matthey gold bars a smart buy? In this Johnson Matthey gold bar review, we cut through the noise to give you a clear-eyed assessment of their quality, resale value, and investment potential. With Johnson Matthey’s reputation for excellence and their bars’ desirability in the precious metals market, we’ll help you understand if these bars should have a place in your investment portfolio.

Key Takeaways

Understanding Johnson Matthey Gold Bars

Johnson Matthey gold bar displayed on a dark background

Headquartered in London, England, Johnson Matthey is a British multinational speciality chemicals and sustainable technologies company with a rich history dating back to 1817. It was during this time that the company was founded as a gold assayer in London by George Matthey, marking the start of its illustrious journey in the precious metals industry. Over two centuries, Johnson Matthey manufactured precious metals bullion, acquiring a strong reputation for quality during that time.

Moving to 2015, Johnson Matthey decided to divest its gold and silver refining operations. Yet, the brand remains highly respected for the production of premium quality gold bars, including the renowned Johnson Matthey bars. Despite the cessation of production, Johnson Matthey gold bars are still sought after in the marketplace and fetch premium prices due to their esteemed brand recognition and discontinued status.

Features of Johnson Matthey Gold Bars

With a 99.99% purity and top-notch quality, Johnson Matthey Gold Bars hold worldwide recognition, bolstering their appeal and liquidity in the precious metals market. Each Johnson Matthey gold bar is a testament to superior craftsmanship, featuring:

These details are found on the obverse side, while the reverse sports a repeating logo pattern.

Certain editions of these gold bars, including cast bars, hold an extra uniqueness. Commemorative editions may present more intricate designs and finishes to mark special occasions, and bars are encapsulated in tamper-evident packaging to maintain their fine gold condition.

The bars come in diverse sizes, offering options from 1 gram to 1 kilogram, including popular ounce-based sizes like 1 oz and 10 oz. Certain 1 oz Johnson Matthey Gold Bars include a special assay card that guarantees the bar’s metal weight and purity. To purchase, simply stock qty add your desired Johnson Matthey gold bars to your cart.

Investing in Johnson Matthey Gold Bars

Gold investments, including Johnson Matthey gold bars, have traditionally been seen as a wise tactic to protect against inflation and bring diversity to investment portfolios. and their tangible and intangible benefits, exceptional purity, global recognition, and the trust associated with the Johnson Matthey brand make them highly sought after.

Johnson Matthey gold bars, including the popular matthey gold bar, come in a variety of sizes, providing investors with the flexibility to choose, with options ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. This range accommodates different investment strategies and aids in capital preservation.

Adding Johnson Matthey gold bars to a retirement portfolio can offer a strategic edge. They offer:

How to Purchase Johnson Matthey Gold Bars

Johnson Matthey gold bar and JM Bullion logo

The process to purchase Johnson Matthey gold bars is quite straightforward. They can be purchased online from JM Bullion, with the ability to inquire about purchasing by phone, live online chat, or email. Payment options for these gold bars are diverse, accommodating different preferences. These include paper check, bank wire, ACH, Ethereum, Ripple, and bitcoin, each with its own holding period after payment clears.

Once payment is cleared, shipping is prompt and secure. Shipping options include UPS 3-Day Air, United States Postal Service, and FedEx, with free domestic shipping for orders starting at $149. Orders are shipped from JM Bullion’s warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada within 1-3 business days, in inconspicuous packaging.

Comparing Johnson Matthey Gold Bars to Other Precious Metals

There is a variety of precious metals available. Silver bullion bars, for one, are typically less expensive than gold bars, offering a more accessible entry point for investors. They come in smaller denominations such as one, five, and ten ounces, which can be practical for varied investment strategies and storage options.

Silver bars have a reputation for upward economic potential and stability. Since 2005, their prices have not fallen below $13 per ounce, thus positioning them as a popular and reliable choice for investment portfolios.

Platinum, on the other hand, is rarer than gold, with significantly less mined each year. It often carries a lower premium over spot pricing compared to coins and is regarded for its durability and industrial demand.

The modest pricing of platinum per ounce compared to gold offers investors:

Storage and Security for Your Gold Bars

Secure storage of your gold bars is of utmost importance. Investors are recommended to store significant quantities of gold bars in secure locations like bank safe deposit boxes, private vaults, or specialized storage services, rather than at home, to minimize security risks. Ensuring full insurance for your gold bars against theft or damage is equally important. In addition, you must keep thorough records such as invoices and certificates of authenticity for insurance claims and future resale.

Gold bars should arrive in tamper-evident packaging with an assay card. To maintain their condition and value, investors should conduct periodic checks, update insurance, and ensure that the storage facility conducts regular audits or allows for personal inspections. Lastly, to maintain privacy and reduce the risk of theft or fraud, information about gold holdings should be confidential. Investment-grade gold should not be stored with scrap gold or jewelry to preserve its purity and value.


We’ve explored the illustrious world of Johnson Matthey gold bars, their captivating history, superior features, investment value, and secure storage. These gold bars serve as a testament to the prestigious Johnson Matthey brand and their continued demand in the precious metals market, despite the cessation of production.

Their high purity and unique features not only make them a desirable asset for collectors but also a practical investment for those looking to diversify their portfolio or safeguard their wealth against economic instability. The journey to owning a piece of this legacy starts with understanding its value and ends with the secure storage of these precious bars.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Johnson Matthey gold bar worth?

A Johnson Matthey 1kg gold bar is worth the current market value of 1 kilogram of gold.

Which gold bar brand is the best?

The best gold bar brands include the Royal Mint, Perth Mint, Umicore, Metalor, and PAMP Suisse, among others – all being widely trusted and esteemed choices in the market.

Does Johnson Matthey still make gold bars?

No, Johnson Matthey sold its precious metals refining business in 2014, and Asahi now manufactures gold and silver bars.

What are the features of Johnson Matthey Gold Bars?

Johnson Matthey Gold Bars are globally recognized for their 99.99% purity and quality, available in various sizes, and feature the Johnson Matthey logo, name, weight, purity, and a unique serial number.

How can I purchase Johnson Matthey Gold Bars?

You can purchase Johnson Matthey Gold Bars online from JM Bullion, where you’ll find various payment options available.