JM Bullion Review: A Trustworthy Source for Precious Metals?

Is JM Bullion a trusted source for buying precious metals? Our JM Bullion review cuts through the noise to give you the straightforward facts. We’ll look at their product selection, customer experiences, pricing, and the ease of transactions to help you determine if they’re the right choice for your investment needs.

Key Takeaways

JM Bullion Overview: A Closer Look

Assorted silver and gold coins and bars

Established in 2011, JM Bullion has built a reputation as a reliable platform for investing in precious metals. Based in Dallas, Texas, they enable individuals to purchase and possess tangible bullion as an alternative to traditional paper-based investments.

With a broad array of investment options in gold, silver, and platinum, JM Bullion distinguishes itself from other precious metal retailers. Their offerings range from gold coins to silver bullion, catering to various investment needs.

JM Bullion’s Product Offerings

Diverse collection of precious metal products

JM Bullion’s product offerings stand out with their wide range and diversity. From gold bars to silver coins, the company offers an extensive selection of precious metal products, including the popular silver bar. Whether you’re an investor or a collector, you’ll find:

to suit your needs.

For the collectors, JM Bullion’s range includes:

These options provide a unique appeal for collectors.

If you’re looking to buy gold or silver bullion coins, you’ll find recognizably designed options like the American Gold Eagle and Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. The company also offers annual-release silver bullion coins such as the American Silver Eagle and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, both of which come with pure silver content.

How JM Bullion Works: Buying and Selling Process

The process of buying and selling on JM Bullion is uncomplicated and user-friendly. The company accepts various payment methods, including:

However, they do not accept ACH or eChecks as a payment method.

When you make a purchase, you can expect:

Do note that shipping can experience delays, with customer reports suggesting dispatch can take up to seven days after purchase.

Customer Reviews and Ratings: What Are People Saying?

JM Bullion prioritizes customer satisfaction, as evidenced by jm bullion claims of being not only jm bullion legit but also jm bullion reviews highlighting their jm bullion work:

However, every coin has two sides. Some customers have reported the following difficulties with JM Bullion:

These were the main issues reported by customers. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that most customers have had positive experiences with JM Bullion, appreciating the recognition and cost savings provided by the company over several years of purchases.

Gold and Silver IRA Options

Stack of gold and silver bars

For those interested in investing in precious metal iras, JM Bullion provides this option. The company offers a Precious Metals IRA for tax-advantaged investing in:

What’s more, they don’t charge commissions and offer free shipping on orders over $199.

Setting up a self-directed IRA with JM Bullion is a three-step process involving account creation, funding, and precious metal purchasing, with support available throughout each step. The company partners with IRA custodians to facilitate the IRA setup and collaborates with preferred depositories like A-M Global Logistics, LLC for the secure storage of IRA precious metals.

Secure Storage Solutions

Secure storage solutions are a necessity when investing in precious metals. Recognizing this need, JM Bullion offers secure precious metals storage through a partnership with TDS Vaults, a leading provider of storage and security. Customers can open a storage account with TDS Vaults via phone or email and have the option to choose from multiple secure locations around the world, including North America, Europe, and Asia.

For orders exceeding $3,000, JM Bullion provides free secure storage for six months, incentivizing new customers to use this facility. TDS Vaults ensures the safety of stored assets through high security measures like constant surveillance, restricted access, and insurance against theft or damage.

Buyback Program: Selling Your Metals Back to JM Bullion

Should you choose to sell your precious metals, you can avail of JM Bullion’s convenient buyback program. The program incorporates a unique DIY Sell-To-Us tool, which simplifies the process for customers to sell their metals without direct communication with a specialist. To sell to JM Bullion, customers need to:

  1. Log into their account

  2. Use the online tool to list the products they want to sell

  3. Provide quantity and their details

  4. The required minimum value of items sold being $1,000.

The buyback rates at JM Bullion are competitive. The company claims to offer the highest rates in the industry, guaranteeing customers fair market prices based on the current spot price at the time of the transaction. However, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the buyback prices offered. It is recommended to compare JM Bullion’s rates with competitors to ensure the best possible deal.

Additional Services and Resources

Beyond trading in precious metals, JM Bullion offers a variety of additional services and resources, including the option to buy precious metals. The company offers various educational resources, such as a comprehensive Investing Guide and a Beginners Guide to Investing in Precious Metals, designed to educate both new and seasoned investors about the markets and investment strategies.

Additional services include:

Plus, JM Bullion offers loans against gold and silver holdings, providing a financial service that enhances the flexibility of their investment options.

Military Discount and Other Special Offers

In recognition of military service, JM Bullion provides a military discount, allowing them to receive ‘As Low As’ pricing on products. This matches the discounted pricing that is typically available only for larger quantity purchases. To qualify for the military discount, active-duty personnel need to provide official military documents for verification, while discharged personnel can provide a driver’s license with a Veteran’s designation along with appropriate discharge or Veterans Affairs documentation.

Beyond the military discount, JM Bullion also offers special promotions such as ‘Any Quantity’ pricing, which provides low premiums over the spot price, and regularly updated on-sale items, including coins and bullion from various mints and series.

Trustworthiness and Security Measures

In the realm of online trading, trust and security are of utmost importance. JM Bullion offers the following security measures:

Despite these security measures, JM Bullion is not TRUSTe verified. This could be a concern for some customers seeking additional trust certifications. However, the company maintains strong security partnerships to safeguard transactions, reinforcing their commitment to customer security.

Pros and Cons of Choosing JM Bullion

Opting for JM Bullion has its own set of advantages and drawbacks. On the positive side, the company’s sales team is known for its low-pressure approach, enhancing the buying experience for investors. Moreover, the company offers a wide variety of investment options in precious metals, catering to both investors and collectors alike.

On the downside, some customers have reported shipping delays and dissatisfaction with the company’s buyback prices. Additionally, while JM Bullion has put in place several security measures, the company is not TRUSTe verified, which could be a concern for some customers seeking additional trust certifications.


In conclusion, JM Bullion presents a reliable platform for buying and selling precious metals. With a diverse range of products, secure storage solutions, and a low-pressure sales approach, the company offers a user-friendly experience for both new and seasoned investors. However, potential customers should take note of reported shipping delays and lack of TRUSTe verification.

Frequently Asked Questions

How trustworthy is JM Bullion?

JM Bullion is a trustworthy company with a strong track record, having been in business for over 12 years and sold over $7 billion worth of precious metals, with over 300,000 customer reviews on their site. All purchases are insured when shipped, providing additional security.

Has JM Bullion ever sold fake gold?

No, JM Bullion takes pride in assuring the authenticity of the products they sell to prevent the sale of fake gold or silver.

What is the lawsuit against JM Bullion?

There is a lawsuit against JM Bullion filed by Samuel Suk, who claims a malicious third party intercepted his ordered shipment of over $73,000 worth of gold bars. The case is 3:22-cv-01085, Suk v. JM Bullion, Inc.

Is JM Bullion shipping safe?

Yes, JM Bullion is a legitimate company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and they provide insurance and high security programs for safe shipping. So, JM Bullion shipping is safe and secure.

What kind of precious metals does JM Bullion offer?

JM Bullion offers a wide range of precious metals, including gold, silver, copper, and palladium, in the form of coins, bars, and collectibles. Choose from a variety of options to meet your investment needs.