Jack Hunt Coin Broker Review: An Honest Assessment

Are you in search of a dependable coin broker? This Jack Hunt Coin Broker review examines the essentials: service quality, pricing fairness, and market reputation. Get an unvarnished look at how Jack Hunt stands up to investor scrutiny and values.

Key Takeaways

Exploring Jack Hunt Coin Broker Services

Stack of silver coins and gold coins

Jack Hunt Coin Broker caters to the needs of both first-time investors and seasoned professionals. With a focus on gold and silver coin sales, they cater to small and large-scale investors alike, with minimum order requirements of only 1 oz. of gold or 100 oz. of silver. But that’s not all – Jack Hunt Gold is just one of the many options available for investment.

They also provide services for scrap precious metals, including the melting and assay refining of karat gold scrap and sterling silver, making them a go-to precious metals dealer and one of the top jewelry stores for all your precious metal needs.

Gold and Silver Coins

Woman inspecting a gold coin

Jack Hunt Coin Broker boasts a diverse range of gold and silver coins, including gold bullion and bullion coins. From the highly sought Gold Eagle and Silver Eagle, which are highly regarded by both investors and collectors, to gold coins and bars from reputable sources such as the Royal Canadian Mint and the US Mint, the company ensures a high quality selection for their customers. The company even caters to different purchasing capacities, maintaining an accommodating order minimum of 100 oz for silver and 1 oz for gold.

Precious Metals Storage Services

Despite not offering direct storage services for precious metals, Jack Hunt Coin Broker assists their customers with secure storage solutions. The company provides guidance to their customers on secure storage solutions for their precious metals, helping them navigate this crucial aspect of precious metal investing.

Purchasing Options and Processes

Jack Hunt Coin Broker’s purchasing process is designed to accommodate both professional scrap dealers and retail customers, including registered coin dealers. The broker ensures fairness in transactions by employing government-certified scales for accurate weight measurements and processing lots under video surveillance, offering customers confidence in the settlements provided.

They also provide fast and free electronic payments, adding to the transparent purchasing process.

Customer Experiences with Jack Hunt Coin Broker

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A standout feature of Jack Hunt Coin Broker is the immediate contact clients can have with the leadership team. This allows for immediate contact with a live trader, ensuring that any concerns or queries are addressed promptly and effectively.

Positive Feedback

Jack Hunt Coin Broker is known for their:

This customer-oriented approach is evident in the positive feedback they’ve received.

The company also emphasizes reliability and trustworthiness as key components of their customer service, ensuring product satisfaction and no-worry shipments through professional packaging and shipping.

Areas for Improvement

Despite overwhelming positive feedback from customers, there is always room for improvement in every business. However, no specific areas for improvement have been mentioned in the provided facts for Jack Hunt Coin Broker.

Jack Hunt Coin Broker’s Reputation in the Industry

Certification seals from industry organizations

Reputation holds a paramount importance in the precious metals industry. Jack Hunt Coin Broker has built an esteemed reputation, recognized as a leader in the industry. Their founder’s philosophy stresses the importance of maintaining a solid reputation through reliable and principled business conduct.

Providing expert knowledge and fair pricing has been fundamental in establishing real value for customers.

Industry Affiliations and Certifications

Jack Hunt Coin Broker’s reputation is further reinforced by its affiliations and certifications. As a proud member of several industry organizations, they demonstrate their dedication to the precious metals market and adherence to industry best practices.

They are also an Authorized Distributor for both the US and Royal Canadian Mints, certified to supply a wide range of silver bullion products.

BBB Rating and Other Endorsements

Endorsements are a testament to a company’s reputation, and Jack Hunt Coin Broker is no exception. They enjoy a 4.6-star rating based on 87 reviews, indicative of positive customer feedback, and there are no records of negative reviews or complaints on their Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile, suggesting a positive customer service experience.

Pricing and Value: Is Jack Hunt Coin Broker Competitive?

Pricing and value are critical when investing in precious metals. Jack Hunt Coin Broker offers the opportunity to purchase precious metals at:

Comparison with Market Prices

Jack Hunt Coin Broker maintains fair market value bullion prices by leveraging their extensive industry connections. They offer dealers real-time market prices, including Jack Hunt Coin prices, indicating their commitment to keeping current with market rates for gold and silver.

Understanding Value

Comprehending the value of your investments is crucial. Jack Hunt Coin Broker practices transparency by providing customers a straightforward formula for calculating the value of scrap gold. With a scrap calculator available on their website, customers can estimate the value of scrap gold themselves.

The company also offers bullion offsets, which allow customers to trade in their scrap for bullion, enhancing the value they receive.

Investment Opportunities: Gold IRAs and More

Apart from buying and selling precious metals, Jack Hunt Coin Broker provides an opportunity for investors to open gold IRAs. They also provide insights on different investment vehicles for silver, showcasing their understanding of the precious metals market.

Gold IRA Companies

Gold IRAs are special retirement accounts that can be funded with pretax or after-tax dollars and have similar contribution limits and distribution rules as traditional IRAs. They can take various forms such as Traditional Gold IRAs, Roth Gold IRAs, and SEP Gold IRAs, each with multiple tax considerations.

Diversification with Precious Metals

Diversifying your portfolio with precious metals can provide stability during economic uncertainty. Experts generally recommend allocating no more than 5% to 10% of retirement funds to precious metals to maintain a diversified and balanced investment portfolio.

The Leadership Behind Jack Hunt Coin Broker

A team of dedicated leaders is the backbone of every successful company. Jack Hunt Coin Broker was founded by Jack Hunt in 1968, with his son Scott Hunt currently serving as president, upholding a customer-centric, family-oriented business model.

Jack Hunt’s Vision

Jack Hunt had a vision for his company that emphasized the importance of maintaining an excellent reputation in the industry. This focus on reputation has contributed to the business’s longevity and success, adhering to Jack Hunt’s original vision.

Scott Hunt’s Role

As current President, Scott Hunt carries forward the values taught by his father, emphasizing the importance of reputation in sustaining the business.

The Unique Selling Points of Jack Hunt Coin Broker

Package with 'Honesty, Integrity, Respect' label

What makes Jack Hunt Coin Broker stand out from the competition? The company offers:


In conclusion, Jack Hunt Coin Broker offers a wide range of services to both small and large investors in the precious metals market. With a firm commitment to honesty, integrity, and respect, they provide a reliable platform for buying and selling gold and silver coins, offering competitive pricing and a variety of investment opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned investor looking to diversify your portfolio or a newcomer to the precious metals market, Jack Hunt Coin Broker is worth considering for your investment needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Jack Hunt Coin Broker offer?

Jack Hunt Coin Broker offers a variety of services such as gold and silver coin sales, scrap precious metal processing, and advice on storage solutions for precious metals.

What is the minimum order requirement for gold and silver?

The minimum order requirement for gold is 1 oz. and for silver is 100 oz.

Do they offer direct storage services for precious metals?

No, they do not offer direct storage services for precious metals, but instead provide guidance on secure storage solutions.

How do they maintain fair market prices?

They maintain fair market prices by utilizing industry connections and offering real-time market prices to dealers. This ensures that bullion prices reflect fair market values.

What are some of the investment opportunities they offer?

They offer gold IRAs and provide guidance on diversifying with precious metals, which are valuable investment opportunities.